Mornington Peninsula Vineyard Wedding by Aparat Photography


I had the pleasure of meeting Aparat Photography – a brother and sister team from Melbourne – earlier this year at the Nordica workshop, so it’s with absolute pleasure that I feature their work on the blog today with this stunning vineyard wedding that took place on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Having spent many weekends and holidays in the area throughout their relationship, getting married in this part of Victoria had extra significance to the couple and they wanted to showcase the area to their visiting guests.

Sophie&Tristan_2 Sophie&Tristan_3 Sophie&Tristan_4 Sophie&Tristan_5 Sophie&Tristan_6 Sophie&Tristan_7 Sophie&Tristan_8 Sophie&Tristan_9 Sophie&Tristan_10 Sophie&Tristan_11

Tell us about your proposal: We were living and working in Amsterdam at the time and took a week’s holiday to Lake Lugano in Switzerland. We decided to walk to a beautiful lookout point and we came to an opening in the trees where you could see the snow-capped Alps meet the lake. It was there that Tristan nervously got down on one knee.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress: After many years of driving past Amalina Vitale’s gorgeous shop window in High Street, Armadale and marvelling at her elegant gowns, I made an appointment to finally try some on. I had my mother and sister with me and when I put on my dress, it was perfect. Pretty, elegant and it felt incredible and I knew at that moment that it was to be my wedding gown.

Sophie&Tristan_12 Sophie&Tristan_13 Sophie&Tristan_14 Sophie&Tristan_15 Sophie&Tristan_16 Sophie&Tristan_17 Sophie&Tristan_18 Sophie&Tristan_19 Sophie&Tristan_20 Sophie&Tristan_21

Describe your wedding flowers: My bouquet was soft and rounded featuring mixed spring blooms including freesias, hyacinth, lisianthus and double tulips. We had hanging jars and bottles at the ceremony containing spring florals and a heavy sprinkling of white rose petals for the aisle. Guests were given rose petals to throw as we walked down the aisle. The reception tables were covered with an eclectic mix of jars and lots of candles filled with spring florals. The bridesmaids held bouquets with soft taupe roses, hyacinth and lisianthus.

Favourite detail of the day: Our intimate wedding ceremony including the story of our relationship which was a surprise to our families and they loved it. 

Most memorable moment? The first kiss and dance were special moments but the weather had a huge impact on the day. We had a blue sky, sunny day and when the sun set over the panoramic views of rolling hills and vineyards, we just felt that the day was perfect in every way.

Sophie&Tristan_22 Sophie&Tristan_23 Sophie&Tristan_24 Sophie&Tristan_25 Sophie&Tristan_26 Sophie&Tristan_27 Sophie&Tristan_28 Sophie&Tristan_29 Sophie&Tristan_30 Sophie&Tristan_31 Sophie&Tristan_32 Sophie&Tristan_33

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Wild beach shoot by Lauren Albanese



It’s always a delight to feature the lovely Lauren Albanese on the blog, and especially when it’s with beautiful shoots like this. Wanting to celebrate their relationship, Natalie and Matt spent a day on the beach embracing their new Southern California location. Lauren tells the story…

When Natalie first met Matt, she was 15 and scoping the mall for ‘cute guys’. Having never had a boyfriend before, she certainly didn’t expect to be meeting her husband that night! After meeting, they talked and laughed for hours, they couldn’t believe how much they had in common; most importantly, their relationship with God and how it impacted their lives. At the end of the night, Matt asked for her home phone number and it was the beginning of their love story. They were married in 2006 when Natalie was 18 and Matt was 21. “People were worried because we were so young, but we never had any doubts. God brought us together at a young age, and being in the center of our marriage, he has kept us together.” said Natalie

“The first years were tough since we were both full time students, but what mattered the most is that we were doing it together and having fun along the way” said Matt. Matt finally graduated from Pharmacy school in 2012, and they decided to follow their dreams and move to sunny Southern California, where they currently reside. This year they will be celebrating 8 years of marriage and a love that continues to grow stronger as time passes.

F LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_2 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_3 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_4 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_5 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_6 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_7 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_8 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_9 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_10 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_11 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_12 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_13 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_14 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_15 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_16 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_17 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_18 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_19

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Photo by Lara Hotz


Camping Engagement Session with Amber Lynn

Chloe&Trevor_1 Chloe&Trevor_2 Chloe&Trevor_3 Chloe&Trevor_4 Chloe&Trevor_5 Chloe&Trevor_6 Chloe&Trevor_7 Chloe&Trevor_8 Chloe&Trevor_9 Chloe&Trevor_10 Chloe&Trevor_11 Chloe&Trevor_12 Chloe&Trevor_13 Chloe&Trevor_14 Chloe&Trevor_15 Chloe&Trevor_16 Chloe&Trevor_17 Chloe&Trevor_18 Chloe&Trevor_19 Chloe&Trevor_20 Chloe&Trevor_21 Chloe&Trevor_22

Country Chic Utah wedding by Shannon Elizabeth


There are many things that serve as inspiration for your wedding day and for Jessica & Justin’s country wedding it began with the flowers… or more specifically the Juliet Rose. With a degree in Horticulture Jessica knew she wanted flowers everywhere so that part of the planning was an easy decision. It was the colours in the Juliet Rose – her favourite bloom – that created the palette they used throughout from the bridesmaids dresses to the stationery. Another important factor was the brides grandmother’s. “I had amazing relationships with both and found myself adding little details of their own personal heirlooms to the tables, entrance, and décor. All of the table linen was my grandma’s fabric and lace that my mom sewed together to create the long reception table. To add a very personal and sentimental touch, I wired pairs of earrings from both of my grandma’s that they had given me and added them into my bouquet. Also, to add a touch of something that Justin loves, Justin and all of the groomsmen had hand-tied; fly-fishing flies, in all of their boutonnières.“ Thanks to Shannon Elizabeth who did a gorgeous job of capturing their day!

BarrickWedding_2 BarrickWedding_3 BarrickWedding_4 BarrickWedding_5 BarrickWedding_6 BarrickWedding_7 BarrickWedding_8

Tell us about your proposal: Justin was always planning outdoor adventures for our weekends so when he picked me up to go fishing I didn’t think anything of it. We went to the river, cast our lines, and waited. I got a bite and started to reel it in when I noticed Justin was very nervous about the fish on my line and followed it the whole way in. When I finally had it on the shore I realized it wasn’t a normal fish but it was metal. I grabbed it and read the words “Marry Me?” when I turned around to see where Justin was he was right there kneeling on one knee asking me to be his wife. (Justin’s best friend was in the water down the river waiting for us so that he could attach the fish on my line… It was May in Rexburg, ID so that water was freezing!)

Tell us about finding your wedding dress: I am one of the most indecisive people and had absolutely no idea what style of dress I wanted so I was nervous about the whole situation. My mom was in town visiting and we thought it would be a good time to just go try some on to find the style I was looking for. I took three dresses into the fitting room and thought I was going to be in trouble because I liked the first two but when I slipped the third dress on I had my ah-ha moment and knew that was the dress. It was crazy how it felt like it was made for just me! I of course had to take pictures to send to my sisters because I couldn’t make the final decision without their approval and then found myself back at the store that weekend making the big purchase. My mom is amazing and honestly can do anything so she took my dress and did all of the alterations. She built the dress up and added on the sleeves and the beautiful lace detail. I loved the ¾ sleeve and really think that made the entire dress. 

BarrickWedding_9 BarrickWedding_10 BarrickWedding_11 BarrickWedding_12 BarrickWedding_13

Any DIY/Budget elements? I have an amazingly talented family so when it came to the planning I really wanted to utilize everyone’s talents. My dad cooks awesome BBQ, my sisters helped me with my make-up, hair, flowers, and really had the eye with the décor and setting up, my sister- in-law created our invitations, my moms best friend created our amazing cake and food, and my mom is just simply amazing. My mom hand painted our invitations, altered my wedding dress, put together all of the decorations, planned everything, and made it an amazing day. (She is an interior designer that has a million talents so I had to take advantage of them all).

Favourite detail of the day: I really don’t have any one favourite detail… I honestly loved EVERYTHING!

Most memorable moment? The most memorable moment was the minutes that Justin and I had right before we walked out of the temple to greet all of our guests. It was like the world stopped and it was just he and I. Finally married and just whispering to each other “we did it”, “we’re married”, “I love you”, and Justin saying for the first time “Mrs. Barrick”.

BarrickWedding_14 BarrickWedding_15 BarrickWedding_16 BarrickWedding_17 BarrickWedding_18 BarrickWedding_19 BarrickWedding_20

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Bridal Session by Michelle Boyd


I have a beautiful bridal session from the lovely Michelle Boyd to share with you this Friday! Although Lorian already had a veil, when she tried her Mother’s one just for fun, she fell in love with it and this is what she’s worn in this shoot… so dreamy!!

Loriann_02 Loriann_03 Loriann_04 Loriann_05 Loriann_06 Loriann_07 Loriann_08 Loriann_09 Loriann_10 Loriann_11 Loriann_12 Loriann_13 Loriann_14 Loriann_15 Loriann_16 Loriann_17

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