Whenever we feature the amazing work of INDIA EARL we struggle to not bombard you with too many images, but when they're this gorgeous I'm sure you won't be complaining! Carly & Jed had a bridal session with India prior to their wedding and we're in love with the gorgeous imagery.

The gorgeous bride-to-be Carly tells us a little of their story, "My husband and I went to the same Junior High and High School but we didn't know each other. We ended up meeting after his mission at a little crepe cafe. We were really torn about where to take our bridals. I wanted desert looking and my husband Jed wanted a green field. We realized that my grandpa has a big green field in Benjamin, Utah near Spanish Fork. We decided to go with that and then drive around and see what else we could find. Just down the street there ended up being a field of sand. It took some fence hopping but we took some in there so I got the desert shots I wanted and Jed got the green field ones he wanted. It was also supposed to storm all day so we were running all day trying to dodge the thunderstorms. Right when we got done it started raining. It was a blast and India was awesome to work with. We goofed around and laughed the whole time."