Lavender wedding inspiration from Russia


Captured in Ekaterinburg in Northern Russia by MURAVNIK PHOTOGRAPHY during a workshop she was taking, this shoot takes advantage of the beautiful landscapes surrounding them. With a lavender hued gown by ZHANNA SALATOVA it features an edgy young couple in love. A beautiful plum coloured wedding bouquet by AMSTERDAM FLOWERS was a striking contrast to the earthy tones of the backdrop.

Muravnik-Ekb-1 Muravnik-Ekb-28 Muravnik-Ekb-38 Muravnik-Ekb-41 Muravnik-Ekb-10 Muravnik-Ekb-39 Muravnik-Ekb-58 Muravnik-Ekb-32 MarinaMuravnik_2 Muravnik-Ekb-42 Muravnik-Ekb-23 Muravnik-Ekb-35 MarinaMuravnik_1 Muravnik-Ekb-40 Muravnik-Ekb-5 Muravnik-Ekb-6 Muravnik-Ekb-43 Muravnik-Ekb-24 MarinaMuravnik_3 Muravnik-Ekb-20 Muravnik-Ekb-36
Photography MURAVNIK PHOTOGRAPHY / Styling EMERALD BLOSSOM EVENTFlowers AMSTERDAM FLOWERS / Wedding invitations & calligraphy RENNE STUDIOGown ZHANNA SALATOVA / Ring ANI EGOISTA / Hair & make-up AMALGAMA STUDIO / Earrings NAYZA STORE / Groom’s suit COSTUME CODE / Silk ribbons ALENA KUBIK
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Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement


The Rocky Mountain National Park makes for the most stunning backdrop to these gorgeous engagement photos by COLORADO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER WINSOME & WRIGHT. Faith tells us, “Kalyn & Theo simply stole my heart the moment they contacted me. They are one of the sweetest and most loving pairs I have ever had the honor to photograph and I keep pinching myself every time I look through their session. Spending time with them adventuring and hiking in the mountains couldn’t have made for a better day! Their wedding cannot get here soon enough!”

KalynandTheo-55 KalynandTheo-81 KalynandTheo-67 KalynandTheo-65 KalynandTheo-60 KalynandTheo-54

From Theo, “I first met Kalyn by chance at a karaoke bar. It took me less than a second to know how special Kalyn was. Without any time to prepare, I approached her with the pickup line of a 12 year-old. To be honest, I probably could have communicated to her with gestures or scribbles on a napkin that night and the result would have been the same, as I believe fate brought us together. She may have caught the corner of my eye but she got the center of my heart. We both have faith that it was always meant to be.

Call it chance or call it whimsy, when searching for a photographer to shoot our engagement photos we both knew right away we had found the right choice when we stumbled upon Faith of Winsome and Wright, as it would seem, by fate. We both loved her work but after speaking with her on the phone we loved her as a person as well. It is rare to encounter a professional that is genuinely as eager and excited to perform a service for the consumer as the consumer is eager and excited to be serviced.”

Winsome&Wright_3 KalynandTheo-88 KalynandTheo-36 Winsome&Wright_2 KalynandTheo-3

“Faith recommended that we shoot in Rocky Mountain National Park, a place Kalyn and I know very well and love. When she mentioned the park as the site of the shoot I immediately thought of two specific locations in the park I preferred. Low and behold, those were the locations Faith had chosen. Faith took the time to talk with us and learn our style and preferences. She took to heart what Kalyn and I hold in our hearts. She genuinely took interest in our relationship and our journey.

It was no surprise that our photographs turned out beautifully. As Faith was taking the photographs she would continually compliment us with genuine admiration. I was so comfortable during the shoot that I forgot at times we were posing for a camera. I was able to smile and blush naturally with the beautiful young woman I am going to marry. We are so pleased with the quality of our photos and even more pleased with the memories of taking them. Perhaps eclipsing even the shoot at Rocky Mountain National Park are now the memories of Faith and her husband attending our engagement party. Which just so happened to take place at the karaoke bar where fate brought Kalyn and myself together.”

KalynandTheo-16 Winsome&Wright_1 KalynandTheo-9 KalynandTheo-7 KalynandTheo-24

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Sentimental fall bridal shoot


This beautiful bridal session by KEVIN GLASER sees the bride wearing the dress that both her mother and grandmother were married in. How special is that? The session ended with her picnicking with her mother and sisters on the mountain! And how beautiful is are the colours in that sky?

Kevin_Glaser_Photography__033 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__007 KevinGlaser_1 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__020 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__025 KevinGlaser_2 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__055 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__008 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__010 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__046 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__037 KevinGlaser_3 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__026 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__042 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__024 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__038 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__041 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__053 Kevin_Glaser_Photography__034

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