Romantic North Carolina Garden Wedding


From ‘I will’ to ‘I do’, Shannon and Lane’s wedding journey was one that focused on the close bonds of their loving families. The groom proposed on a family Thanksgiving holiday in North Carolina, and six months later, they exchanged vows nearby, in an intimate ceremony and reception that honoured their near and dear. This gorgeous wedding by HEATHER PAYNE with florals by one of our faves ABANY BAUER features in Issue 8 of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE.

From day one, I wanted an intimate outdoor garden themed wedding. I’m passionate about surrounding myself with pretty things, and I thought that a garden theme would be sweet and romantic. Seeing Lane get emotional during his vows really showed me how much that moment and the union between the two of us meant to him. I’ve never felt so loved.

HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne2 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne3 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne4 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne5 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne6 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne7 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne8 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne9 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne10 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne11 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne12 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne13 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne14

“I asked my florist to design a very natural bouquet of garden roses, peonies and daisies. She ended up incorporating large coral charm peonies, as well as a few other lovely accent flowers in my colour scheme of coral, blush, white, bone and blue, and finished it off with beautiful hand dyed silk coral ribbons from my mother-in-law.”

HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne15 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne16 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne17 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne18 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne19 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne20 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne21 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne22 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne23 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne24 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne25 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne26 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne27 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne28

Photography HEATHER PAYNE / Florist ABANY BAUER / Stationery BROWN LINEN / Venue OLD EDWARDS INN & SPA / Hairpiece TWIGS & HONEY / Bride’s Gown TATYANA MERENYUK / Bride’s Shoes CHINESE LAUNDRY / Hair & Make-up OLD EDWARDS INN & SPA / Bridesmaids’ Dresses PAPER CROWN / Jewellery CORALIA LEETS / Flowergirl Dresses AUTOALIVE / Linens LA TAVOLA / Catering and Cake OLD EDWARDS INN & SPA
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Italian Garden wedding ideas


Lacy from BY INVITATION ONLY and PAPER BIRCH DESIGNS (she’s one busy lady!) wanted to create an authentic shoot embracing Italian culture which is something dear to her heart. She worked with photographer JARRAD LISTER and the result is this beautifully simple shoot. STATICE FLORAL COUTURE put together a gorgeous bouquet and touches of olive branches throughout the shoot brought in the Italian feeling.

JarradLister_GardenShoot_2 JarradLister_GardenShoot_3 JarradLister_GardenShoot_4 JarradLister_GardenShoot_5 JarradLister_GardenShoot_6 JarradLister_GardenShoot_7 JarradLister_GardenShoot_8 JarradLister_GardenShoot_9 JarradLister_GardenShoot_10 JarradLister_GardenShoot_11 JarradLister_GardenShoot_12 JarradLister_GardenShoot_13 JarradLister_GardenShoot_14 JarradLister_GardenShoot_15 JarradLister_GardenShoot_16 JarradLister_GardenShoot_17 JarradLister_GardenShoot_18 JarradLister_GardenShoot_19 JarradLister_GardenShoot_20 JarradLister_GardenShoot_21 JarradLister_GardenShoot_22 JarradLister_GardenShoot_23 JarradLister_GardenShoot_24 JarradLister_GardenShoot_25

Photographer JARRAD LISTER PHOTOGRAPHY / Design & styling LACY GEARY from BY INVITATION ONLY / Florist STATICE FLORAL COUTURE / Invitations, place cards, & engraved paper goods PAPER BIRCH DESIGNSVintage Stamps VERDE STUDIO / Calligraphy SPRING & FOLLY / Gown CLAIRE PETTIBONE’S ‘GARDENIA’ / Venue SOUTH CAROLINA LACE HOUSE / Cake PARKLAND CAKES / Mini Desserts MY DESSERT BAR / Make-up EYEBROW JUNKIE / Hair ALEXSIS IVANKO / China, Flatware, Glasses, Chairs & Linens Rentals PARTY REFLECTIONS / Models MIKAL DAVIS & BURTONIAS BRENN from TOUT TALENT / Flowergirl GRACEN GEARY
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Simple and raw Autumn Inspiration


This gorgeous shoot by BUBBLEROCK is timely for downunder brides given technically we’re now in Autumn (although it sure didn’t feel like it as I sweltered under the sun yesterday!!). Stylist Veronique from QUELQUE CHOSE DE BLEU wanted to create a simple atmosphere through her decor and flowers, taking advantage of whatever was available around her: foraged flowers from the garden, simple pottery plates and glasses and a big wooden plank from her grandfather’s workshop. She wanted to create something grounding, simple, and very elegant and she’s certainly achieved that and more.

The invitation and other stationery were done on slates, retaining the earthy theme throughout, the menu is a calligraphic print on cotton material. The choice of raw material was the base of the vision for this inspiration shoot. The bouquet, centrepieces, crown and flower belt were a mix of foliage and flowers, structured and wild all at the same time.

This is one of those shoots you just want to jump through the screen into and be a part of… looks like such an idyllic way to spend the day! Beautiful job team!

Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_2 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_3 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_4 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_5 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_6 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_7 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_8 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_9 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_10 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_11 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_12 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_13 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_14 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_15 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_16 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_17 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_18 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_19 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_20 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_21 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_22 Bubblerock_AutumnShoot_23
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