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Romantic North Carolina Garden Wedding


From ‘I will’ to ‘I do’, Shannon and Lane’s wedding journey was one that focused on the close bonds of their loving families. The groom proposed on a family Thanksgiving holiday in North Carolina, and six months later, they exchanged vows nearby, in an intimate ceremony and reception that honoured their near and dear. This gorgeous wedding by HEATHER PAYNE with florals by one of our faves ABANY BAUER features in Issue 8 of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE.

From day one, I wanted an intimate outdoor garden themed wedding. I’m passionate about surrounding myself with pretty things, and I thought that a garden theme would be sweet and romantic. Seeing Lane get emotional during his vows really showed me how much that moment and the union between the two of us meant to him. I’ve never felt so loved.

HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne2 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne3 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne4 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne5 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne6 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne7 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne8 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne9 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne10 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne11 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne12 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne13 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne14

“I asked my florist to design a very natural bouquet of garden roses, peonies and daisies. She ended up incorporating large coral charm peonies, as well as a few other lovely accent flowers in my colour scheme of coral, blush, white, bone and blue, and finished it off with beautiful hand dyed silk coral ribbons from my mother-in-law.”

HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne15 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne16 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne17 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne18 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne19 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne20 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne21 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne22 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne23 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne24 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne25 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne26 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne27 HeatherPayne_Shannon&Layne28

Photography HEATHER PAYNE / Florist ABANY BAUER / Stationery BROWN LINEN / Venue OLD EDWARDS INN & SPA / Hairpiece TWIGS & HONEY / Bride’s Gown TATYANA MERENYUK / Bride’s Shoes CHINESE LAUNDRY / Hair & Make-up OLD EDWARDS INN & SPA / Bridesmaids’ Dresses PAPER CROWN / Jewellery CORALIA LEETS / Flowergirl Dresses AUTOALIVE / Linens LA TAVOLA / Catering and Cake OLD EDWARDS INN & SPA
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Destination wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia


If you’re considering a destination wedding and Dubrovnik, Croatia isn’t on the list, then I suggest you go and put it on there right this minute. One look at these incredible images by PETAR JURICA and you’ll see just why. Dubrovnik is one of the most attractive and popular cities in Europe. A city of great history, it has beautiful landscapes, great weather and has one of the best preserved medieval walled cities in the world. A real gem. Kendra & Spencer travelled from their home in Austin, Texas to celebrate their love in this beautiful part of the world. Read on for their thoughts on the day…

PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_2 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_3 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_4 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_5 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_6 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_7 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_8 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_9 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_10 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_11 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_12 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_13 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_14 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_15 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_16 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_17

“When we first started dating, Kendra was studying in Italy and I came over to visit her. On a whim, we decided to travel around Croatia and fell in love with the place. It was a big adventure and made both of us realize that the relationship had some serious legs. Our time in Dubrovnik in particular was really special, and when we decided to get married, we couldn’t think of any other place that would be more fitting for the big day.

It was definitely challenging to organize everything sight unseen. Our wedding planner, Kike Skvrce, was really helpful with connecting the dots, but of course you never know what you’ve sign up for until you see it in person! Surprisingly, making payments was more of a challenge than we expected – a few banks in the U.S. wouldn’t do international wire transfers to Croatia, which was very disappointing. At the end of the day though, we couldn’t have asked for things to turn out better.

We really wanted the location to dominate – all decorations were super simple, minimalist, and handmade. The idea was that we picked places that would really speak for themselves and that would just lend itself to people having a fantastic time. We really wanted to make sure that our guests had a great time and really enjoyed their experience – those were our biggest priorities from the beginning. With that in mind, we were really focused on good music, good food, and good views – the sorts of things that would really stick in everyone’s memories. We only wish we could have had more time in Dubrovnik! If you plan a wedding there, make sure to recommend that your guests meet up in Buza Bar – that was another highlight for many people (both before and after the wedding day).”

PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_18 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_19 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_20 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_20a PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_20b PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_21 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_22 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_23 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_24 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_25 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_26 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_27 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_28 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_29 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_30 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_31 PetarJurica_Kendra&Spencer_32

Photographer PETAR JURICA / Wedding Planner DO YOU WED ME DUBROVNIK / Wedding Dress CATHERINE DEANE from BHLDN / Shoes KLUB NICO from ANTHROPOLOGIE / Flowers CVIJET BY KIKE / Groom’s suits BANANA REPUBLIC / Accessories FAMILY HEIRLOOMS / Cake PUCIC PALACE / Stationery BRIDE & GROOM / Hair & make-up ANA VUKAS / Wedding Bands BEYOND THE ROCKZ and AIDEMEMOIRE / Live music GADJO MANOUCHE
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Intimate wedding in the Italian Countryside


Tammy and Luc live in The Netherlands. Tammy is American, Luc is Dutch and they are the owners of the best Wedding Cakes Specialist of The Netherlands SUGARLIPS CAKES. They rented a gorgeous villa in Radicondoli, Tuscany and held an intimate celebration with nine of their best friends, enlisting photographer ALEXANDRA VONK to document it. After an emotional and intimate ceremony in the grounds of the villa, they then had a picnic on the hill overlooking the stunning Italian landscape.

We choose Italy because of all the elements it had to offer. We based our entire wedding around the Italian ambiance and left most of the decorations to the country-side itself. I of course love flowers, so we added touches of that here and there, but all of the elements of our wedding were taken from the villa we were staying at, so everything was true Italian and it was perfect!

AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_2 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_3 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_4 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_5 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_6 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_7 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_8 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_9 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_10 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_11

HOW DID YOU MEET? Luc and I met in Boston while he was studying abroad and I was in New York studying patisserie. He is actually from Holland and was in Boston studying. We met through my best friend, and spent our first date arguing over a Lakers vs Celtics basketball game!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: It was actually quite perfect. He had taken me around the entire day doing things that we love, visiting a Pixar exhibit, having dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, and I was convinced it was going to happen. Then he loaded me up on the train to take me home, and I thought it was over. I was absolutely exhausted, and he took my off the train at the wrong stop, and convinced me it was so we could switch trains (I had absolutely no clue because I didn’t know how Dutch trains worked yet). It wasn’t until we were 500 meters outside of the train station that I realized it was a lie, and started to figure out something was up. He took me to a hotel in Utrecht (where we were moving in a couple months) and the room was covered in flowers and rose petals. It was perfect!

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: That was a fun one. Originally I had planned on finding a dress in the States, because I knew there would be many more options. Because of practically, I started the search in Holland before we left on our holiday to Los Angeles, just so I could see if there were even some options. The first store I went to was a let-down and exactly what I had expected to find, very old-fashioned dresses. I decided to give it one more chance because I didn’t want to have to ship a dress from California to The Netherlands, and I got lucky! I took Luc with me, because I honestly only wanted his opinion on the shape of the dress (to make sure he would be happy), never thinking I would actually find “the one” in Holland. I was in the dressing room and put it on and immediately yelled to him “uh oh, we’re in trouble!” I was willing to let the dress go and find something cheaper (because it was over our original budget), but he could see how happy I was in it, and convinced me to buy it!

AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_12 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_13 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_14 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_15 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_16 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_17 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_18 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_19 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_20 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_21 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_22 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_23

ANY DIY OR BUDGET ELEMENTS: We had our wedding in Italy and wanted to use that as most of our decoration, so there wasn’t a need for a whole lot extra. We also had a wonderful wedding planner, who took care of moving some of the decorations from our villa around, to bring in that romantic Italian feel. We did however make our own wedding cakes! We own a cake studio in Holland, and were only planning on making ourselves a tiramisu, but somehow ended up making three cakes for our big day!

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: My flowers were perfect! I love almost all flowers, so I wasn’t too picky. I had mentioned to Leontine (our wedding planner) what I liked, and the colors I was going for, and she hit it on the head. I really just wanted a soft, romantic, and very loose bouquet, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I was just sad I couldn’t bring it home with me from Italy!

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: One of our favourite details was definitely the fact that we were in Italy. It gave us the opportunity to take gorgeous pictures in an olive grove, have a Tuscan dinner under the stars, and give us an idyllic Italian village to spend the afternoon in.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Our ceremony was definitely a memorable moment. We had only 9 guests in total, and because it was such a small group, we were able to be really honest in our vows. It was really special and we had all the girls crying, including our wedding planner and photographer! It was very special.

AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_24 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_25 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_26 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_27 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_28 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_29 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_30 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_31 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_32

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