Beachside Pre-wedding session


This lovely beachside pre-wedding shoot by KATE GREWAL took place just prior to this gorgeous couple heading to Las Vegas to elope! The bride to be is a hair and make-up ARTIST so of course was all set when it came to creating her look. Such a great idea to do this before the big day! Thanks for sending your beautiful images our way Kate!!

KateGrewal_SarahSteve_2 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_3 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_4 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_5 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_6 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_7 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_8 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_9 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_10 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_11 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_12 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_13 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_14 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_15 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_16 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_17 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_18 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_19 KateGrewal_SarahSteve_20

Photography KATE GREWAL / Flowers, hair & make-up SARAH KNIGHT
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Classic Navy & Grey New England Wedding


Have you ever considered transforming your mothers wedding gown to use for yourself? That’s exactly what this bride did with stunning results and of course it has such special meaning… and impact when you surprise your Mum as in this case! Make sure you read Ashley’s account of this moment below… it’s really rather special!! The inspiration for Ashley and Derek’s wedding came from their childhood and family memories. Growing up simply and enjoying a lot of time in nature they wanted to honour this in their day. When they saw the beautiful barn and the peaceful fields at GEDNEY FARM, they knew they’d found the perfect venue. And bonus… it’s a great place to return for anniversaries! MINT PHOTOGRAPHY have done a magical job of capturing the day, with beautiful images throughout the property’s extensive grounds of the couple with their bridal party.

MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_2 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_3 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_4 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_6 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_4a MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_5 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_7 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_8 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_9

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I knew this would be quite the process for me. After trying on dress after dress, they all started to feel the same. That beautiful moment every bride describes when they knew it was “the one”, seemed to feel further and further away. This is when I did what no bride should do – I settled for something that just felt pretty and fit the bill. Not much of an emotional connection, but planning a wedding in less than five months meant I was limited on time.

A few weeks after the order was placed and I was able to check that off the list, I decided to take my mother’s wedding gown to be refitted into a rehearsal dinner dress. As I stepped into her chiffon gown, placed my arms through the sleeves and secured the turtleneck top beneath my chin, a feeling came over me that I had never experienced before. In that moment I felt as though I was surrounded by all the women who loved me more than life – my grandmothers, my aunts, and my mother. This dress didn’t only fit perfectly, but it brought forth all the happiest of memories and most beautiful feelings of comfort along with it. The seamstress detached all of the material above the chest, and as I stepped into the mirror I knew it was the one I needed to wear on my wedding day. I waited right before the wedding ceremony to surprise my mother. I don’t think one day goes by that she doesn’t bring up how much happiness that brought her. I feel the same way.

That dress defined what I wanted my wedding day to be – a tribute to the ones who taught us what love means, and a celebration of my husband and I carrying on those lessons of love to our own family one day.

MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_10 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_11 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_12 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_13 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_14 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_15 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_16 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_17 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_18 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_19

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: We wanted to keep it simple so we went with peonies, creamy roses and lots of greenery. It was our goal to have the flowers look as though they came right from the fields surrounding Gedney.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: The large oak tree standing over us as we shared our handwritten vows and poured our hearts our in front of our loved ones.

WHAT ADVISE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Don’t waste time stressing over detail. Make one decision at a time, and move on. Planning should be fun and a positive experience you remember together. And when you wake up on your wedding day let go of all the planning and just enjoy yourself. Everything will come together somehow, and it WILL be perfect.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? It feels almost impossible to choose because we have so many. Deryk’s most memorable moment is when he saw me turning the corner in the field about to walk down the aisle. My most memorable moment is when Deryk shared his vows and when I surprised my Mom with her dress.

MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_20 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_22 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_23 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_21 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_24 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_25 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_26 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_27 MintPhotography_Ashley&Deryk_28

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Stunning New Zealand botanical ideas



This utterly GORGEOUS botanical shoot is from some of our favourite New Zealand vendors and full of many of our most fabulous sponsors!! Kate from MAKE HEY and photographer COURTNEY HORWOOD collaborated to create this beauty in a greenhouse – which is the perfect spot for photos on a rainy day! Full of beautiful details that are easy for brides to replicate, there are beautiful blooms by DAISYCHAINS & PAPERPLANES, styling and props by THE HEIRLOOM, a beautiful gown by SALLY EAGLE BRIDAL and a sweet cake from NONA’S HOMEMADE CAKES. And to perfect the look GORGEOUS CLINIC TAUPO have created the prettiest of looks for the hair & make-up. I’m in love with all the fern details and those darling little seedling favours! Fabulous job all round you guys!

CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_2 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_2a CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_3 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_4 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_5 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_6 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_7 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_8 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_9 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_10 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_11 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_12 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_13 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_14 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_15 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_16 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_17 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_18 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_19 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_20 CourtneyHorwood_TaupoShoot_21

Photography COURTNEY HORWOOD / Styling and Stationery Design MAKE HEY / Styling assisting and props THE HEIRLOOM / Floral Design DAISYCHAINS & PAPERPLANES / Hair & Make-up GORGEOUS CLINIC TAUPO / Dress SALLY EAGLE BRIDAL / Cake NONA’S HOMEMADE CAKES


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