Golden Yarra Valley winery wedding


Pascale & Nick moved to London five days after their wedding so the Yarra Valley celebration served as something of a goodbye for all their friends and family. Using a modern version of the Australian national colours of gold and green it was modern fusion that contrasted perfectly against the winery backdrop. Gold was prevalent throughout the wedding from the bridesmaids metallic dresses, their foiled stationery suite and of course a sparkler send off. Thanks to JEROME COLE for sending their gorgeous wedding our way, and all the best to the happy couple with their new life in London!

JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_2 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_3 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_4 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_9 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_5 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_6 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_7 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_8 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_9 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_33 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_10 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_11 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_12 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_13 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_14 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_15 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_16 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_17 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_18 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_19 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_26 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_25 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_32 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_31 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_24 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_20 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_27 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_28 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_21 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_22 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_29 JeromeCole_Nick&Pascale_30 Photographer JEROME COLE / Florist BLOOMIN EL / Venue IMMERSE WINERY / Hair & make-up HEIDI BEACHEN

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Luscious red and pink wedding inspiration


I’m sure you’ll know by now that I’m a big fan of BYRON LOVES FAWN so anytime I get to feature their work in MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE I get pretty excited about it! This beautiful shoot expertly styled by HOUSE OF HANNAH is full of gorgeous colour and the florals by FLEURISTE are so luscious they practically leap off the page! The model wears a gorgeous JENNIFER GIFFORD DESIGNS gown. How adorable is that floral adorned swing?

ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_2 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_3 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_4 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_5 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_6 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_7 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_8 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_9 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_10 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_11 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_12 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_13 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_14 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_15 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_16 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_17 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_18 ByronLovesFawn-HinterlandShoot_19
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Apple Tree Orchard Wedding in South Africa

YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_1 Savannah & Yuri wanted to keep their wedding as simple and natural as possible and let their gorgeous venue do the talking! Which along with these gorgeous images from YOLANDE MARX, it certainly has done! Loving all the pretty apple orchard shots! Being a ‘less-is-more’ kinda girl, gorgeous bride Savannah chose a timeless, elegant dress from LA SPOSA. They had guests travel from the world over to enjoy the entire weekend with them in this beautiful area of South Africa.

YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_2 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_3 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_4 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_5 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_6 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_7 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_8 How and/or where did you meet? I’ll never forget the moment I first saw Yuri, seven years ago. I remember thinking to myself, “This must be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen!” He was a bartender at a nightclub in Johannesburg. Probably the last place I expected to find love! Being the shy girl that I am, and a firm believer in the rule that the man should always be the one to make the first move, I went through the night fluttering my eyelashes at him, but to no avail. By the end of the evening, it was time to go home and if I didn’t do something, I would surely never see him again. So I decided to break my rule just this once, and take matters into my own hands. Asking for his number in person was far too intimidating, so I decided to write him a note on a piece of paper and hand it to him. Unfortunately, I had no paper in my handbag and no pen, so I wrote my love note on a piece of toilet paper using my black eyeliner. I folded it all up and gave it to him, and ran as fast as I could in my high heels to the car! By the time I reached the car my phone was already beeping with a message from him. We went on our first date shortly after, and since then we’ve been inseparable.

Tell us about your proposal: We woke up on a Saturday morning, with no plans for the day. We went out for breakfast at our favourite Italian deli down the road, where Yuri told me he had booked a surprise weekend away for us at the beautiful Babylonstoren farm in Franschhoek winelands. We enjoyed an amazing couple’s massage at their spa and wallowed around the swimming pool for a few hours. On our way back to our hotel room after having lunch at the restaurant, Yuri said he had heard about a little boathouse somewhere on the estate and wanted to go explore. We asked the staff if we could use one of their golf carts, and off we went to explore. When we arrived at the lake and could see the boathouse from afar, I noticed there were white balloons and umbrellas set up outside. I told Yuri to turn around as someone was clearly having a private party and I didn’t want us to intrude, but he insisted we go and take a look. We parked outside and got out to admire the view when I saw beautiful bunting that spelled out “marry me” hanging from the top of the boathouse. (My brother and sister-in-law had driven out to the boathouse while we were inside the spa to set everything up!) When I turned around there he was with a little black box and before I knew it I had a beautiful ring on my finger!  We drank champagne on the little blanket that had been set up on the wooden floors, and went for a paddle on the lake to watch the sunset.

YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_10 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_11 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_12 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_13 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_14 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_15 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_16 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_17 Favourite detail of the day: We loved the wooden arch for our ceremony. The Décor company we used were kind enough to personalise it by writing our names on the top. The lighting (candles and fairy lights) also made a huge difference to create a warm and romantic ambience inside the reception hall.

What advise would you give out to a couple planning their wedding? It can be easy to get wrapped up in wedding fever! But always keep the bigger picture in mind: It’s a day that celebrates your love for each other. Don’t allow silly things to stress you out, or other people to tell you how your wedding day ‘should’ be – It’s a reflection of who you are as a couple, not anyone else. Most of all, have FUN planning your wedding because it’s a very special and exciting time that will bring you even closer together.

Most memorable moment? When I woke up on the morning of our wedding day and jumped into my parents’ bed (just like the old days like when I was a little girl!) and the three of us drank hot coffee, talked about the day ahead, and listened to the pouring rain outside. Walking down the aisle with my dad to “Somewhere over the rainbow” playing and I’ll never forget the sight of my handsome groom waiting for me at the end of the aisle! After having our couple shoot (after the ceremony) our photographer gave us 10 minutes alone together on the wooden deck by the lake, while she made her way up to the  reception hall where our guests were waiting to welcome us. The sun had just set and we spent a few quiet minutes together and actually take-in everything around us, and everything that had just happened. It was so special to spend this time alone together, as the rest of the evening was just one big party with our friends and family!

YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_18 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_19 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_20 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_21 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_22 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_23 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_24 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_25 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_26 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_26a YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_26b YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_27 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_28 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_29 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_30 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_31 YolandeMarx_Sav&Yuri_32 Photographer YOLANDA MARX | Photographer’s assistant REBECCA VON REHN | Videographer CHRIS WALLEY | Cake LAURA MITCHELL CAKE COUTURE | Florist and Décor | 4 EVERY EVENT | Stationery | SEVENS SWANS | Venue OLD MAC DADDY | Dress Designer LA SPOSA | Shoes | ERROL ARENDZ | Hair ANNEMIE FROM HAVE A NICE DAY | Make up GORGEOUS ME Flower Girl Dresses D.LILES COLLECTION |Grooms Attire HUGO BOSS | Planner WENDY SIMPSON FROM OLD MAC DADDY | Caterer | OLD MAC DADDY | DJ NICO BRUYNS | Marriage officiant WILLIE VILJOEN
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