Can you imagine a more stunning location for an engagement shoot than the gorgeous Bali countryside? This dreamy and intimate getaway engagement captured by San Diego wedding photographer AMY HUANG took place in the jungle of Karangasem, Bali. After traveling to the countryside, the couple completed their time surrounded by beautiful rice fields and, when just right, a beautiful view of Mount Agung.  

A big thank you to San Diego wedding photographer AMY HUANG for sharing this stunning engagement inspiration with us. Amy grew up with a camera in her hand. She was taking photos from a young age and constantly talking to her father about photo crops and camera angles. Because of her firm technical foundation, Amy can freely create photos beyond the norm - discovering and capturing each of her clients on a much deeper level - bonafide images and memories created only because of their deep trust in her. Amy's approach is simply this: Understanding the tightrope walk between worlds, Amy utilises her uncanny ability to read people, her approachability and authentically warm & caring heart to serve clients who desire to showcase the beauty behind their rich cultural traditions and heritage - while also embracing the culture and world they were brought up in. You can see more of her portfolio here.