Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, VILLA MONTANARE set the stage for Lisa and Gustav's wedding. This love story unfolded like a dream and the images by Stockholm wedding photographer 2 BRIDES PHOTOGRAPHY are nothing short of perfection - as you can tell we found it hard to cut them down they were that good!

The secluded villa offers a breathtaking panorama of the Tuscan landscape. It is the perfect backdrop for a love as timeless as its surroundings. Gustav's proposal marked the culmination of almost six years of shared adventures. After a trip to Bali and on the verge of moving in together, they discovered a new chapter awaiting them in their new apartment. As Lisa entered, a massive bouquet of roses awaited her in the hallway. A card that held the question Gustav had longed to ask was amid the blooms. Dropping to one knee, he made the moment unforgettable. Lisa joyfully said yes, heralding the beginning of their journey together. This journey now included both cohabitation and marriage.

Lisa and Gustav, advocates of life's simple pleasures when shared, found joy in the mundane, like Sunday grocery shopping and cozy movie nights paired with delicious meals. While their love for traveling took them to far-off lands, they also cherished the beauty of a drive down the Swedish west coast.

Working with wedding planner WEDDINGS BY SILKE, the couple opted for an intimate celebration at the centuries-old villa outside of Cortona, in Tuscany, inviting only their nearest and dearest - creating an atmosphere akin to a grand family dinner. Their goal was to blend the opulence of a big wedding with the warmth of an intimate gathering, savouring precious moments with loved ones.

From the lush suites of VILLA MONTANARE to the sun-drenched poolside, the highlight was Lisa and Gustav's tear-jerking wedding ceremony against the backdrop of the setting sun. Their love story, recounted in their own words, became a testament to enduring young love.

In her own words, Lisa shared, "The best thing about Gustav isn't just his outstanding qualities. It's the person he is with me - the best partner, cozy and special. Our shared laughter and the unique way we communicate make our life together extraordinary. I love Gustav for being that person for me."

Gustav reciprocated, "I love everything about Lisa. Her natural and relaxed demeanour complements our great life together. Her wit, her cooking—she completes me. We met at a bus stop when we were just 14, and our love story officially began on a cold day in November."

Their love, the first and only for both, blossomed from the innocence of a teenage crush to a mature and enduring partnership. From shy beginnings to a profound connection, Lisa and Gustav's love story is a testament to the beauty of growing up together.

A huge thank you to Stockholm wedding photographer 2 BRIDES PHOTOGRAPHY for sharing this utterly stunning wedding with us. Keeping film alive one wedding at a time., Isabelle is a film photographer who serves couples throughout Sweden, Europe, and beyond. "I promise you a presence that's reliable, a spirit that's creative, and photos that are extraordinary. Your wedding is a sensation. Not just because you know how to throw a sensational party. But the feeling of joy, of romance. The most important people in your life have joined you in this incredible celebration—enjoy every minute of it! My photos will capture that and make you relive the experience every time you look at them … the cheers when you kiss, the bubbles on your tongue when you toast, the warmth of love you feel all day. I create images that pull you back to each incredible moment, taking photos you can feel." You can see more of her portfolio here.