Luscious floral inspiration


Happy Monday! What could be better than starting off a the week with some killer florals? The colours in these arrangements by BLUSH N VINE are just scrumptious and they really pop in these beautiful images by MARSAIS PHOTOGRAPHIE.

On a more somber note this morning my heart goes out to anyone and everyone affected by the Nepal earthquake. It’s utterly devastating that the people of Kathmandu and the areas surrounding it are fighting for their lives right now… not to mention living in complete fear. It’s very hard to imagine on any scale what they’re going through and I hope that they get all the aid and assistance they require very swiftly.

MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_2 MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_3 MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_4 MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_5 MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_6 MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_7 MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_8 MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_9 MarsaisUrban_Blush&Vine_10

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70’s inspired boudoir session


Justine from MILTON PHOTOGRAPHY was inspired by the 70’s for this fun boudoir and ‘getting ready’ shoot. Using lots of colour and brass accents that were prevalent in the decor back then, she DIY’d the himmeli (Finnish hanging ornaments) herself – how cool are they? AKIKO FLORAL created a beautiful garland and crown which complements the soft pinks perfectly.

MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_2 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_3 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_4 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_5 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_6 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_7 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_8 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_9 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_10 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_11 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_12 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_13 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_14 MiltonPhotography_70sBoudoir_15

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Hawaiian vow renewal in the rain


The majestic Waipio Valley in Hawaii proved the perfect romantic and intimate location for Vanessa and Adrian to celebrate ten years of marriage. REBECCA ARTHURS spent the day with this gorgeous couple who chose to include their adorable children in the special celebration. The rainy and fog added to the beauty of the day and ensured they got the most incredibly beautiful moody photos to remember their day by.

From the Bride: “I always knew that when ten years of marriage came along it would be a milestone to celebrate. A magical moment for the both of us. We both knew we wanted an intimate affair. Something completely different than our wedding. We decided to plan a destination vow-renewal. For some reason, we always knew it would be in Hawaii. The Big Island seemed like the perfect majestic place. Ten years ago all we knew is that we were in love and nothing else mattered as long as we were committed to each other. Little did we know how important that commitment would be when you are going through unexpected and difficult trying moments. Our gift to ourselves was a family vacation that would include our vow-renewal and our children as witnesses. Our simple celebration was just grand in the eyes of our children. Moments that make it all worth it. It was not an easy feat to not include our immediate family and close friends. They have been supportive through the fourteen years of our relationship. Yet, it was comforting to know they were mainly just happy for us.

I fall in love a bit more with Adrian when I see him interact with our kids. My two children were truly our guests of honor. The second time around felt just as special if not more than that first time. Having my children there was the ultimate representation of our love.”

RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_2 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_3 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_4 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_5 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_6 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_7 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_8 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_9 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_10 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_12 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_13 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_14 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_15 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_16 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_17 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_18 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_19 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_20

“I would describe my renewal as simple and romantic. A true winter’s romance. I was very meticulous about the details. I usually have a vision when planning and find it hard to execute all my desires. I really enjoyed designing the invitation suite for the kids and the save the date 3d view masters were their favorite. The most fun DIY was making my own buttons for my dress. I knew I needed help to bring everything together. Vintage & Lace helped bring my vision to fruition and executed my desires for the ceremony in such a stunning way. The weather was far from perfect but it was perfect for us. A reminder of the rain on our wedding ten years ago. A confirmation that we can smile under the most unpredictable circumstances. It was very foggy but it just added an extra flair seductiveness to the setting. The color palette really began with the dress. Blush was the perfect color that screamed romance to me. I also wanted bold metallic colors. I subtly mixed gold, silver and diamonds throughout the details. I know the dramatic colors would really come from the setting itself. The jungle tropical green and the black sand beach were just perfect and striking settings that showcased the beauty of Hawaii. To tie in the romance theme and my favorite hobbies I included literature and poetry. Pablo Neruda and his poetry is the epitome of romance. My husband loves photography and had input on the venue and in choosing a photographer that matched our style. There is not much you need to adorn a place already filled with beauty. Everything was very surreal once we were nestled in Waipio Valley. The magic of the setting took the romance to another level. The kids were in awe of the steep road, wild horses and the jungle setting we had to cross to get to the beach. When I saw Waipio Valley in photos and learned how sacred and significant it is for Hawaiians, I knew I had found the place. It is truly a majestic location that is dreamy to its core. My husband being a film enthusiast loved the Hollywood history. Our photographer Rebecca Arthurs was beyond amazing regardless of the weather limitations and really showcased the beauty of the day. I can’t imagine a more romantic place as intimate as Waipio Valley. It was truly a memorable day for us all.”

RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_21 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_22 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_23 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_24 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_25 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_26 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_27 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_28 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_29 RebeccaArthurs_VowRenewal_30

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