Laura Hooper Calligraphy Workshop


A calligraphy class seems like the perfect way to spend some quality time with your best girlfriends to me. As someone who once dabbled in the handwritten world, I’d love to take a class like this myself, and with LAURA HOOPER CALLIGRAPHY teaching her ways, well you really can’t go wrong. Just imagine how inspiring it would be!!

The written word is powerful for telling stories, sharing emotions and the passing down of history. All things that are central to the hearts of the ladies at RIVEROAKS CHARLESTON, so when the opportunity to host a LAURA HOOPER CALLIGRAPHY workshop arose, it seemed a natural fit. Laura is an expert in her honed craft. Her willingness to patiently share penmanship lessons with others is a thread in the renewal of this nearly lost art threatened by the digital world.

The inspiration for the overall styling of the workshop began with understanding the history of calligraphy. Knowing the influence of the written word and how that impacts our lives today can not be understated. However, the beauty of one’s penmanship has been nearly lost in modern times. Therefore, the styling details for the workshop by the RiverOaks team hopefully connected the attendee with being a part of beautifully continuing this practical art form. Drawing from the tools used, the coloUr of the India ink and the texture of paper used in ancient times the workshop atmosphere and story unfolded.

LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_2 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_3 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_4 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_5 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_5a LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_6 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_7 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_8 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_9 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_10 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_11

RIVEROAKS used this blue-black ink colour in the stripe table runners, slate boards and black rooster feathers and quills from the venue’s chickens. The idea of linen paper was brought in through the use of vintage French linens that were used on the European inspired food table and a soft fabric that created a canopy above the attendees. All were welcomed to their place setting with gold pumpkins personalised by LAURA. The colour gold reflected the metal nibs used today replacing quills and the pumpkins gave seasonal relevance in a subtle way. Along with a welcome bag of supplies gifted to each student by LAURA and put to use in the class the tedious lessons began under perfect skies. All who came were inspired by her encouraging instruction and the challenge that “Practice Makes Perfect.”

LAURA HOOPER CALLIGRAPHY is currently offering pointed-pen calligraphy WORKSHOPS around the US and even in Canada! The class covers the basics to get you started and then delves into a full Copperplate alphabet. Can’t make it to a class? Laura also offers these fabulous calligraphy STARTER KITS that ship worldwide!

LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_12 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_13 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_14 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_15 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_16 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_17 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_18 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_19 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_20 LauraHooperCalligraphyWorkshop_21

Photography LAUREN JONAS / Venue, Design, Styling RIVEROAKS CHARLESTON / Calligraphy LAURA HOOPER CALLIGRAPHY / Striped Runners POTTERY BARN  / Chairs and tablecloths SNYDER EVENTS / Welcome and food table vintage linens and lace CLIN D’OEIL MEUNLES, FLEA MARKETS / Pumpkin bread bags STEMPLEGRUSSE / European sourcing SIMONE GEBSATTEL & BARRETT CALDWELL
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Stunning mountain shoot in Wanaka


When Sydney wedding photographer JAMES FROST came to Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, the beauty, the majesty, and the sheer epic drama of the landscape demanded a beautiful bride and groom in the picture. LAKE WANAKA TOURISM pulled together their go-to dream team including ASPIRING HELICOPTERS, CRIMSON WEDDING FLOWERS – who created that beautiful textural bouquet – ROAD TO BEAUTY, and THE FLOWER BRIDE and asked New Zealand’s Olympic Ski golden boy, Jossi Wells and his very new wife Hannah if they would be keen to relive their wedding day in Wanaka. Local boy Jossi jumped at the opportunity to take his beautiful bride into the mountains where he has spent his life skiing. Married in her hometown in the USA, the couple, who have chosen the stunning lakeside town of Wanaka as their home, were thrilled to be able to recreate their wedding photos in the home of their heart. And the results will leave you breathless!

If you’ve booked into the FORAGE & FERN workshop in Queenstown next March, this is a little taste of some of the scenery you’ll be treated to… minus the snow! I can’t say enough about how amazing it is in this part of the world!

JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_1a JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_2 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_3 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_4 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_5 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_6 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_7 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_8 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_9 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_10 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_11 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_12 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_13 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_14 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_15 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_16 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_17 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_18 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_19 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_20 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_21 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_22 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_23 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_24 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_24a JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_25 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_26 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_27 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_28 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_29 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_30 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_31 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_32 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_33 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_34 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_35 JamesFrost_Jossi&Hannah_36


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This gorgeous couple – Elsa and Rui – spent the day with BRANCOPRATA capturing this fun engagement session a couple of months before their wedding. Being photographers themselves (INSTANTE FOTOGRAFIA), I can only imagine how difficult a decision it would be choosing who to capture your day, but being good friends with Sofia and  from BRANCOPRATA made it an easy choice. Sofia created an intimate setting on the beach for their shoot, and complimented it with lots of simple and organic greenery and André’s images of the day are just stunning!

Brancoprata_EngagementSession_2 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_3 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_4 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_5 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_6 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_7 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_8 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_9 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_10 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_11 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_12 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_13 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_14 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_15 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_16 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_17 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_18 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_19 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_20 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_21 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_22 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_23 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_24 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_25 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_26 Brancoprata_EngagementSession_27

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