Oregon Coast Engagement Session


How beautiful is the Oregon Coast? Pure, organic, ocean goodness! This engagement session by ANNE BLODGETT was captured on the coast in Pacific City at Cape Kiwanda.

AnneBlodgett_Engagement_2 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_3 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_4 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_5 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_6 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_7 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_8 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_9 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_10 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_11 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_12 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_13 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_14 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_15 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_16 AnneBlodgett_Engagement_17

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South Australia Winery engagement with golden light


How good is the golden light in Lauren & Rob’s engagement session by EON IMAGES? Taken at PENNY’S HILL WINERY in the McLaren Vale Wine Region of South Australia, these two will be married in the Adelaide Hills next year.

EonImages_Lauren&Rob_2 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_3 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_4 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_4a EonImages_Lauren&Rob_5 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_6 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_7 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_8 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_9 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_10 EonImages_Lauren&Rob_11

Photography EON IMAGES / Location PENNY’S HILL WINERY / Film scans INDIE FILM LAB
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Earthy Boutonniere DIY Tutorial



We don’t often feature DIY’s here on Magnolia Rouge but when we get one so beautifully photographed like this one from GIANNY CAMPOS, then how can we resist!! ANTHOLOGY CO. have put together a easy peasy how-to for you to create your own gorgeous boutonnieres. Gather a fun mix of flower buds, foraged leaves, and small pods and start creating!


You will also need: Bindwire, Floral clippers, and pins

1) Select the background leaves
2) Add some interesting, textural pods
3) Continue to add your focal flower bud at your preferred height
4) Secure your little gathering of goodies with your preferred colour of oasis bindwire,
twist until you feel it is secure
5) Now that everything’s secured, cut the excess stems to your liking.


Make sure to use two head pins for each boutonniere when pinning them to the lapels. Preferably forming a cross at the back.

Flowers used on the photo of the four boutonnieres: Thistle, Leucadendron, Euphorbia, Privet, Seeded Eucalyptus, Plumosum

GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_2 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_3 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_4 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_5 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_6 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_7 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_8 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_9 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_10 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_11 GiannyCampos_DIYBoutonnieres_12

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