Destination wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia


If you’re considering a destination wedding and Dubrovnik, Croatia isn’t on the list, then I suggest you go and put it on there right this minute. One look at these incredible images by PETAR JURICA and you’ll see just why. Dubrovnik is one of the most attractive and popular cities in Europe. A city of great history, it has beautiful landscapes, great weather and has one of the best preserved medieval walled cities in the world. A real gem. Kendra & Spencer travelled from their home in Austin, Texas to celebrate their love in this beautiful part of the world. Read on for their thoughts on the day…

PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_2 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_3 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_4 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_5 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_6 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_7 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_8 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_9 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_10 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_11 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_12 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_13 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_14 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_15 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_16 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_17

“When we first started dating, Kendra was studying in Italy and I came over to visit her. On a whim, we decided to travel around Croatia and fell in love with the place. It was a big adventure and made both of us realize that the relationship had some serious legs. Our time in Dubrovnik in particular was really special, and when we decided to get married, we couldn’t think of any other place that would be more fitting for the big day.

It was definitely challenging to organize everything sight unseen. Our wedding planner, Kike Skvrce, was really helpful with connecting the dots, but of course you never know what you’ve sign up for until you see it in person! Surprisingly, making payments was more of a challenge than we expected – a few banks in the U.S. wouldn’t do international wire transfers to Croatia, which was very disappointing. At the end of the day though, we couldn’t have asked for things to turn out better.

We really wanted the location to dominate – all decorations were super simple, minimalist, and handmade. The idea was that we picked places that would really speak for themselves and that would just lend itself to people having a fantastic time. We really wanted to make sure that our guests had a great time and really enjoyed their experience – those were our biggest priorities from the beginning. With that in mind, we were really focused on good music, good food, and good views – the sorts of things that would really stick in everyone’s memories. We only wish we could have had more time in Dubrovnik! If you plan a wedding there, make sure to recommend that your guests meet up in Buza Bar – that was another highlight for many people (both before and after the wedding day).”

PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_18 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_19 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_20 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_20a PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_20b PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_21 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_22 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_23 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_24 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_25 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_26 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_27 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_28 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_29 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_30 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_31 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_32

Photographer PETAR JURICA / Wedding Planner DO YOU WED ME DUBROVNIK / Wedding Dress CATHERINE DEANE from BHLDN / Shoes KLUB NICO from ANTHROPOLOGIE / Flowers CVIJET BY KIKE / Groom’s suits BANANA REPUBLIC / Accessories FAMILY HEIRLOOMS / Cake PUCIC PALACE / Stationery BRIDE & GROOM / Hair & make-up ANA VUKAS / Wedding Bands BEYOND THE ROCKZ and AIDEMEMOIRE / Live music GADJO MANOUCHE
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Classic & Elegant Italian Wedding Ideas


How much of a dream would it be to celebrate the most special day of your life surrounded by the beauty of everything Italian? ANOUSCHKA ROKEBRAND captured all this loveliness at the MODA E ARTE workshop last year in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. With incredible talents like JOY PROCTOR DESIGN behind the design, and KT MERRY & SANDRA ÅBERG teaching how could it be anything but inspirational! With lots of gold touches, a stunning SAMUELLE COUTURE gown and gorgeous stationery by calligrapher extraordinaire WRITTEN WORD CALLIGRAPHY it’s the perfect inspiration for any bride wanting to achieve a timeless, elegant style. 

AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_2 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_3 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_4 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_5 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_6 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_7 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_8 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_9 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_10 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_11 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_12 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_15 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_13 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_14 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_17 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_18 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_19 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_20 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_21 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_22 AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_23w AnouschkaRokebrand_Modaearte_24

Photography ANOUSCHKA ROKEBRAND / Design & florals JOY PROCTOR DESIGN / Gown SAMUELLE COUTURE / Headpiece JANNIE BALTZER / Hair & make-up MIA JEPPSON / Stationery & invitations WRITTEN WORD CALLIGRAPHY / Tabletop rentals & jewellery CLASSIC VINTAGE RENTALS / Linens LA TAVOLA LINEN / Tuxedo J.CREW / Ribbon SILK & WILLOW / Grooms styling CHAD KEFFER / Ring box THE MRS. BOX / Video MG IMAGE / Location VILLA CIMBRONE
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Engagement shoot in European inspired gardens


I admit when I first saw this venue – VIZCAYA MUSEUM & GARDENS – I thought I was looking at a shoot from somewhere in Europe, certainly not in the U.S., however this beautiful Spanish inspired venue is right in Miami and offers the most elaborate European style gardens you can imagine. MELANIE GABRIELLE captured this stunning and lush engagement of Devin & Justin. And now I’m off to go and buy a tulle skirt like this!! (gorgeous right?)

From Devin the bride-to-be: “My fiancé, Justin, and I met in New York when he was visiting a mutual friend. We embarked on a long distance relationship for just three months until I relocated and joined him in Miami.

Like most couples in a long distance relationship, when we had the opportunity to spend time with one another, we wanted to really make it count. One of the first special places for us was Vizcaya, a historic museum and garden in Coral Gables, so when Justin planned a Sunday afternoon there for us this past spring, I was certainly on high alert!

It was a beautiful day in late March, and as we explored the grounds, I noticed that Justin had become uncharacteristically quiet. I suggested we move out to the gardens, and as soon as we stepped outside, Justin exclaimed, “There are so many people out here!” Now I thought that surely he was working towards a proposal… and I started getting so nervous! I just kept thinking, “It’s happening! It’s happening! Don’t fall down these stairs… It’s happening!” We reached a secluded fountain, and as we circled it hand in hand, we gushed to one another how happy we made each other and how much we were looking forward to all of our future adventures as a couple when Justin paused and got down on one knee to pop the big question with a Paige family heirloom.

We were so over the moon that we completely overlooked snapping a few pictures to capture the occasion. When our photographer, Melanie, asked us our thoughts on engagement photos, we knew immediately that Vizcaya was the perfect setting for our story!

MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_2 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_3 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_4 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_5 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_6 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_7 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_8 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_9 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_10 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_11 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_12 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_13 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_14 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_15 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_16 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_17 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_18 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_19 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_20 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_21 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_22 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_23 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_24 MelanieGabrielle_PaigeEngagement_25


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