Black and emerald inspiration on the coast


I am completely smitten with this shoot by PERRY VAILE and REBECCA ROSE EVENTS. Captured on the North Carolina coastline it’s full of gorgeous drama that showcases this stunning gown by JENNY YOO for BHLDN perfectly. The texture of the moss against the depth of the black gown is delicious! As is the bouquet filled with anemones and eucalyptus.

From Rebecca, “My inspiration for this shoot came from the idea for a private, romantic dinner at the edge of the ocean. The color palette is deep, moody and dramatic – as was the sky for our shoot (perfect!), yet there is a calming peace found in on these rocks and in the waters as she waits patiently for her true love to meet her at the edge of the sea. Patience is a virtue! We could only shoot this at low tide – the only time these beautiful rocks are visible or accessible, so we had to wait for the perfect conditions.

PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_2 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_3 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_4 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_5 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_6 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_7 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_8 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_9 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_10 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_11 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_12 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_13 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_14 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_15 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_16 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_17 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_18 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_19 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_20 PerryVaile_EdgeoftheSea_21

Photography PERRY VAILE / Styling, Creative Direction & Floral Design REBECCA ROSE EVENTS / Dress JENNY YOO for BHLDN / Earrings & Cuff BHLDN / Hand Lettering JORDY LIEVERS-EATON / Anemones AFLORAL / Film Lab PHOTOVISION
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In love in Italy

Italian decadent and romantic wedding inspiration featuring a book clutch as a substitute for the bouquet


an abandoned XVIII century coffee house in Rome, called Flora temple

key elements:

book clutch as an alternative to the classic bouquet

season: autumn / winter

color palette:

ivory, gold, olive-green, blush, purple


old world, decadent, romantic

Imagine wandering in an enchanted grove in the heart of Rome, immersed in the song of the little sparrows and in the laurel oaks’ smell. There’s a hidden little spot among the pines and cypresses of Villa Ada, where it seems that time has never gone by, where nature has taken over a man-made building, and has infused it with decadent beauty.

At the Flora temple, a XVIII century coffee house, The Wedding Care designed and coordinated a romantic and decadent wedding inspiration, that feels like suspended in time. The shoot speaks to the bride who has an eye for unique beauty, that indulges in a bittersweet old-world taste, and covets antique books and heirloom finds.

The bride, in a stunning Peter Langner lace and organza gown, and pearls and crystals headpiece by Alessandra Avallone, graciously plays with orchid blooms floating in the arch of the balcony, while the groom, in a perfectly classic blue suit with a white bow-tie, waits for her pensively reading a small XVII century book.

They finally meet, and dwell along the candle-lit galleries underneath the temple, then climb up to the old coffee house, and kiss, enjoying the autumn breeze, leaning over the balcony, where ivy and antique books gently intertwine.

A beautiful white velvet book-clutch, embellished with a golden embroidery and an oversized tassel, by the Latvian designer “From Bee. With love”, is a daring alternative to the classic flower bouquet.

Peonies and ivy, delicately arranged by Dordas Flowers in silver heirloom vessels, adorn the dining and desserts table, where a chic three tiered cake, topped by an ivory sugar peony is surrounded by indulgent white and blush meringues, cake-pops and macarons, by the skilled cake-designers at Fonderia.

A cameo and a beautifully handwritten placecard by the talented Schin Loong at Openinkstand Calligraphy, elegantly embellish the dining table, covered in a hand embroidered linen tablecloth, and set up with silver plates and flatware. A beautiful olive-green velvet armchair, restored by Officine Adda, embraces the newlyweds as they enjoy their first dinner as husband and wife.

And when the last meringue has been eaten and the sun goes down behind the oaks and pines embracing the Flora temple, the special photo shoot day signed by The Wedding Care and captured by In Love In Italy Photography might have ended, but the fairy tale of a life together has just begun.

Event Design & Coordination: The Wedding Care | |

Photography: In love in Italy Photography |

Location: Flora Temple, Villa Ada, Rome (Italy)

Wedding Stationery: Openinkstand Calligraphy | |

Floral Design: Dordas Flowers 2 | |

Wedding Dress: Kelly by Peter Langner via Miss Bride Tessier | |

Accessories: Alessandra Avallone Bijoux | |

Hair & Make up: Valeria Rahimi Make-Up Artist | |

Wedding cake and deserts: Fonderia | |

Book-clutch: From Bee. With Love | |

Furniture: Officine Adda | |

The Bride Rossella Pugliese

The Groom Ignazio Raso

InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_1 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_2 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_3 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_4 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_5 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_6 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_7 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_8 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_9 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_10 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_11 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_12 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_13 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_14 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_15 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_16 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_17 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_18 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_19 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_20 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_21 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_22 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_23 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_24 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_25 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_26 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_27 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_28 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_29 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_30 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_31 InLoveinItaly_RomeShoot_32

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Classic Winery wedding in Southern Oregon


LAURA NELSON makes our heart skip with her beautifully romantic fine art photography, as showcased so well in this Oregon wedding of and Andrew. Their romance began 11 years ago when they met briefly just before Andrew was heading away to college, but it was enough for them to fall head over heels for each other. Since it all began in Oregon it was only fitting that they return there to get married. Wanting to hold both the ceremony and reception outside BELLE FIORE WINERY in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, offered them enchanting gardens, numerous creative settings, breath-taking views and natural seclusion.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: It was a bright sunny Saturday morning when Andrew proposed. I had a feeling he was going to pop the question for months and was getting a little antsy, suspecting any romantic gesture as the beginning of a proposal. Needless to say, Andrew was trying extremely hard to make it a surprise. So one morning, he couldn’t wait anymore and decided to just wake me up and proposed to me in bed. Best morning ever!

LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_1a LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_2 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_3 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_3a LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_4 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_5 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_6 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_7 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_7a

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: During the wedding planning process we were living in Minnesota, which at times proved to be challenging when I needed my mom’s opinion since she lives in Oregon. Luckily, Andrew’s mom was always willing to help, so when we were trying to find the dress she was there with her I-pad in hand Face Timing with my mom. We only needed to go to 3 dress shops when we found Che Bella Boutique, not only were they attentive and extremely helpful, the boutique is adorable and filled with a variety of gorgeous dresses. I was looking for a lightweight dress that was subtle in style but had delicate touches of femininity.

ANY DIY/BUDGET ELEMENTS? My mom and grandmother and extremely creativity and have the ability to envision a concept and execute each detail perfectly. Sometimes when that happened, they weren’t able to buy exactly what they wanted, so they made it. From the decorations on the arbor to the seating chart and signs, most every element was altered and/ or created by them.

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERSFor the wedding, I wanted round, soft peony-like flowers that were mostly white with hints of soft pink. The flowers for the boutiques that were originally chosen weren’t going to be available so we found garden roses, freesias and lisianthus, which luckily provided the same feel.

LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_8 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_9 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_10 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_11 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_12 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_13 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_14 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_15 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_16 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_17 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_18

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: Our first dance had to be one of my favourite moments. It was incredibly beautiful with the sun setting over the vineyard and mountainside with Adele “make you feel my love” playing. It was one of the first times we were able to talk and allow the vows to set in. It was magical.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Communication and organization is key. If you opt out of a wedding planner realize there are a lot of details that go into a wedding and keeping track of emails, deposits and phone conversations will make planning some much easier.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? Immediately after the ceremony as we are walking up the steps to the mansion, a large florescent yellow mountain snake slid in front of us. As fast as it was there, it was gone. I can be a little superstitious, so a couple days after the wedding I looked up the meaning of seeing a snake during your wedding, and it turns out to be a positive omen of prosperity and happiness.

LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_19 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_20 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_21 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_22 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_23 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_24 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_25 LauraNelson_AshlandOregon_26

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