Floral Crown Tutorial by Amy Osaba


It’s not often we feature a tutorial on Magnolia Rouge – something which possibly needs to be rectified? So today you’re in for a treat with this simple but beautiful floral crown tutorial from the one and only AMY OSABA, with photography by LAURA CATHERINE. Something to try out this weekend perhaps?

“We are continuously asked for advice regarding the construction of the beloved flower crown that is making quite the epic comeback since the 1960’s “flower power” days. 

Whether you are going for the minimalist look, or the Frida Kahlo, creating the perfect halo base is essential. A few of our favorites for the base are wax flower and spirea. In this tutorial, delicate jasmine is the base. It has a fairly sturdy and pliable stem with delicate leaves and the occasional pink bloom.

LauraCatherine_AmyOsaba_2 LauraCatherine_AmyOsaba_3 LauraCatherine_AmyOsaba_4

Choosing the perfect wire to connect ends and attach flowers is vital. We have come to love this thin gold bullion craft wire not only for the color (we love gold!) but for the tiny waved texture. This allows it to be wrapped tightly around fairly thin pieces. We prefer this over the traditional bulky green floral wire. 

We create the base first by finding the perfect piece of jasmine with just the right amount of leaves to stem ratio. Cut a finger length of wire to attach the two ends by overlapping the stems by about an inch for support. Always check the size by placing on your head to give a rough idea of whether or not the size is appropriate. It is better to fix the size of the base before adding on additional flowers. Keep in mind if the flower crown is being made for an adult or a small child. 

LauraCatherine_AmyOsaba_5 LauraCatherine_AmyOsaba_6

As far as choosing flowers to add, make sure you are picking flowers that will withstand being out of water for a period of time. Ranunculus and spray roses are some of the best. Cut the flowers with a stem that extends 2-3 inches from the bloom. Weave the stem of the flower into the base as if the stem just an extension of the vine. Cut another piece of gold wire and tightly attach the flower to the base being careful not to get to close to the actual bloom. Getting to close to the bloom can result in making the entire bloom pop off. Continue this step until the perfect amount of flowers are attached.

LauraCatherine_AmyOsaba_7 LauraCatherine_AmyOsaba_8 LauraCatherine_AmyOsaba_9

Once complete, we wrap our flower crowns with damp paper towels and then place into the cooler. We recommend making the flower crown no more than one day before event in order to maintain its beauty. 

Whether you’re going to be a bride or celebrating your 30th birthday, remember there is no age or occasion discrimination when it comes to wearing a flower crown! Sometimes a girl just needs flowers in her hair.

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Photography ALICIA PYNE / Hair & make-up SUNKISSED AND MADEUP / Florals ALL THAT BLOOMS / Calligraphy NIB & PIXEL / Model LAUREN C. / Tattoo SMASHTAT
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