When Matthew Lim of Singapore wedding photographer DEPTH OF TALES was planning the concept for this beautiful fall shoot he simply knew he wanted to work with colours of Autumn. Thats where I named it Enchanted Autumn. He was very lucky to be able to shoot at GOLD COAST BATAM, a beautiful wedding venue that features a chapel with spectacular views out to sea.

The color palette for this dreamy occasion was a symphony of autumnal hues — vibrant orange, deep red, and golden yellow, mirroring the breathtaking landscape that surrounded the venue. The concept, aptly named "Enchanted Autumn," aimed to capture the essence of love in a season that symbolizes warmth, transition, and the beauty of change. The bride wore stunning gowns from GLISTEN COUTURE and carried a vibrant bouquet by ELLYSERA FLORIST.

A big thank you to Singapore wedding photographer DEPTH OF TALES. With over six years of experience, Matthew Lim’s lens have narrated the stories of over 200 couples and counting. Aesthetic detail is at the heart of his work, with a look that’s organic yet minimalist, painted with light. Matthew believes in capturing timeless moments that will last for years to come – allowing his couples to evoke the magic of their wedding day even decades later. As a graphic designer turned photographer, Matthew brings his artistic sensibilities to bear on every shot he takes and edits. Each photograph is given as much attention to detail as a work of art, resulting in a classic and timeless style that preserves the happiness of his couples for a lifetime. You can see more of his portfolio here.