For many of us, the busy-ness of life tends to blur one day into another and we can easily bypass simple opportunities to connect with someone we love. While the majority of people enjoy eating a good meal with others, we don’t always pause to take advantage of the art of actually cooking a meal as a chance to slow down and connect. RYAN PRICE PHOTOGRAPHY documented the process of this fun cooking date.

From Ryan, "There can be something sacred about about gathering in the kitchen, turning off the outside world and its distractions, and using your hands to craft together ingredients to make something amazing. Carve out a good chunk of time with your significant other and put away most of the kitchen gadgets that were created to speed up this process. Splurge on a couple of lamb chops and try something new together. Begin braising the meat early in the day and allow the savory aromas that fill your home to remind you of the positive things that your relationship has brought to your life. Use your hands as much as possible to knead bread or chop ingredients. Break out your nice dishes and a couple of candles, open a good bottle of wine and engage in deep conversation. 

Most of us won’t be able to do this on a weekly basis, and that’s ok. Aim to build this intentional cooking date into your monthly rhythm and your relationship will be better off for it. 

This meal consisted of: Lamb Chops braised in red wine, herbs, and vegetables; Roasted Red Cabbage Slaw with hazelnuts; Hasselback Potatoes; Flatbread; full bodied red wine."