Paperswan Bride – Rue de Seine Trunk show


Good news Wellington Brides!! No longer do you have to fly up to Auckland to try on the stunning RUE DE SEINE gowns. For 2 days only in August PAPERSWAN BRIDE will be hosting a trunk show where the entire Young Love collection will be in store and available for brides to try. So if you’ve fallen in love with the bohemian inspired designs from RUE DE SEINE and would love the opportunity to meet with their designer Michele Corty and receive styling advice on your dress then get in touch to book your appointment. Details are below… and best to get in quick, these spots will fill up fast! To book and find out further information visit PAPERSWAN BRIDE.

  • Rue De Seine Trunk Show at Paperswan Bride
  • Saturday 16th August & Sunday 17th August
  • 1 hour appointment to try and buy from Rue De Seine’s latest collection ‘Young Love’
  • Meet with the talented Rue De Seine designer Michele Corty and receive styling advice on your dress choice & accessories
  • Champagne & sweet treats for you and your bridal party
  • Price range from $2150 – $4700
  • Limited space available

Paperswan_RDSTrunkShow_2 Paperswan_RDSTrunkShow_3 Paperswan_RDSTrunkShow_4 Paperswan_RDSTrunkShow_5 Paperswan_RDSTrunkShow_6 Paperswan_RDSTrunkShow_7 Paperswan_RDSTrunkShow_8 Paperswan_RDSTrunkShow_9 Paperswan_Logo This is a sponsored post

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Romantic Berry Inspiration


KSENIA MILUSHKINA has captured absolute beauty in these images. I adore the rich berry colour of the florals, and I’m completely enchanted with the beautiful bridal cap look with a strong lip colour – SO gorgeous!! Styled by AQUARELLE DECOR with beautiful florals from BON BOUTON the team were inspired to do something a little different to the usual boho style and kept it very romantic but modern.

KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_2 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_3 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_4 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_5 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_6 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_7 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_8 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_9 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_10 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_11 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_12 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_13 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_14 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_15 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_16 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_16a KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_17 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_18 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_19 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_20 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_21 KseniaMilushkina_BohoShoot_22

Hair & Make-up OLGA ZHULEVICH / Wedding dress THE ONE
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Romantic English Wedding


Katey & Freddy instantly fell in love with the barn at their gorgeous venue of PRESTON COURT and knew they wanted the day to be centered around a big feast and the barn gave them the perfect setting. The provided their guests with a big banquet dinner with a table adorned with food. The gorgeous bride Katey was inspired by the Pre Raphaelite look of long flowing hair and floral headpieces – which worked perfectly with the gardens and lake at the venue. The bridesmaids were in vintage nightgowns, and the flowers remained wild, untamed and natural. With beautiful gardens on the grounds it didn’t require much in the way of decor. Due to the age of the barn they couldn’t have candles so they strung festoon lights that were dimmed to create a romantic ambience. SARAH GAWLER has captured the spirit of the day perfectly… it’s definitely one of those weddings that I wish I was a part of!

SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_2 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_3 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_4 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_5 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_6 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_7 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_8 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_9 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_10 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_11 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_12 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_13 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_14 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_15 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_16 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_17 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_18 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_19 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_20 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_21 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_22 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_23 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_24 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_25 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_26 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_27 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_28 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_29 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_30 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_31 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_32 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_33 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_34 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_35 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_36 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_37 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_38 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_39 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_40 SarahGawler_Katey&Freddy_41

Photographer SARAH GAWLER / Videography CINEREPORTAGE / Venue PRESTON COURT / Event Planning & Design RENEE CECILE / Dress & accessories JOHN ZIMMERMANN / Shoes JEAN-MICHEL CAZABET / Veil ANGELICA BRIDAL / Groom’s Suit & Shirt ACNE / Shoes JOHN SIMONS / Floral Design THE REAL CUT FLOWER GARDEN / Cake GROOM’S MUM / Folk band PATCH & THE GIANT / Caterer STELLA GROVE / Hair & Make-up MICHELLE MARSH
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