Marsala Holiday Inspiration Ideas


Ok if you’re lacking a little bit of holiday spirit (sadly I must put my hand up for that one – I blame the miserable weather we’ve had!!) then this shoot is bound to fix that right up! Get those pinning fingers ready cause there is plenty of stunning inspiration here to put some vigour into your step and revive your love for all things Christmas!! With exquisite styling by AMORE EVENTS BY CODY the shoot features Pantone’s colour of the year – Marsala – in an array in incredible florals by WHIMSICAL FLORAL. The models look stunning in their gowns and accessories from BHLDN and it’s all captured beautifully by RACHEL MAY PHOTOGRAPHY at EARLY MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS. Wouldn’t you love to attend a Christmas celebration like this? It’s so welcoming! The shoot took place at the BEAUTY AND THE BRAINS workshop run by RACHEL and TYLER CORVIN.

RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_2 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_3 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_5 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_6 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_7 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_8 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_9 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_10 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_11 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_12 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_13jpg RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_14 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_15 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_16 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_17 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_18 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_19 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_21 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_22 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_23 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_24 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_25 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_26 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_27 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_28 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_29 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_30 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_31 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_32 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_33 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_34 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_35 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_36 RachelMay_ChristmasShoot_38

Photography RACHEL MAY PHOTOGRAPHY / Styling & Decor AMORE EVENTS BY CODY / Gowns, shoes, veils and hair combs BHLDN / Florals WHIMSICAL FLORAL / Venue EARLY MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS / Hair BRIANNA ADAMS / Make-up TINSLEY ONUEGBU / Co-Coordination, Cake & Signature Cocktails JACLYN CONLOGUE, EXCHANGE EVENTS & CATERING / Ribbon MIDORI / Runner SILK & WILLOW / Jewellery Box THE MRS. BOX / Models HELEN KREUTZER & KATIE JONES

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Blush Wedding Inspiration from Slovakia


I’m thrilled to share these truly stunning images by INSPIRED BY LOVE at the workshop Sona held recently in Slovakia. CIARA O’HALLORAN styled a beautifully elegant shoot which was set against the backdrop of Slovakian rolling hills, capturing the natural beauty of the historic HOTEL CHATEAU BÉLA. Working with a palette of citrus, blush and dusty pink shades florist BIELY ATELIÉR created some seriously pretty bouquets which were accented with luscious hand dyed silk ribbon from SILK & WILLOW. A dreamy blush wedding gown by SARAH JANKS as well as a gorgeous beaded one from JANA JUR?ENKO were the showstoppers.

InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_2 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_3 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_4 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_5 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_6 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_7 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_8 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_9 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_10 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_11 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_12 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_13 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_14 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_15 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_16 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_17 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_18 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_19 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_20 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_21 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_22 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_23 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_24 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_25 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_26 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_27 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_28 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_29 InspiredbyLove_ChateauBela_30 Photography INSPIRED BY LOVE / Planning PERFECT DAY / Art Direction & Styling CIARA O’HALLORAN / Venue HOTEL CHATEAU BÉLA / Blush Dress SARAH JANKS from IVORY PEARL BOUTIQUE / White Dress JANA JUR?ENKO / Suit H&M / Florals BIELY ATELIÉR / Hair RICHARD JUSTIN HAIRSTYLE / Makeup JANA LOKŠÍKOVÁ / Accessories & Furniture PONK RENTALS / Calligraphy HELLO CALLIGRAPHY / Cake ERIKA KLIKOVÁ / Ribbons & Fabric SILK & WILLOW
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Black and White Colorado Wedding


When you think of mountain weddings you generally think of something a little rustic, so I love that Jenn & Bob broke the mold and have gone with a slightly more polished look incorporating a lot of black, grey and white. The bridesmaids look fabulous in their varying styles of black. The lovely ASHLEY SAWTELLE who captured these beautiful images, gives us a brief rundown of their day… oh can I just mention how much I LOVE their chuppah – so pretty!!

“Their wedding took place at Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek. This venue is tucked into the mountains, surrounded by Aspen groves and breathtaking views of Beaver Creek Ski Resort. They went for a delicate and timeless feel rich in Jewish tradition. They had a traditional Ketubah signing before their ceremony, which including a beautiful and handmade document that is unique to their marriage. Other details included a custom chuppah, candlelit long tables with romantic blooms on top of moss logs to tie in with the mountain theme and a delicate three tier cake with beautiful blooms.”

AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_2 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_3 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_4 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_5 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_6 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_7 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_8 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_9 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_10 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_11 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_12 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_13 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_14 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_15 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_16 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_17 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_18 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_19 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_20 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_21 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_22 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_23 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_24 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_25 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_26 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_27 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_28 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_34 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_29 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_30 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_31 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_32 AshleySawtelle_Jenn&Bob_33 Photography ASHLEY SAWTELLE / Wedding Planner CALLUNA EVENTS / Venue BEANO’S CABIN (BEAVER CREEK, CO) / Cake SUGAR BRECK / Cocktail Music MAC MCCAIN / Florist VINTAGE MAGNOLIA / Musicians TUNISIA / Cinematography CREATIVE MOUNTAIN IMAGES / Hair & Make-up PARK HYATT ALLEGRIA SPA / Bride’s gown D’LOLA COUTURE
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