This Lavender Bloom editorial at FORK & PLOW LAVENDER FARM was the perfect creative project in the midst of a busy season for VANESSA ROSE PHOTO. She tells us, "Every year I like to shoot something entirely for myself. I start to get burnt out on all the "safe' shots I need to get on a wedding day and I find myself getting curious about light and movement and photographing things entirely for myself in a way that feels inspired. It's always in that creative process that I learn so much. I encourage all photographers to get out there and shoot any personal work they can because it just nurtures you in ways that paid work doesn't and can't.

The first thing we secured for this editorial was the location, there was a Lavender Farm that I had wanted to shoot at for quite some time and thought this would be the perfect excuse, so then it was just about finding a gorgeous dress to photograph, someone to wear it, someone to shower us with florals and someone to bring the beauty all together. The dress by JULIE VINO was absolutely stunning. Pearls are making a huge appearance in wedding gowns this season and we really wanted to incorporate a dress with a unique feature. And that's where the cape comes in! This really leveled up the dress and now I just don't know if I can ever photograph a wedding gown without a cape again! This would be the perfect look for a bride who loves the look of a veil but doesn't want the hassle of it. The other thing that really brought this look to life was the vintage pearl earrings that were from the 60s. They are so classically elegant and paired perfectly with the dress. Best of all they were just sitting in my closet, waiting for their moment to shine! 

Together with the dress, our hair and makeup artist KC WITCAMP brought the beauty of our bride, Hannah, together with the dress to really pull the vision together. Azalea from WILD AND BEHOLD florals created a unique bouquet full of organic elements and one that would help to bring out the beautiful colors of the lavender field. I loved working with this team so much. They each really brought their creativity to the table as well and it was amazing to see everything come together. 

I always feel like I've been called to photograph women and document them in all stages of life so when I get opportunities like this, it really replenishes my creativity and makes me remember what it is that I love so much about photography. Sometimes you just need to photograph something that makes you happy with people who feed your soul."