Percy Handmade’s 2014 Bridal Collection


I feel so privileged to have featured the stunning new 2014 collection from Percy Handmade in the current issue of Magnolia Rouge Magazine. This is honestly one of the most stunning bridal campaigns I’ve seen, with the most flawless photography by Jemma Keech which shows of the veils and headpieces to perfection. We did a brief interview with Tania to find out more about the beauty behind the business!

Tell us about how Percy Handmade came to be? I’ve been running Percy Handmade for over five years and it’s been a wonderful journey of hard work, overcoming obstacles and self-discovery. As a child, I watched my mother sew at the dining room table and I was mesmerized by her ability to transform a simple piece of fabric into something beautiful. Whilst I didn’t have any technical skills, equipment or experience in sewing, I decided five years ago that I wanted to learn.My sewing machine, Percy, was a gift from my husband. Percy changed my world and taught me how to see the world through new creative eyes.

Where did your inspiration come from for this collection? The new collection, “Forevermore” is inspired by the perfections of nature and the seasons of life. The collection features delicate and fanciful pieces inspired by those moments you feel the rays of sun on your skin, the cool breeze against your face and the moments of child-like awe you feel when you see a flower bud slowly blossom. I wish for my pieces to bring brides back to those special moments, especially those magical moments on their wedding day.

JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_02 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_03 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_04 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_05 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_06 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_07 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_08 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_09 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_10 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_11 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_12 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_13 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_14 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_15

I am entirely self-taught and I’m inspired by beauty and its limitless possibilities. I love to design wedding accessories because they are expressive, considered and personal. I fell in love with the possibilities that came from teaching myself how to sew and it has become the foundation of my business. I love to offer these possibilities to my brides through my bespoke accessories.

What’s your favourite aspect of running Percy Handmade? Every day I get to work and learn with my hands, my heart and my mind. Sometimes I don’t want the day to end because I love what I do so much, but I wake up every morning knowing that the day ahead is something I’ve chosen and that gives me energy.

Who would be your dream client to design for? Without a doubt, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. She is graceful, intelligent, authentic and appreciates timeless detailing – whether it’s from the high street or straight off the catwalk.

What plans do you have for Percy Handmade? This has been an exciting growth period and I am embracing the new opportunities and the new sources of inspiration they’re opening up. In the future, I would love to take Percy Handmade offline by opening a boutique and showroom, where brides can play dress ups, drink champagne and experience a magical and personal insight into the design and construction process. I believe the process of handmade is just as beautiful as the finished product.

JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_16 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_17 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_18 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_19 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_20 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_21 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_22 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_23 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_24 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_25 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_26 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_27 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_28 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_29 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_30 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_31 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_32 JemmaKeech_PercyHM_2014_33

Photography JEMMA KEECH / Bridal Accessories PERCY HANDMADE / Florals ZINNIA FLORAL DESIGN

16 Responses to Percy Handmade’s 2014 Bridal Collection

  1. Patty Lagera says:

    Such glorious light. Everything is gorgeous.

  2. Thank you so much Kate for featuring Jemma Keech’s beautiful images – her talent amazes me every day :) It was a wonderful team effort and I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such talented creatives. It’s such an honour to be featured in your gorgeous magazine and blog – thank you xx

  3. Kristin says:

    absolutely stunning Tania! You’re my #1 !!

  4. Sara says:

    Gorgeous collection!

  5. Lucy Bennett says:

    Wow!! What a wonderful shoot! Thank you for sharing.

    Every detail is so beautiful. I love the dresses and accessories!

    The images are so stunning too!

    Lucy x

  6. Jessica says:

    Stunning! Is this collection available for purchase??

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