Stunning beauty in the desert


There really isn’t much I can say about this shoot that will do it justice. It really is just completely beautiful. JOSHUA AULL & SARAH KATE PHOTO have done such an incredible job of this shoot with beautiful florals by ISARI FLORAL STUDIO, gowns and accessories by THE DRESS THEORY and hair & make-up BEAUTY BY STACEY. An amazing job by all involved. They were inspired by the emotions and journey a girl goes through as she becomes a bride. Getting pinning people, get pinning!!

SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_1a SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_2 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_3 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_4 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_5 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_6 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_7 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_8 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_9 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_10 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_11 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_12 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_13 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_14 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_15 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_16 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_17 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_18 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_19 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_20 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_21 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_22 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_23 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_24 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_25 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_26 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_27 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_28 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_29 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_30 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_31 SarahKate&JoshuaAull_SDShoot_32

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Lush Berry & Apricot Wedding Ideas


Gah… where to start with this shoot from KRISTA A. JONES and stylists KRUSE & VIEIRA EVENTS? The beautiful decadent berries throughout the stunning floral arrangements by PETAL & PRINT, the gorgeous cake adorned with fresh figs, or the light of a late summer’s day? Basically a whole lot of beauty! Oh and let’s not forget the amazing stationery suite by one of our favourites LAURA HOOPER CALLIGRAPHY.

From Krista, “For this styled shoot, we wanted to juxtapose the decadence of the rich berry hues seen in the fruits that are so abundant this time of year with softer coastal neutrals. We sought to create the feel of an elegant, but leisurely late summer dinner party on the bayside. The stunning arrangement from Petal and Print showcases the season’s best in an organic, but timeless way drawing one’s eye down the long oak farm table and soft draped linens that cascade to the ground. Refined details such as a custom crest, brass candelabras, and hand lettered paper suite in French navy add a feel of elegance. Natural elements including foraged briars, fig place cards, soft cotton napkins, and home-made blackberry balsamic favors balance out the formal components to create a welcoming and graceful littoral wedding table.”

KristaJones_DecadentDinner_2 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_3 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_4 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_5 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_6 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_7 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_8 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_9 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_10 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_11 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_12 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_13 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_14 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_15 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_16 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_17 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_18 KristaJones_DecadentDinner_19

Photography KRISTA A. JONES / Styling KRUSE & VIEIRA EVENTS / Dress SARAH SEVEN / Rentals XOXO VINTAGE and PARTY LTD / Florals PETAL & PRINT / Paper goods and calligraphy LAURA HOOPER CALLIGRAPHY / Hair & Make-up UPDOS FOR I DOS / Welcome Bags A SIGNATURE WELCOME / Veil & Suit ANNAPOLIS FORMAL
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Spring colour in the desert


I love the artistic nature of this shoot.. the images in the desert look like paintings with the most beautiful subtle colours. A superbly talented team of vendors lead by photographer JENNA MCELROY created this gorgeousness which also featured in Issue 7 of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE. The very clever WITHOUT WAX, KATY put together these stunning spring florals – the combination of blooms in them is so pretty!!

JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_2 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_3 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_4 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_5 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_6 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_7 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_8 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_9 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_10 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_11 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_12 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_13 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_14 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_15 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_16 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_17 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_18 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_19 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_20 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_21 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_22 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_23 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_24 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_25 JennaMcElroy_PaintedSkies_26

Photography JENNA MCELROY / Creative director, styling & florals KATY BOHLS from WITHOUT WAX, KATY / Hair & make-up MAKENZI LAINE / Paper design & calligraphy YULING DESIGNS / Model CHLOE WILT WITH ZEPHYR TALENT / Rentals SWEET SUNDAY EVENTS / Dress ASOS
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