Australian Seaside Engagement


STEWART LEISHMAN is a magician behind the lens! I absolutely love the colours in this beautiful engagement shoot that took place on a chilly day in Portsea on Australia’s Mornington Peninsula.

StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_2 StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_3 StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_4 StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_5 StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_6 StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_7 StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_8 StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_9 StewartLeishman_Tien&Steve_10

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Romantic and Intimate Boudoir Session


The last in our shoots from the ERICH MCVEY WORKSHOP this weekend is from KYLIE MARTIN and is one of the most stunning, intimate boudoir shoots you’ll ever see! Inspired by the ancient work CICATRIZE: (v.) to find healing by the process of forming scars, stylist GINNY AU together with ERICH wanted to do a shoot that complimented the tones and energy of the 150 year old house. Focusing on the movements of the models body it’s served as an exercise in the beauty of subtleness and KYLIE has done an exquisite job of capturing the most intimate moments in the most delicate of ways. The vintage lingerie from GOSSAMER VINTAGE is utterly divine!

KylieMartin_Cicatriza_2 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_3 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_4 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_5 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_6 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_7 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_8 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_9 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_10 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_11 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_12 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_13 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_14 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_15 KylieMartin_Cicatriza_16

Photography KYLIE MARTIN / All images photographed at the ERICH MCVEY WORKSHOP in Elk, California / Design & Styling GINNY AU / Hair & Makeup MIMI AND TAYLOR / Floral Design SARAH WINWARD / Paper and Calligraphy MEGHAN KAY SADLER / Photo Lab PHOTOVISION / Film Sponsor FUJI FILM / Table Linens & Rentals 12TH TABLE / Venue CUFFEY’S COVE RANCH / Lingere GOSSAMER VINTAGE / Model Khloe Elkins of STARS MODEL MANAGEMENT
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Wild Coastal Romance


Our second feature from the ERICH MCVEY WORKSHOP is from JENNA MCELROY who has captured magic in these stunning coastal images. Impeccable styling once again by GINNY AU and florals by SARAH WINWARD ensure there is plenty of stunning inspiration. I adore that tablesetting in the middle of the long grasses – what a perfect spot for lucnh! In keeping with the theme of using ancient words to design the shoots, Ginny chose ALATE: (adj.) having wings; lifted up in flight. and NUBIVAGANT: (adj.) moving among clouds, for these two looks.

JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_2 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_2a JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_2b JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_3 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_4 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_4a JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_5 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_6 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_7 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_7a JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_8 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_9 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_10 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_11 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_12 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_13 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_14 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_15 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_16 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_17 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_18 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_19 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_20 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_21 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_22 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_23 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_24 JennaMcElroy_Nubivagant&Alate_25

Photography JENNA MCELROY / All images photographed at the ERICH MCVEY WORKSHOP in Elk, California / Design & Styling GINNY AU / Hair & Makeup MIMI AND TAYLOR / Floral Design SARAH WINWARD / Paper and Calligraphy MEGHAN KAY SADLER / Photo Lab PHOTOVISION / Film Sponsor FUJI FILM / Table Linens & Rentals 12TH TABLE / Venue CUFFEY’S COVE RANCH / Slate Blue Gown NET A PORTER / Mens Attire BILLY REID / Bride’s Shoes BILLY REID / Models SIERRA LIPPERT & Asher Devon of SCOUT MODEL AGENCY / White gown SAMUELLE COUTURE / Veil IVORY AND WHITE / Rings N + A NEW YORK / Models JILLIAN LIEBER & ALEX MICHELS OF STARS MODEL MANAGEMENT


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