Board#309: Golden Glow


Photos from top left; Model in black gown BRIAN WHITT from the ERICH MCVEY workshop, styled by GINNY AU / Couple JEN HUANG / Ring HEATHER PAYNE / Calligraphy quote WRITTEN WORD CALLIGRAPHY / Groom JOSE VILLA / Cake MICHELLE LARMAND PHOTOGRAPHY via RUFFLED / Invitation Suite WRITTEN WORD CALLIGRAPHY / Bride with black veil FIFTEEN PHOTOGRAPHY
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A Winter Love Story in the Gulf of Finland


This beautiful love shoot by KSENIYA ANTONOVA took place in the wintery landscape of the Gulf of Finland. Married couple Julia and Aleksandr live in Moscow and travelled to St. Petersburg for the weekend and wanted to have the memories of their trip captured. The magnificent winter weather came to the party and ensured their images were pure magic amongst the breathtaking landscape.

Julia says: “I love St Petersburg very much, it is a magical city: from the architecture and nature to it’s history. If you visit it once you will want to come back for more. I’m always trying to save more memories from our trips with my beloved husband Aleksandr. We were married last summer and I still feel as like newlyweds – everything seems special and romantic. And our photoshoot did too. We are walking, smiling, trying to keep warm by hugging. It was really full of magic moments for me. And the nature in the Gulf of Finland is very beautiful. We returned to Moscow very rested and inspired, I’m glad to have this special day documented for our photo album.”

KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_2 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_3 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_4 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_5 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_6 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_7 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_8 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_9 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_10 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_11 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_12 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_13 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_14 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_15 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_16 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_17 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_18

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Château Elegance in Switzerland

Coming from New Zealand grand buildings like Chateau’s are quite a novelty to us and they seem like the most romantic places to get married in. SANDRA MARUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY got together with STERNENHIMMEL WEDDING EVENTS for this styled shoot at the famous HOTEL CHÂTEAU GÜTSCH. Sitting high above the city of Lucerne in Switzerland it’s a unique property that offers the most dreamy of backdrops and some stunning interiors.

SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_2 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_3 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_4 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_5 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_6 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_7 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_8 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_9 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_10 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_11 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_12 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_13 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_14 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_21 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_15 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_16 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_17 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_18 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_19 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_20 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_22 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_23 SandraMarusic_ChateauGütsch_24

Photography SANDRA MARUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY / Planning & styling STERNENHIMMEL WEDDING EVENTS / Jewellery BUCHERER AG / Flowers BLUMEN GÖSSI / Hair & make-up DANA JOKIC / Cakes & cookies MELANIE BOERS / Gown, headpiece & suit ZORO / Venue HOTEL CHÂTEAU GÜTSCH / Stationery JUPITER & JUNO / Shoes CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN / Decor GLOBUS
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