Georgia Mountain Shoot


I think one of the nicest things about being a wedding photographer would be being constantly surrounded by love!! I mean it’s infectious so really it can’t help but bring joy to even the observer!! SAWYER BAIRD who captured these beautiful images of Ryan & Rachel told us, “I think being young and in love is the most beautiful thing… and with this, documenting it is so important.” We couldn’t agree more. This gorgeous duo might have already been married, but how lovely to capture their first months as husband and wife… and in such gorgeous surroundings! I actually just found the below words on SAWYER’S website about why she does what she does and I think this sums it up beautifully for both photographer and the subjects. Nothing sparks memories like looking at old images. 

“I am a photographer because of the way that photos make me feel. When I look back at an image I feel the exact same as I did in the moment I captured it… full of passion and pure emotions. I am forever thankful to be able to do such an amazing thing for others. It makes me insanely happy.”

SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_2 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_2a SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_3 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_4 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_5 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_6 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_7 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_8 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_9 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_10 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_11 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_12 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_13 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_14 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_14a SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_15 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_16

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Elegant Inspiration in an Urban Setting


The Colorado based team of photographer RACHEL HAVEL, florist LALE FLORAL and stylist NICOLE CRUSE – alongside a host of other fabulous vendors – wanted to showcase how an urban setting can be made delicate and elegant without having to drape and up-light every wall and corner. BLANC in Denver proved to be the perfect venue to showcase this, with everything from blank walls, factory floors, old train tracks and crane hooks on the ceilings. The purposefully understated decor highlights the stunning florals and allows for a beautiful, less is more approach. This same sentiment was considered in suspending the flowers above the table to make more room for dinning. The floral tablescape suspension is a great surprise element that if put on the table just wouldn’t have had the same effect. Thanks ladies for sharing your beautiful vision with us!

RachelHavel_Colorado_2 RachelHavel_Colorado_3 RachelHavel_Colorado_4 RachelHavel_Colorado_5 RachelHavel_Colorado_6 RachelHavel_Colorado_7 RachelHavel_Colorado_8 RachelHavel_Colorado_9 RachelHavel_Colorado_10 RachelHavel_Colorado_11 RachelHavel_Colorado_12 RachelHavel_Colorado_13 RachelHavel_Colorado_14 RachelHavel_Colorado_15 RachelHavel_Colorado_16 RachelHavel_Colorado_17 RachelHavel_Colorado_18 RachelHavel_Colorado_19 RachelHavel_Colorado_20 RachelHavel_Colorado_21 RachelHavel_Colorado_22 RachelHavel_Colorado_23

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Big Sur day after photo session


Here’s an idea… how about relaxing on your actual wedding day, enjoying time with family and friends, and then have your photo session the next day? That way you also get to dress up twice… and let’s face it who doesn’t want to wear their wedding dress at least one more time! Without being rushed for time, Megan & Brandon got to relax and make the most of their photo session… and for Megan it meant not stressing about getting the gown too dirty on the actual wedding day. “It was so fun to adventure around Big Sur & not be afraid of getting my dress dirty since I didn’t have to think about having a ceremony later. Our photos are something I will cherish forever. Danielle is SO talented and fun to work with!

Danielle being DANIELLE POFF, who’s work I adore! She’s done a beautiful job of these images. Megan & Brandon had slightly different ideas of what they wanted for their wedding… he wanted an actual wedding, she wanted to elope. After some research Megan came across the perfect location in Big Sur and promptly fell in love with it. Some unforeseen circumstances saw them having a surprise ceremony back home on family property in Kentucky. Megan tell us, “We told all of our guests they were coming to a party celebrate our marriage since we were eloping. The party was nautical themed and we even built a small “boat dock” and surrounded it with sand, so technically I could still get married in the sand. During the party we showed a video and when it was over we walked out and were married by our grandfathers. It was so special and fun! I opted not to hire a photographer for our ceremony because I still wanted to have our photos taken by Danielle on our honeymoon in California and I’m so glad we did! She was completely understanding of our change of plans and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

DaniellePoff_BigSur_2 DaniellePoff_BigSur_3 DaniellePoff_BigSur_4 DaniellePoff_BigSur_5 DaniellePoff_BigSur_6 DaniellePoff_BigSur_7 DaniellePoff_BigSur_8

HOW DID YOU MEET? Brandon and I met through a mutual friend who kept telling us about one another, but at the time neither of us were too interested in seeing anyone. One day I received a phone call from him trying to set us up on a date, which happened to be to a Nascar race in Bristol, Tennessee. I was a little skeptical because we live several hours away from Bristol, so even if we didn’t hit it off our first date would be an all day event. Plus, I’m not a huge Nascar fan, but I agreed to go. I can’t say our first date was very romantic, but it was so much fun! Brandon was such a gentleman and he still is to this day.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL? Brandon proposed on the beach at night in Jacksonville, Florida. It had rained almost our entire trip, so one evening we went on a movie and dinner date. After dinner I asked if we could take a walk on the beach. We walked out to the water and were standing ankle deep when he popped the question. His proposal made up for our not so romantic first date!

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I’m not a very high maintenance girl, so I knew I wanted a simple wedding dress. My mom, aunt, and I went on shopping trip to Knoxville, TN. I can’t even remember why, but we decided to stop and look at dresses in David’s Bridal on our way home. My wedding was still almost two years away and we didn’t even know where we were getting married yet, so I definitely wasn’t planning to buy. I ended up picking out a few dresses to try on and bought the first one a tried! Despite having no wedding plans, the dress ended up being perfect for our surprise wedding and day-after California photo session with the amazing Danielle.

DaniellePoff_BigSur_9 DaniellePoff_BigSur_10 DaniellePoff_BigSur_11 DaniellePoff_BigSur_12 DaniellePoff_BigSur_13 DaniellePoff_BigSur_14 DaniellePoff_BigSur_15 DaniellePoff_BigSur_16 DaniellePoff_BigSur_17 DaniellePoff_BigSur_18

ANY DIY OR BUDGET ELEMENTS? We were on a budget, so our ceremony/party was completely DIY, from the invitations, to the decorations and flowers, to the food. I have an amazingly talented aunt and she worked so hard to make our wedding beautiful. For our photo session with Danielle, my bouquet was DIY. Brandon and I spent the day driving down the beautiful California coast and stopping along the way to pick wildflowers. I put the bouquet together just before our photo session. I loved how it turned out!

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Don’t worry about tradition or what everyone else wants you to do, just do what your heart desires. Remember, a wedding is about celebrating the start of a marriage, so plan and prepare more for your marriage than for your wedding. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just have fun & enjoy every moment because the wedding and the honeymoon come and go real quick!

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? After our ceremony/party we a had a campout with a few of our best friends and family. We stayed up all night & it was an absolute blast! No, not your typical wedding night, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. We had so much fun! Like I said, everything doesn’t have to be traditional. For our session with Danielle, I loved getting in the water in our wedding attire. The pictures turned out awesome!

DaniellePoff_BigSur_19 DaniellePoff_BigSur_20 DaniellePoff_BigSur_21 DaniellePoff_BigSur_22 DaniellePoff_BigSur_23 DaniellePoff_BigSur_24

Photographer DANIELLE POFF / Cake BRIDE’S COUSIN / Gown GALINA / Shoes CORRAL BOOTS / Grooms Attire J.C. PENNEY
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