Carlan tell us; Every day we walked past BONJ LES BAINS and were amazed by it's beauty so when it came to deciding where we would get married it was the top of our list! It was the best decision we made and was more beautiful than we could have imagined. We were lucky enough to stay at VILLA HERACLEA with our family for the week and it was stunning.

Thankfully we made the decision to work with Tamara from Adriatic Weddings for our special day. She made everything seem easy and understood us, our personalities, our style and feeling for the day from the outset all from the other side of the world. The location was amazing, but Tamara's attention to detail meant that every part of who we are shone through on the day. The food, the staff, the decorations and the party favours of locally sourced grappa were all perfect. This allowed us to enjoy the best day of our lives without a care in the world.

HOW DID YOU MEET? One fortuitous weekend in Sydney back in January 2009. We were mutual friends of Richard Woods, one of the best men, and happened upon each other over drinks at a notorious local drinking establishment, affectionately known as The Downfall' . It wasn't love at first sight, but after a few bad jokes, a little conversation and a lot more alcohol, by the early hours we'd definitely struck a chord.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: On Christmas Day in front of Chris's family in the UK. Chris surprised Carlan with a ring wrapped up in a Vivienne Westwood scarf. He got down on one knee and said fancy getting hitched, like? Through tears and laughter we celebrated with a single malt whisky.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE MEMORIES FROM YOUR WEDDING DAY? Chris: Our ceremony. Waiting for Carlan to arrive and hearing the song when she walked down the aisle, the vows, all the tears of happiness, laughing with friends and toasting to those who couldn't be with us. Carlan: The overwhelming sense of love and joy that this was the most special day of my life and how surreal it was that we were lucky enough to be in this beautiful location surrounded by 50 people that we loved so dearly. Oh and the party, it was one hell of a fun party!