Welcome to the enchanting world of Janika and Nikul's timeless wedding celebration, a luxurious three-day event set against the romantic backdrop of Il Ciocco, Tuscany and exquisitely captured by Tuscany wedding photographer GIANNI AIAZZI. Infused with sophistication and charm, their celebrations took place over the course of three unforgettable days. From the elegant welcome soiree and Mendhi night to the sacred Hindu wedding and culminating in an intimate wedding reception, each moment is an exquisite celebration of refined taste and enduring romance. We've rounded up a selection of the best images from over the three days starting off with the Welcome Soiree & Mendhi Night.

Day 1: Welcome Soiree & Mendhi Night - An Opulent Prelude

Gianni shares with us, "Our enchanting journey begins with a captivating welcome soiree and Mendhi night, hosted amidst the splendor of the magnificent Il CIOCCO Estate. Embracing the allure of Italian charm, guests gather by the shimmering poolside to joyously herald the start of the festivities. The artistry of Mendhi graces the hands of our beloved couple and their esteemed guests, an exquisite display of beauty and tradition. Aperol spritz cocktails flow seamlessly, harmonizing perfectly with the tantalizing aroma of authentic Tuscan pizzas. Janika exudes grace and poise in a resplendent palazzo outfit designed by the renowned artist PAYAL SINGHAL, while Nikul exudes sophistication in a distinguished linen suit from the esteemed UK retailer, REISS."

Day 2: Haldi Ceremony - A Serene Affair

Amidst the tranquil embrace of Il CIOCCO'S natural wonders, the Haldi ceremony unfolds, evoking an atmosphere of serenity and profound love. The vibrant hues of turmeric paste bestow a radiant glow upon our radiant couple, symbolizing the strength of their eternal bond. Janika and Nikul grace the occasion in exquisite matching ensembles from the prestigious HOUSE OF KOA, a true testament to their refined taste and elegance.

Day 3: Hindu Wedding - Timeless Love Unveiled

The pinnacle of elegance unveils itself as Janika and Nikul embark on their traditional Hindu wedding at the opulent venue of Il CIOCCO. Enthroned within the sacred mandap, the couple's love radiates amidst the breathtaking splendor of Tuscany. Janika's ethereal peach mirrored outfit by the celebrated designer TAMANNA PUNJABI KAPOOR exudes a timeless allure, while Nikul's majestic ivory sherwani by the esteemed QBIK resonates with regal sophistication.

Finale: Wedding Reception - An Intimate Affair of Sophistication

As the sun sets over the rolling Tuscan hills, our grand finale commences - an intimate wedding reception brimming with elegance and sophistication. Surrounded by the cherished presence of their loved ones, Janika and Nikul embark on a culinary journey of refined Italian delicacies. Janika graces the occasion in a resplendent lehenga crafted by the renowned SEEMA GUJRAL, an epitome of timeless beauty. Nikul captivates all with his dashing double-breasted ivory/cream tux jacket from the esteemed SUIT SUPPLY, emanating charm and exclusivity.

A huge thank you to Tuscany wedding photographer GIANNI AIAZZI for sharing this stunning wedding with us. Raised on the gentle rolling hills of Tuscany, Gianni loves the simple life and the beauty of connections between human beings. Early in his life, Gianni swore an oath: to pay homage to love and nature through the art of photography. His strong relationship with the couples he captures is based on kindness of heart and the elegance of deep feelings. Gianni has a contemporary and authentic vision and his aesthetic research defies time through a photography inspired by a spontaneous and authentic mannerism. With a soulful and profound glance, he witnesses the unique beauty of every love story, the sparkle in the lovers’ eyes, and everything that they cherish the most. His style is radiant and brilliant, editorial and joyful, spontaneous and full of life. You can see more in his portfolio here.