Colorado Anniversary Shoot

Choosing what to wear for your engagement or anniversary shoot is so important. You want to be able to look back in years to come and not cringe at your wardrobe choices. Always best to stay away from anything too ‘trendy’ and stick with timeless classics and neutral colours (in my humble opinion that is). This Colorado anniversary session by the lovely Faith of WINSOME & WRIGHT is the perfect example of sticking to the above rules and the results are stunning! The gorgeous couple tell us more about their story below…

“People questioned us when we decided to get married barely out of our teenage years. It didn’t matter that we had met when we were 12 and dated all through high school, there is just this common thought that says when you get married, some part of your independence dies just a little. But, as we celebrate our 2-year anniversary, we can look back and see how far from the truth that is. Together, our life has been the most incredible adventure. This past year, we decided to renovate a camper and travel the country for our work, seeing the U.S. and even the world. We’ve had the wildest experiences together – from getting stuck on the side of the road, to being stranded with one another in deserts, and snow, and rain, to exploring new places, and meeting new people.

The past two years haven’t been perfect, but they have been full of moments that have challenged us to trust more. The most beautiful piece of being married is how it has softened us and given us the chance to be wholly ourselves, becoming vulnerable and real with each other in the best sort of way. To trust one another wholeheartedly, in sunshine or storm, home or away, pain or joy, to root for one another, to know the flaws and love them too, to find a way to make one another’s day full of laughter – that is marriage. And I wouldn’t trade these past two years of adventure for anything.”

Engagement-shoot-by-Winsome-and-Wright-4 Engagement-shoot-in-grasses Engagement-shoot-close-up Navy-blue-suit-blush-dress Engagement-shoot-by-Winsome-and-Wright-3 Engagement-shoot-in-water Blush-and-navy-engagement Engagement-shoot-in-swamp Affectionate-engagement-shoot Engagement-shoot-in-long-grass Blue-and-white-striped-dress Blush-dress-in-water Engagement-shoot-by-Winsome-and-Wright-2 Black-and-white-striped-dress Navy-blue-suit-blush-dress-white-flowers Stripped-dress-with-white-flowers Engagement-in-the-swamp Engagement-shoot-by-Winsome-and-Wright Engagement-shoot-with-striped-dress Navy-and-blush-engagement

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Chic and stylish California engagement shoot

This chic and stylish engagement session by THE GREAT ROMANCE PHOTO is captured in the exquisitely soft light that California is well known for. Creative souls Aimee & Jonny had one requirement for the session – that it be by the ocean, and with their undeniable chemistry the entire shoot appears effortless and natural, and their impeccable sense of style means the images shine. 

Stylish-Beach-Engagement-2 Black-and-white-engagement Engagement-shoot-on-the-rocks Stylish-Beach-Engagement-3 Stylish-California-Engagement-2 Chic-engagement-shoot White-dress-black-hat Stylish-California-Engagement Charcoal-vest California-Beach-Engagement-by-The-Great-Romance California-Beach-Engagement-by-The-Great-Romance-3 Black-and-white-engagement-by-The-Great-Romance California-Beach-Engagement-by-The-Great-Romance-2 Stylish-California-Engagement-3 Stylish-Beach-Engagement Chic-engagement-shoot-by-The-Great-Romance Double-exposure

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Sunset anniversary shoot with a Weimaraner

This beautiful light-filled, anniversary session took place at sunset in an overgrown field. Tiffany and David took along their dashing – and extremely photogenic – Weimaraner and had MICHAEL & CARINA capture their love. They had this to say about it, “Anniversaries are celebrations of love and that is what this session is all about. Lots of fun, lots of kisses. Couples need to see that the inspirational part is not over with the wedding, it is just the beginning. This is to keeping the romance alive!”

Gorgeous Tiffany shares a little of their story with us, “My husband, David, and I were high school sweet hearts. To leave this story a short one, I’ll just say that we had a bumpy start. Often trials tear people apart, but sometimes they bring people closer. And thankfully that’s what happened for us. Many people rolled their eyes, but we were in love and had to do something about it. David and I decided to get married at the young ages of 18 and 20. Taking that giant, scary, and beautiful step has led me into a life of joy with the only one I love.

We have now been married for three years and sometimes it seems like life has stood still for us. Our hearts have stayed completely devoted to one another. Our love has grown stronger and now I can barely remember the trials that we went through in the beginning. We are certainly not rich in money. But where the money is lacking, the love is abounding. I wouldn’t want my life in any other way than this.

For our anniversary session this year, my main focus was to let our love for each other shine through without distraction. I chose neutral, light colors. I wanted our images to be natural with romantic lighting and an organic feel. Finally our love is captured in time forever with these images. When I look at them, my heart melts and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.

I couldn’t be more thankful than I am that MICHAEL & CARINA were the ones to photograph us. They suggested the most perfect spot in Williamsburg for the lighting I was wishing for, let David and I focus on each other during our session with them, and laughed with us all evening. These images are romantic, tasteful, everything I have always wanted and more.”

Engagement-shoot-with-Weimeraner-2 Engagement-by-Michael-and-Carina Blush-pleated-dress Engagement-shoot-in-field Engagement-by-Michael-and-Carina-5 Engagement-by-Michael-and-Carina-4 Sunset-engagement-in-field Engagement-by-Michael-and-Carina-3 Engagement-shoot-with-Weimeraner Engagement-by-Michael-and-Carina-2 Engagement-with-Weimeraner Laughing-engagement-photo Engagement-with-Weimeraner-dog

Photography MICHAEL & CARINA / Make-up BRITTANY FOSTER MAKEUP / Dress MSK / Men’s Attire RALPH LAUREN / Film Development RICHARD PHOTO LAB  
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