Summer Bridal Shoot


This sweet summery bridal shoot by BUBBLEROCK features in Issue 6 of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE. It was put together for a 1:1 workshop Steph did with ERICH MCVEY when he was in town over this past summer, and with florals by LEAF & HONEY, a couple of sweet gowns by KELSEY GENNA, and SARAH KNIGHT on hair & make-up, it turned out perfectly! Loving that thick side braid!

Bubblerock_BridalShoot_3 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_2 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_4 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_6 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_5 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_7 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_8 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_9 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_10 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_11 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_12 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_13 Bubblerock_BridalShoot_14

Photography BUBBLEROCK / Florals LEAF & HONEY / Gowns KELSEY GENNA / Hair & Make-up SARAH KNIGHT HAIR & MAKEUP using MAC / Film Processing PHOTOVISION
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Big Sur Engagement Shoot


I can’t say enough how much I love this engagement session by KELSEA HOLDER. The tones, the moodiness, the drama, the earthiness, the pure nature of it… it’s just fantastic!! Kelsea shares her words on the shoot below…

“We climbed rocks and crossed rivers for this stunning Engagement in the southern area of Big Sur! Sitting beneath trickling waterfalls, wading in the soft hues of the blue-green pools, Richard and Olivia had no fears and certainly didn’t mind getting a little wet! And I was right there with them, chest deep in the frigid and refreshing waters. It was invigorating being truly immersed in my work & surroundings, and cleansing to leave reality for that afternoon with my dear friends.I find it amazing how spending time in nature can help one feel more in touch with their humanity. I played with the darker tones from the deep waters which were shaded by all the trees. It was perfect for Olivia and Richard, and their more earthy style. The end result were these grainy, dreamy images!”

KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard2 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard3 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard4 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard5 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard6 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard7 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard8 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard9 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard10 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard11 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard12 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard13 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard14 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard15 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard16 KelseaHolder_Olivia&Richard17

Photography KELSEA HOLDER / Red dress FREE PEOPLE / White dress RUBY ROSE


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Beautiful timeless bridal session


This stunning bridal session by HEATHER HAWKINS has me wishing I’d done something like this myself! How lovely to have such beautiful images as a keepsake… and to think this was Heather’s first bridal shoot all on film! Crazy good! With some absolutely incredible florals by the insanely talented BOWS & ARROWS, it really is the most gorgeous of shoots.

HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_2 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_3 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_4 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_5 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_6 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_7 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_8 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_9 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_10 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_11 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_12 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_13 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_14 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_15 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_16 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_17 HeatherHawkins_StephanieBridals_18

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