It doesn't matter what time of year it is, I always love some autumn inspiration. TAMARA GRUNER has shared this lovely shoot with us and since she has written about it so perfectly I will hand you over to her Falling Leaves. The wind is stronger, the days are shorter, and the leaves are brighter. When we realize it, we are feeling the onset of fall. A season that, though being cooler, brings an air of warmth. A time of the year so resplendent with colors it is almost impossible not to fall in love with it. This is how our couple felt for each other as they celebrated their elegant wedding. Nestled in the woods of southern Chicago is Waterfall Glen which offers a romantic setting for an intimate celebration. Abound with the season's colors spread everywhere we created a very quiet atmosphere for this special occasion. The bride, dressed in her Romona Keveza gown was matched by her groom in his tuxedo. They settled down at a 6 person table adorned with ivory roses and hydrangea, candles, and olive leaves to enjoy this moment together. The rustic decor matched the surroundings every bit. They strolled along a meandering path decorated with the season's leaves that have drifted from their branches. They stopped by an ivory rose laced swing to share some words of love. The entire palette created a picture perfect painting for any artist willing to capture the moment. The sun drifted behind, as the stars made their way. But, that does not end the beautiful fall day.