With imagery this captivating there's not much we need to say about this exquisite shoot by Maui wedding photographer MELIA LUCIDA. Captured in a rainy Florence, it features 100 year old European lace dresses. No makeup, no hair styling, just vintage lace finding quiet corners of the city. It transports us to another time, a simpler life, where we can appreciate beauty without complication. The emotion from Melia's image leap off the page to take us on a magical journey.

A huge thank you to Maui wedding photographer MELIA LUCIDA for sharing this stunning bridal fashion editorial with us. Melia grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where she earned her bachelor of fine arts and MA. She has been photographing weddings all over the world for twenty years and now resides on the north shore of Maui with her two boys and a yard full of fruit trees. She feels lucky to have a career capturing people in the stunning Hawaiian scenery which drew her to the islands years ago and continues to inspire her. Check out more of her work in her portfolio here.