Moscow Wedding by Max Koliberdin


I have such a treat for you with this gorgeous Russia wedding from the very talented Max Koliberdin. Love the sweet colours in all these gorgeous florals and Max has done such a beautiful job of capturing their day! Max shares with us; “Olga and Konstantin’s wedding was totally beautiful, stylish and full of nice details. The lovely ceremony and reception venue was in the peaceful hotel out of our big city – Moscow, Russia. The colour pallete was so gentle – in mint, pink and nude shades. The style of the decor and florals was rustic chic and it was in harmony with Olga and Konstantin’s personal style. The main theme of that special day was connected with birds, feathers, nest, as the couples surname – Vorobiyov – is Sparrow in English, so this became the basis for their wedding decoration and stationery.

Olga&Konstantin_2 Olga&Konstantin_3 Olga&Konstantin_4 Olga&Konstantin_5 Olga&Konstantin_6 Olga&Konstantin_7 Olga&Konstantin_8 Olga&Konstantin_9 Olga&Konstantin_10 Olga&Konstantin_11 Olga&Konstantin_12 Olga&Konstantin_13 Olga&Konstantin_14 Olga&Konstantin_15 Olga&Konstantin_16 Olga&Konstantin_17 Olga&Konstantin_18 Olga&Konstantin_19 Olga&Konstantin_20 Olga&Konstantin_21 Olga&Konstantin_22 Olga&Konstantin_23 Olga&Konstantin_24 Olga&Konstantin_25 Olga&Konstantin_26 Olga&Konstantin_27 Olga&Konstantin_28 Olga&Konstantin_29 Olga&Konstantin_30 Olga&Konstantin_31 Olga&Konstantin_32 Olga&Konstantin_33 Olga&Konstantin_34 Olga&Konstantin_35 Olga&Konstantin_36 Olga&Konstantin_37 Olga&Konstantin_37a Olga&Konstantin_38 Olga&Konstantin_39

Photography | Max Koliberdin, Planner | Ajur-Wedding, Floristics and decoration | Latte Decor, Bride’s dress | YolanCris
Bride’s shoes | Rachel Simpson, Cake | Kalabasa, Sweet table | Teabakery

Martinborough Wedding by Fineline Photography


Where to start with this utterly gorgeous wedding from the lovely Larissa from Fineline Photography - who really has knocked it out of the park. Mind with such gorgeous subjects and a stunning venue she had some pretty fine material to play with!! It’s not often I share the full proposal story but this one – as told by the handsome groom Hone – is one worth reading. It’s so incredibly thoughtful and touching, Mandy his beautiful bride is one lucky gal!

“Mandy had mentioned a few times that “if she were to get engaged”, she would love her grandmothers engagement ring. I thought this would be a good idea but wanted something from my own family too. So I grabbed my brother and a future groomsman, and flew home from Hong Kong to the Arahura, a sacred river in the South Island of New Zealand, where pounamu (greenstone) is formed and found in the wild. Pounamu is rare in New Zealand, and they say, “you don’t find it, it finds you.” We firstly visited the guardian of the river, a 70-year-old woman, to ask for her blessing, and fortunately, she gave it to us – even though there is very little pounamu left. After three days of hiking up into the mountains to the source of the river, we had no luck and were cold and very dejected. The local guardian of the river came to help, prayed for us and guided us on the lower echelons of the river – ultimately discovering the piece. Her husband then cut it into pieces, and I brought it back to Hong Kong where a piece was then forged into a silver necklace, with other pieces claimed on the journey set aside for their children. I had documented the entire process on video and made a video for Mandy. I then proposed to her at a Ball in Hong Kong – in a private room – but with her friends aware and waiting in the wings to come and celebrate.”

Fineline_Mandy&Hone_2 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_3 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_4 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_5 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_6 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_7 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_8 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_9 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_10 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_11 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_12 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_13 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_14 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_15 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_16 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_17 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_18

For Mandy & Hone the inspiration behind their wedding was simple; ”having the people we love together for three days on one site.” They chose to hold their wedding at Lacewood, an old estate in Martinborough, a famous wine region, an hour north of Hone’s hometown of Wellington in New Zealand. Lacewood had a noble history of an ancient bond between the indigenous Maori (of which Hone is) and the Scottish settlers who arrived in New Zealand in the mid 1800s (Hone’s mother was born and raised in Scotland). To this day, it is the only private estate where a Maori chief and a European settler are buried side by side. The original barn still exists, and the new owners gutted it, transforming it into a rustic venue for 200 guests.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress: My dress was picked from trying just seven on. I have always admired Jenny Packham and her beautiful designs. When trying on dresses with my mum and sister in Sydney I tried on a few and felt uncomfortable. I then tried on two of Jenny Packhams and could have worn either. Her dresses are elegant yet comfortable. I am not a traditional girl so this dresses suited me!

Favourite detail of the day: We searched for weeks to find a picture of each of our guests with us at some stage of our lives – whether it be as babies together, birthdays, school photos, rugby field – the more dated and intimate the better. We then printed out the photos and wrote on each of them – describing how they have influenced our lives. These were placed at their place settings for them to encounter as they sat down. With 180 guests, we envisioned it to be a daunting task, but it was a pleasure to revisit relationships and reacquaint ourselves with old friends and family. 

Fineline_Mandy&Hone_19 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_20 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_21 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_22 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_23 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_24 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_25 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_26 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_27 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_28 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_29 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_30 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_31 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_32

What advise would you give out to a couple planning their wedding? Nothing can go wrong. Rain, wrong dress, drunk guests – none of this matters. The love that exudes from your guests overcomes anything that you think maybe wrong. Little things on our day definitely didn’t go to plan but nobody notices – not even us. Also – get a wedding planner! Our planner, Paula Bevege, was nothing short of a miracle worker who put us at absolute ease at every turn.

Most memorable moment? The speeches. It is when it dawned on us how much we were loved, and how we were both supported by the right people on both sides. We laughed and cried the whole way through them – with standing ovations and a haka for good measure!

Anything other details that help tell the story of your day: We had our Kapa Haka group (a Maori performing arts group) in Hong Kong fly with us to NZ and sing all of our guests into their seats – as the guests sit down and see the photos that we have printed out for them. The Kapa Haka group is an extension of our family here in Hong Kong, and Mandy and I sang Maori songs with them after all five speakers. Our last song, a song about love being the water of eternal life, was when time literally stood still. 


Fineline_Mandy&Hone_34 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_35 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_36 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_37 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_38 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_39 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_40 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_41 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_42 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_43 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_44 Fineline_Mandy&Hone_45

Photographer | Larissa Warren, Videographer | Jono Tucker, Cake | Jeanette Drummond,
Florist | Horrobin and Hodge, Stationery | H2 Cards Wachai Hong Kong, Venue | Lacewood, Dress Designer | Jenny Packham
Shoes | Vickies, Jewellery | Jenny Packham hair piece, Hair | Siobhan Jephsen, Make-up | Maggie Watts
Bridesmaids Dresses & Grooms’ attire | Designed by Alice Holm, made by Stephanie at Lark Tailors, Shenzhen, China,
Planner | Paula Bevege, Stylist | Anna Roberts, Caterer | Blue Carrot, Beverages | Andrew Williams of Upstream Hospo

Spring Bridal Shower ideas by Marzipan Wedding


What could be nicer than getting together with your favourite girlfriends and celebrating your impending marriage surrounding by beautiful blooms and a some creative projects to share? That was the concept Marzipan Wedding Studio created with this shoot captured by Karina Savina. “We strived to create an easy atmosphere of early spring to highlight the beauty of the moment when the bride is getting ready to become a wife. Just like a bud ready to bloom. We’ve decorated our space with branches coming from the ceiling with the buds of flowers and leaves.

MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_9 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_10 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_12 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_13 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_14 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_15 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_16 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_17 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_18 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_2 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_3 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_4 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_5 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_6 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_7 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_1 MarzipanWedding_BloomingBridalShower_8


Concept, decor and floral arrangement | Marzipan Wedding Studio, Photography by Karina Savina
Hair & Make-up | Elstile, Location | ARENA Photo-studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

California wedding by Romabea Images


Beatrice from Romabea Images is truly one of the sweetest people I’ve met online through the blog and magazine, therefore I delighted to feature her work in the current issue of Magnolia Rouge Magazine.

Diablo Dormido, an historic Californian Ranch nestled into the Oak-studded hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, offered Adelina & Blake the simple, down to earth wedding celebration they sought. Getting married outdoors was a big attraction, so the sweeping views of majestic parkland and glorious oak trees to wed beneath provided them an unrivaled intimacy and privacy.

The couple sourced vintage soda boxes from local flea markets for their centrepieces, and re-finished them by hand. They were then filled with white blooms including roses, lisianthus and peonies.

When it came to choosing her dress Adeline had a hard time finding ‘the one’, but finally decided on a delicate lace dress. That was until it was time to show her parents and before they arrived at the boutique, had a complete change of heart and settled on something more simple and fun. Once a friend made her a belt to add to it, she had her perfect dress.

RomabeaImages_ABB_2 RomabeaImages_ABB_3 RomabeaImages_ABB_4 RomabeaImages_ABB_5 RomabeaImages_ABB_6 RomabeaImages_ABB_7 RomabeaImages_ABB_8 RomabeaImages_ABB_9 RomabeaImages_ABB_10 RomabeaImages_ABB_11 RomabeaImages_ABB_12 RomabeaImages_ABB_13 RomabeaImages_ABB_14 RomabeaImages_ABB_15 RomabeaImages_ABB_16 RomabeaImages_ABB_17 RomabeaImages_ABB_18 RomabeaImages_ABB_19 RomabeaImages_ABB_20 RomabeaImages_ABB_21 RomabeaImages_ABB_22 RomabeaImages_ABB_23 RomabeaImages_ABB_24 RomabeaImages_ABB_25 RomabeaImages_ABB_26

Photography | RomaBea Images, Videographer | Ning Wong, Florals | Happy Flowers, Cake | Sweet and Saucy
Stationery | Bright Room Studios, Venue | Diablo Dormido, Hair | Audrey Rae, Make-up | Sabrina Mae, Bride’s Gown | Jim Hjelm
Shoes | Toms, Planner | Orange Dove Events, Jewellery | Inherited family jewelry, Groom’s attire | Klein Epstein & Parker
Bridesmaids Dresses | Adrianna Papell, Caterer | Kitchen 12k

Autumn Inspiration by Esther & Gabe


The colours of autumn truly are Mother Nature at her best! Esther & Gabe from Bell Studio made the most of this magical season with this young couple who wanted a ‘love shoot’. With the woodsy setting and an apple orchard it reminded them of the time of year they first met.


Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_2 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_3 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_4 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_5 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_6 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_7 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_8 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_9 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_10 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_11 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_12 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_13 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_14 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_15 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_16 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_17 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_18 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_19 Esther&Gabe_AutumnShoot_20


Photography | Esther & Gabe of Bell Studio, Bouquet and headpiece | Floralili, Coordinator | Szelencees Kuvo, Dress | Zara


Provence wedding by Xavier Navarro


I had to pick my jaw up off the ground the first time I laid eyes on this wedding by Xavier Navarro! I mean it’s seriously swoonworthy – and trust me that is not a word I’m prompted to use often at all! If I didn’t know any better I’d say I was featuring the wedding of hollywood superstars… I mean these two and their gorgeous wedding are just insanely gorgeous! You can also see this feature in the current issue of Magnolia Rouge Magazine.

For Elizabeth and Michael their wedding was about much more than just themselves. They focused on the love that transported family and friends across an ocean to celebrate with them in the breathtaking surroundings of Provence in the South of France, in the process creating life-long memories. The bride says “Provence is one of my favourite places on earth and once you arrive, it begs you to leave all other worries behind and embrace the beauty of the landscape and present moment. Chateau de Massillan was simply a dream – perfectly elegant and magical and had a very odd way of making you feel as if you always belonged there“.

XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_2 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_3 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_4 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_5 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_6 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_7 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_8 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_9 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_10 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_11 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_12 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_13 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_14 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_15 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_16 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_17

“Fashion has always been a strong part of who I am so the dress was an important dream of mine. I wanted a dress I could breathe in, for starters, where I could spend all hours of the night dancing and live each moment of the wedding day fully! I found the J. Mendel dress at Bergdorf Goodman with my mother and sister. I loved its’ simple elegance with a twist of something different – when I tried it on and turned around to find my mom and sister in tears, I knew it was the one.”

During the ceremony, Michael and I turned around to see all of our loved ones in the congregation, under the beautiful plane trees with a soft wind blowing and the beautiful Chateau in the background. It was so special!”

XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_18 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_19 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_20 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_21 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_22 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_23 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_24 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_25 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_26 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_27 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_28 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_29 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_30 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_31 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_32 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_33 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_34 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_35 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_36 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_37 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_38 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_39 XavierNavarro_Elizabeth&Michael_40

Photography | Xavier Navarro, Cinematography | Imagin, Stationery | The Paper Chase, Florals | Blandine Viry, Bride’s gown | J.Mendel, Venue | Chateau de Massillan; Uchaux, France, Bride’s shoes | Alexander Wang, Cake | Chateau de Massillan (Piece Montee), Bridesmaids’ dresses | Bella Bridesmaids, Planner | Lucy Till