As a mama to five little ones, including a ballet obsessed eldest daughter Texas wedding photographer MARISOL IZAQUIRRE was inspired to create this shoot based on her passion. Marisol tells us, "My daughter's teacher inspired me to dream up an editorial shoot in which I could create a whimsical look into a bridal ballerina, the quiet moments before she took the most important stage of her life, a walk down the aisle. Thus, with the help of wonderful and inspiring creatives in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, we curated together a whimsical shoot where we each contributed our own creative magic. Each vendor received an idea of the premise and interpreted the brief by their own talents. As the photographer, I wanted to capture romantic details, whimsical  and ethereal emotions, and movement.

The location of the shoot, the OLD HIDALGO PUMPHOUSE is situated on the banks of the Rio Grande, a river which serves as the dividing border between the United States and northern Mexico. The pumphouse now serves as historical museum and an official World Birding Center. While the outdoor grounds are full of gardens and nature trails, it was the interior of the Old Pumphouse that beckoned to be photographed. The old whitewashed brick, rustic pipes, and natural light created the intangible mood of the shoot all on its own. It provided the perfect backdrop for a ballerina with delicate florals, and romantic candlelight.

Planned & coordinated by PANDORA WEDDING PLANNING the gown for the shoot was custom dyed by POISED BRIDAL into a one of a kind ombre effect of dusty blue. Marisol explains, "The colour palette attributed to the overall whimsical feel of the final images. The florals provided by THE SECRET GARDEN were effortlessly put together to not overpower the ballerina on her imaginary wedding day. They served as a perfect detail while not distracting from the movement of our ballerina who had just the right amount of glam provided by ENCHANTED BY LOLLY. MJF BRIDAL'S simple accessories really finished off the elegant look  of the bride with a custom made head piece. MARCELA CAVAZOS is a ballet dancer who has danced with Ballet Monterrey, and is currently training and teaching at the Rolando Pacheco - McAllen Ballet School in McAllen, Texas. She looked every bit the part of what I imagined when I first saw her dance."