Board#295: Steel & Paprika

BoardNo295a Photos from top left; Stone Chapel REDFIELD PHOTO via WEDDING CHICKS / Calligraphy Save the Date LINDSAY LETTERS, photo by BRETT HEIDEBRECHT / Couple ISABELLE SELBY PHOTOGRAPHY / Pumpkins AE WEDDINGS INC. / Cake HEATHER PAYNE / Bride & Bridesmaids JILL THOMAS / Car ALI HARPER via SOUTHERN WEDDINGS / Tweed Jacket STAY CLASSIC BLOG


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Dreamy Lake Como Wedding


We’re packing our virtual bags and heading to Italy today for this gorgeous wedding on the shores of Lake Como sent to us by ROCHELLE CHEEVER. When Sing-Pey and Michael were trying to decide on a wedding location, they had many fantastic options in which to choose – having met in Australia, lived in the United Kingdom and travelled to many countries. But ultimately, the two always looked back fondly on their trips to Italy. “We always have such a wonderful and relaxing time when we visit, and we knew it would be the perfect place for us to celebrate our marriage.” noted Sing-Pey. The backdrop of Italy then became the perfect spot to say “I do” with its picturesque views and amazing weather. When asked for a favorite memory from the day, Sing-Pey shares, “There were many! But one of the most memorable would be leaving the spectacular Villa Balbaniello by boat, and being able to share this special moment with my husband. Another would be walking through the cobblestone streets of Bellagio and Varenna in my wedding dress, and being invited by an Italian couple to have our photographs taken in their beautiful garden overlooking Lake Como.” The intimate celebration was memorable for all and in the end, Sing-Pey and Michael will always have a special place in their hearts for Italy no matter where their travels take them.

RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_2 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_3 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_4 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_5 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_6 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_7 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_8 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_9 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_10 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_11 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_12 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_13 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_14 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_15 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_16 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_17 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_18 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_19 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_20 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_21 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_22 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_23 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_24 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_25 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_26 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_27 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_28 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_29 RochelleCheever_SingPey&Michael_30

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Bavarian Mountain Inspiration Shoot


The mountains of Germany and Switzerland are some of my favourite places so this shoot takes me right back to my travelling days in this stunning part of the world. It’s my happy place so of course I’m delighted to start the week off with a shoot like this from BIRGIT HART. Featuring some stunning gowns from ELFENFLEID and some wild florals by PETRA MÜLLER BLUMEN, the shoot was originally planned as a summery shoot, but given the unpredictable weather in the mountains, the wind and clouds had other ideas… to be honest I think they had the right idea! You can see a behind the scenes film of the shoot HERE.

BirgitHart_Stomped_2 BirgitHart_Stomped_3 BirgitHart_Stomped_4 BirgitHart_Stomped_5 BirgitHart_Stomped_6 BirgitHart_Stomped_7 BirgitHart_Stomped_8 BirgitHart_Stomped_9 BirgitHart_Stomped_10 BirgitHart_Stomped_11 BirgitHart_Stomped_12 BirgitHart_Stomped_13 BirgitHart_Stomped_14 BirgitHart_Stomped_15 BirgitHart_Stomped_16 BirgitHart_Stomped_17

Photography BIRGIT HART / Florals PETRA MÜLLER BLUMEN / Gowns ELFENKLEID / Accessories BELLEJULIE BRIDAL ACCESSORIES / Hair & make-up BRAUTZAUBER / Jewellery BRIGITTE ADOLPH / Behind the scenes film OLGA LÖFFLER / Scans CARMENCITA FILM LAB / Photography assistant VANESSA ERNST
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