Ballet Inspired Wedding Inspiration


Inspired by the elegant poise and beauty that the ballet world represents, LUIZA SMIRNOVA created this shoot together with stylist ANNA VONOG with a very subtle colour palette in a gorgeous light filled loft. The graceful movements make for the prettiest of shoots.

LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_2 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_3 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_4 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_5 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_6 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_7 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_8 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_9 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_10 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_11 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_12 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_13 LuizaSmirnova_BalletEditorial_14

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Relaxed West Coast New Zealand beach wedding


When planning their wedding Kate & Zac focused on their guests having the best time as opposed to all the traditional happenings of a wedding. They still occured but they kept them short and sweet so things kept moving. This gorgeous couple both grew up in Muriwai on Auckland’s rugged west coast so the casual beach theme – which saw the groomsmen wearing shorts and the groom barefoot – suited their personalities and lives perfectly. With all aspects of the day made or supplied by people they knew and trusted it was a wedding with a true community feel and one which FRANK & PEGGY have documented to perfection.

With the stunning backdrop of Muriwais’ Maori Bay, Kate & Zac wed under a homemade driftwood archway. The rain clouds left just in time for Kate’s father to walk her down the path and across the rich black sand to give her away. The bride looked simply stunning in a creative spin on a traditional wedding dress which was ever so fitting for their beach theme.

Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_2 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_3 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_4 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_5 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_6 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_7 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_8
HOW DID YOU MEET? We knew each other growing up as we went to the same primary school and were in the same class when we were 8 years old. Even back then Zac had a crush on me but I played hard to get! Our families were linked through older siblings being great friends but it wasn’t until 16 years later that our paths crossed (well stumbled). We were both out in Auckland city enjoying ourselves and bumped into each other on the dance floor, well it wasn’t hard to miss Zac as he broke down some James Brown moves to a funky tune. From there it was fish ‘n chips on our local beach and the rest is history.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: It was all a big surprise for me. Zac mentioned early on the day that we had a family dinner that night so got dressed but plans were ‘delayed’ so he suggested we go up to our favourite spot on the cliff that overlooks Muriwai Beach for a beer. He then said he had a little story for me to read and passed me a cute book with a little hedgehog on the front (he had found out one evening that they were my favourite animal).  It was a little story about love. A hedgehog called Zac meeting and falling in love with a girl hedgehog called Kate. When I had read the last line I turned to Zac and he had the ring in his hand. I couldn’t say no. He then asked me if I could tell one person at that very moment who would it be and of course my family came to mind, so we headed up to my family home. I was confused and asked why there were so many cars in the driveway, but due to the excitement I didn’t think much of it. I opened the front door and there were 80 of our closest friends and family with Champagne in hand ready to celebrate with us.

Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_9 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_10 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_11 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_12 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_13 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_14 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_15 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_16
TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I already had a dress style in mind and was set on getting it made. However I went to a few different wedding dress shops with my mum and sisters anyway just for fun and to see what styles suited me. I decided to contact Ingrid Heynen, the women who used to make ball dresses for my sisters and I back in College, to see if she was available to make my dress. When I got my ball dresses made by her in the past I would draw her a picture and give her some material and she would make the dress to perfection so I trusted her to make my wedding dress. I took my mum and sisters with me to choose fabric which was pretty easy as I had an exact idea in mind. It only took a few dress fittings for Ingrid to get the dress perfect and I couldn’t have been happier.

ANY DIY/BUDGET ELEMENTS? Because it was at our family home there were a lot of friends and family involved in helping to prepare for the day. In the year leading up to the wedding we spend a lot of time on DIY projects for the wedding. We were extremely lucky with all of our connections that made the day a lot cheaper and more personalised. My Dad is a builder so made all of the wooden features for us and my mum did all the sewing and helped us to create the canapés which were made on the day by a family friend who is a chef.  Mine and Zac’s talented older siblings helped to draw the illustration for our fingerprint tree which featured the same two little hedgehogs in the story book. Zac’s handyman poppa helped us out by making all of the crates for the cheese and dips as well as the beer holders for the Groomsmen.

Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_17 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_18 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_19 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_20 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_21 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_22 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_23 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_24
Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_25 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_26 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_27 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_28 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_29 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_30 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_31 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_32 Frank&Peggy_Kate&Zac_33

Photographer FRANK & PEGGYFlorist HARRY VAN LIER & MARISA HARGESHEIMER / Stationery KATE MUIR / Ceremony Venue HOME BEACH, MURAWAI / Reception Venue  FAMILY RESIDENCE / Dress Designer INGRID HEYNEN / Shoes WILDPAIR / Rings LAURIE MAYOHair & make-up RACHAEL MAJOR Bridesmaids Dresses JARLO LONDON / Groom’s attire BARKERS / Page Boys COTTON ONBow ties and braces ETSY / Celebrant STEVE DICKINSON (Groom’s father) / Caterer PAELLACanapes CHEF WULF VESEY 
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Stunning bridal accessories from Liv Hart


LAURA GORDON and ENCHANTED ATELIER BY LIV HART are a creative dream team in heaven! Their shoots are always perfection, just utter beauty! These images of the new 2016 Spring/Summer collection are an exquisite balance of moodiness and romance. With so many beautiful pieces there is something there for all styles of bridal looks.

Liv says, “One of my favorite things is to be lost in a beautiful work of art.  Everything about this photo-shoot for the SS16 inspired this very moment.  The artful eye of our  fine art photographer Laura Gordon, the elegant and historic location at Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown, NY, the artistry of the gowns by Samuelle Couture, vintage heirloom rings from Trumpet & Horn, the beautiful hair and makeup by Ashlee Glazer and Nikki Avanzino, our gorgeous model Natalia Wowczyko, and the stunning processing by Photovision Prints all worked together to create such a beautiful presentation of the latest collection.”

LivHart_SS16Colletion_2 LivHart_SS16Colletion_3 LivHart_SS16Colletion_4 LivHart_SS16Colletion_5 LivHart_SS16Colletion_6 LivHart_SS16Colletion_7 LivHart_SS16Colletion_8 LivHart_SS16Colletion_9 LivHart_SS16Colletion_10 LivHart_SS16Colletion_11 LivHart_SS16Colletion_12 LivHart_SS16Colletion_13 LivHart_SS16Colletion_14 LivHart_SS16Colletion_15 LivHart_SS16Colletion_16 LivHart_SS16Colletion_17


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