Carmel Lifestyle Session


Love all the textures and tones in this impromptu shoot by SARAH KATE PHOTOGRAPHY. When she and her friend took a trip to Carmel they decided to do a shoot to celebrate her recent weightloss… and how incredible does she look? Love the little touch of red in the flowers!

SarahKate_Lindsay_2 SarahKate_Lindsay_3 SarahKate_Lindsay_4 SarahKate_Lindsay_5 SarahKate_Lindsay_6 SarahKate_Lindsay_7 SarahKate_Lindsay_8 SarahKate_Lindsay_9 SarahKate_Lindsay_10 SarahKate_Lindsay_11 SarahKate_Lindsay_12 SarahKate_Lindsay_13 SarahKate_Lindsay_14 SarahKate_Lindsay_15 SarahKate_Lindsay_16 SarahKate_Lindsay_17 SarahKate_Lindsay_18 SarahKate_Lindsay_19 SarahKate_Lindsay_20 SarahKate_Lindsay_21 SarahKate_Lindsay_22 SarahKate_Lindsay_23

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Board#304: Winter Wonder

I know for many of your reading this the thought of having Christmas on a hot summer’s day is the most foreign thing right? And oddly despite growing up in New Zealand and spending Christmas swimming, barbecuing and lazing in the hot sun (well that’s if it’s not raining!!) I still feel like it’s not truly Christmassy unless it’s in the winter, and I admit it’s challenging to get into the spirit when you don’t see it all around you as you do in the Northern Hemisphere. Having spent years living in the UK I absolutely loved the scent of roasted chestnuts ever time to got on the Tube, the sound of carollers on street corners, and of course because it’s dark earlier, seeing everything all lit up. Here you don’t see the full effect of lights until after 9pm!! There are so many lovely traditions that only seem to make sense in colder climates! So yes it’s a totally different experience!

BoardNo304a Photos from top left; Bouquet FAIRBANKS FLORIST, photo by BUMBY PHOTOGRAPHY / Woodlands placesetting styling by MICHELLE LEO EVENTS, photo by JACQUE LYNN PHOTO via ELIZABETH ANNE DESIGNS / Bride & maids SUGAR & SOUL PHOTOGRAPHY via GREY LIKES / Cake TWO CHEFS, photo by WESLEY VORSTER via SOUTHBOUND BRIDE / Bride & Groom in snowy landscape + hot chocolate JENNIFER FUJIKAWA via GREEN WEDDING SHOES / Invitation THE WEEKEND TYPE, photo by ARCHETYPE STUDIO via BURNETTS BOARDS / Couple JENNIFER HEJNA via MAGNOLIA ROUGE


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Canyon Lake Boudoir Session


BRUSHFIRE PHOTOGRAPHY always send the most beautiful submissions and this Canyon Lake boudoir shoot is no exception… their work is just dreamy! What a beautiful location for a serene and contemplative shoot!

Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_1a Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_2 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_3 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_4 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_5 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_6 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_7 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_8 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_9 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_10 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_11 Brushfire_MarissaBoudoir_12

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