Revered by brides and wedding industry professionals worldwide, Magnolia Rouge has quickly become a website and magazine synonymous with romance and style. New Zealand based editor and creator Kate Holland is passionate about providing brides with a “real couple” wedding publication that enables them to plan and execute the wedding of their dreams. Featuring weddings and editorials from the top destination photographers in the world and with unique exclusive content, Kate provides a sensory overload for her readers and has helped successfully launch the careers of many photographers. Passionate about photography and design, our aim is 
that Magnolia Rouge inspires you to create your best day possible.

In 2011, two years after starting the blog, the online magazine was launched and it very quickly attracted a worldwide following. We have had the great honour of featuring many of the world’s most renown wedding photographers who trusted our vision from the start and we were thrilled to publish some local and international talents deserving a place to shine. Published quarterly, the magazine doesn’t follow seasons per se, mainly due to its international readership. Each issue is highly curated and features talented photographers and vendors from around the world. 2014 has seen the launch of our lifestyle issue which indulges our love of travel, entertaining and lifestyle essays.

Because we aim for a magazine which looks just as amazing as the images featured in it, we take great care in how we showcase the work published in Magnolia Rouge, offering a respectful and refined design with an organic aesthetic. We all know how holding your work in your hands feels and because of this we have recently taken the steps to offer Magnolia Rouge Magazine (both the Weddings and Lifestyle issues) in print. Working with Artifact Uprising in Colorado, we will print a limited edition of each volume and we are moving towards this being available prior to it going online. 

It is with this same passion and intention that we work on the blog: we post once or twice daily, keeping the content fresh and inspiring whilst still allowing each feature time to be seen, enjoyed, shared and celebrated. We value the community we have been building over the years and take great pride in helping our partners get out there to our readers. We are passionate about Magnolia Rouge just as much as we believe in the work and talent of the people we work with. Magnolia Rouge is only what it is because you get involved the way you do.


“Kate and Magnolia Rouge have got be my favorite e-magazine in this over saturated industry. Magnolia Rouge stands out to me as a gorgeous source of inspiration for couples and vendors alike.”



“Magnolia Rouge has proven to be our single most valuable investment for gaining brand exposure and growing a steady client-base. It is an honour to be featured in the blog and the directory listings as Magnolia Rouge is well respected worldwide for its high calibre of content and contributors. As a result, we have delightedly booked many discerning brides who share a similar vision and who connect strongly with our aesthetic. Magnolia Rouge has without a doubt contributed to the rapid growth of our business and is well worth investing in.”



“Magnolia Rouge has been a fabulous place for exposure for my brand. Being featured in this stunning magazine and on the blog has made brides aware of the service I offer I have booked a number of weddings as a direct result of being seen in the pages. Thank you Kate for providing a wonderful and beautifully designed platform for people to get inspiration for their wedding and also opportunities for people like myself to showcase the work I produce.”



“Magnolia Rouge has been publishing features on our collections for the past two years and has contributed to taking our small business into a larger one. Having brides contact us from all over the world because they saw a dress featured in the magazine has been priceless. Thank you Kate for your vision and letting us be a part of it.”



images courtesy of Erich McVey & Anna Kidman