Like most brides, Kirsty couldn't bear the thought of only wearing her gorgeous wedding gown for a couple of hours so she came up with a novel idea to prolong the occasion or at least give it another whirl! I'll let the gorgeous bride take over the talking

"Trash the Dress shoots are becoming increasingly popular after a wedding, but I absolutely adored my gown, and couldn't bear to see it ruined. An idea came to me: if it was becoming commonplace on these shoots to wear the same dress in a different location, perhaps I could wear a different dress in the same location? It seemed like a genius idea to me. Maleny holds so much sentimental value for Sam and I. We came here in our first few months together, spending hours playing chess and cosying up by the fireplace. Returned again on cheeky little weekends away. Watched my parents renew their vows here. And then, of course, that heavenly day when we were wed at magnificent Maleny Manor. I decided a Trash the Dress shoot here, sans trashing the dress, would be the perfect close to our wedding album.

They say with one hand you can conquer the world, but that can only happen in a marriage if you're holding your other hand together.' My dad quoted this on our wedding day. During the shoot, as Talitha fretted about me falling out of the tree and breaking my neck, Sam simply laughed and boosted me up into the branches. I saw so much truth in this quote, and I knew then, as I have somehow always known, that hand in hand, the two of us are going to have the most fulfilling, extraordinary life together.

With the Glass House Mountains as our drop-dead gorgeous backdrop, I chose a dress that I could climb trees in, one that I happily sat and pulled bunches of twigs from at the end of our three-hour shoot, as the sun went down. I also asked our photographer to take some photos of my actual wedding gown hanging in the trees, showcasing it in all its glory instead of capturing it in tatters! I fell in love with the end result. Some of the images are dynamic and spontaneous. Some are quirky. Others are romantic, thoughtful and soft. All capture the two of us exactly as we are: genuine, mad about each other, happy - above all else, just so darn happy."