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Elegant country wedding in Pennsylvania

Rachel & Tyler had a beautifully elegant Pennsylvania wedding filled with gorgeous blooms of green and white that JAKE & HEATHER have captured to perfection! After meeting through their parents in middle school and going on family vacations together, the friendship grew and finally in their senior year realised they liked each other just a little bit more!

They both agree that doing the first look was their most memorable moment of the day. With neither of them loving the spotlight on them, having this intimate moment with just the two of them meant they could soak up it in privacy. Heather wears the sweetest gown from GRACE LOVES LACE – how pretty are those lace sleeves?

Pennsylvania-Wedding Pink-garden-flowers Mother-helping-bride-get-ready Pennsylvania-Country-Wedding Fresh-green-and-white-bouquet Groom-with-leather-suspenders Country-Wedding-groom

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: Back in high school, Tyler asked me to be his girlfriend on a park bench near his home. Because this spot was so special, Tyler decided to propose to me at this location. So, a few days after Christmas, Tyler went to the spot and strung Christmas lights on the tree above the bench. Because Christmas (and Christmas lights) is my favorite thing, he knew that the moment would be so special. It sure was!

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: Originally, I found my wedding dress on Etsy. Because the traditional type wedding dress is completely opposite of my style, I had trouble finding a dress at many of the well-known shops. After searching for a while, I decided to look somewhere a bit more obscure. Grace Loves Lace, a designer from Australia, had a few dresses on Etsy which lead me to their site.

ANY DIY ELEMENTS? Most of the decorations were DIY/Budget elements. My dad found a large piece of wood in the back yard which became our seating arrangement chart and “Best Day Ever” plaque. The other decorations came from my personal collection that I had used in my apartment. The table numbers were stained and glued so that they propped up on the tables. 

Wedding-dress-with-delicate-lace-sleeves Bride-and-Groom-first-look First-look-hug Bride-and-Groom-by-Fountain Bridesmaids-in-white Bride-and-Groom-Pennsylvania-Wedding Bridal-party-in-black-and-white Groomsmen-in-suspenders Bridemaids-in-white-dresses-with-fresh-green-bouquets Bride-and-Groom-by-Heather-Jake-Beerman Pennsylvania-Country-Wedding-2 Bride-walking-down-aisle-with-father Bride-with-flowers-in-her-hair White-Chimneys-wedding-ceremony Pennsylvania-Country-Wedding-3 White-rose-and-eucalyptus-bouquet

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: My flowers were created by a family friend with a little inspiration. Through each bouquet, I wanted green to stand out the most. Choosing the color of the flowers was an obvious choice for me. Because I find dyed flowers incredibly unnatural, I wanted them to be their original color, white. My other request was that each bouquet be large. I wanted each one to almost burst with the greens, not follow a molded traditional shape.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: My favorite detail of the day was the silver dollar eucalyptus garland. We ordered bunches of this lovely green from Everleaf Greens. Because of the cost of already put together garland, we made each one by hand attaching the pieces to rope with wire. It really made the barn look like a magical Greenland.   

WHAT ADVISE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Do it yourself! It was not hard to come up with decorations and make the greens. When it comes out beautiful, you can take the credit and save a little more in your bank account. Also, find someone who can arrange your flowers, or do them yourself. Companies over charge big time! Lastly, go with more greens, less flowers. The cost of flowers is significantly higher than the cost of greens in bulk.

Short-sleeved-Grace-loves-Lace-Wedding-dress Elegant-Country-Wedding Elegant-country-wedding-in-Pennsylvania Bride-by-Heather-and-Jake-Beerman Bride-wearing-Grace-Loves-Lace-wedding-dress Delicate-lace-sleeves Grace-loves-Lace-Wedding-dress Rustic-barn-wedding-setup Seating-chart-with-eucalyptus Organic-country-wedding-table- Country-Wedding-Inspiration Bride-and-groom-first-dance

Photographer JAKE + HEATHER / Stationery BRENDA FRANCO / Ceremony Venue WHITE CHIMNEYS / Bride’s gown GRACE LOVES LACE / Bride’s ring ROSADOS BOX / Hair CORRINE HAGGARTY / Grooms attire KOHL’S, MACY’S, and ETSY / Caterer SEI CATERING
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Intimate summer garden wedding

MANA LODGE in New Zealand’s Hawkes Bay region provided the perfect venue for Kate & Matt to get married at being that it offered them beautiful accommodation and exclusive use of the stunning park like grounds. Surrounded by all their family and friends they held an intimate wedding in the gardens and had MEREDITH LORD there to document it all. Toni from MAGDALEN HILL created some gorgeous florals with pop of deep red as the only contrast to the otherwise soft tones of the day.

Bride and Groom New Zealand Wedding Karen-WIllis-Holmes-Gold-gown Floral Wedding Invitation Pale peach wedding shoes Dress hanging in vines Pale gold bridesmaids Peach and burgundy bouquet Peach and deep red bouquet Pink rose bouquet Mana Lodge wedding by Meredith Lord Bride in olive grove Bride wearing Karen Willis Holmes Groomsmen in blue suits

HOW DID YOU MEET? Our story is a long one, but in short, Matt and I met at work back in 2007 in Wellington, New Zealand. We basically hit it off straight away, and became good friends. I moved to Melbourne only a few months after meeting and we stayed in contact. Then about six months later Matt also moved across to Melbourne. Over the past four years our friendship deepened and we both realised we had feelings for the other, and the rest is history!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: Matt took me away one weekend to Daylesford in Victoria, where he had rented this quaint little cottage for us to stay in. On the Saturday we had just returned to the cottage from an afternoon relaxing at the Hepburn springs, and we had a few hours before our dinner reservation. Matt poured us a glass of wine, and then said he had something for me and went off to the bedroom to fetch it. I was very inquisitive about what it was! He then returned and presented me with a white book tied with black ribbon, which I was not expecting. I opened it; my hands were shaking as I turned the pages. He had created a beautiful handmade scrapbook of memories ‘the story of us’ from the day we met, right up to that very day we were at the cottage. On the last page was a proposal and as I read it, bawling my eyes out, I turned to him and he was on one knee. It was the happiest moment!

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I had been to Karen Willis Holmes a few years earlier to accompany a friend of mine on her own wedding dress hunt. So when it was my turn to find a dress, it was clear in my mind to go to their store. I found my dress on my first visit, and it was the last dress I tried on. After trying on so many beautiful dresses, I wasn’t sure how I would choose! However as soon as I had the Caitlyn dress on, it fitted like a glove, and I just didn’t want to take it off! I knew it was the one for me.

Mana lodge wedding ceremony Bride and Groom saying vows Bride and Groom at Mana Lodge Mana Lodge Wedding by Meredith Lord 2 Bride with red nails Bridal party in olive trees Hawkes Bay Bouquet by Magdalen Hill Groom wearing blue suit Hawkes Bay wedding bridal party Lace back wedding gown by Karen Willis Holmes

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: Toni McGregor of Magdalen Hill did an outstanding job with our flowers and also assisted on the day with styling the marquee. We went with a softer palette of summer blooms with a wee punchy pop of red. Toni listened to all our ideas and helped us achieve the overall look we wanted. She was a big help as we live in Melbourne, it was great to have someone local to the Hawke’s Bay to assist us with sourcing the lighting and flowers etc for the wedding.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: I loved my dress by KAREN WILLIS HOLMES! I never wanted to take it off!

WHAT ADVISE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Be true to your own style and what you feel confident and comfortable in, you want your wedding to reflect you as a couple in some way. The day goes by so fast so try not to get caught up worrying about all the little things! At the end of the day it’s about celebrating your love and commitment to each other with the people you love, enjoy every moment!

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? Matt and I decided to do a first look before the ceremony. I am so glad we did this! In the flurry and excitement of the day, it was so lovely to have a special quiet moment just the two of us to share together and take it all in!

Black and white bride and groom Bride and groom by Meredith Lord Classic and Elegant Hawkes Bay Wedding Classic bridal portrait Hawkes Bay wedding by Meredith Lord 3 Lace backed wedding dress Delicate gold bracelet Couple in the olive trees Bride and groom at sunset Hawkes Bay Classic and Elegant New Zealand Wedding Gold candleholders Wedding guests at Mana Lodge

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Scenic Mountain Wedding in Georgia

It’s the week of Georgian weddings and shoots! And what’s more all amongst the stunning mountain scenery this country has to offer. This wedding by ANNA & ALEX took place at a hotel that looks out to the highest point in Georgia and made for some very romantic photos amongst a spectacular backdrop. I love it when brides stay true to their own style for their wedding, and this bride looks absolutely gorgeous in her emerald velvet jacket and feather headband! You have to adore images of couples who look this happy right?

If you want to see the other feature from this part of the world earlier this week check out this stunning regal shoot HERE.

Bride-and-groom-at-table Bride-with-feather-headpiece Bride-in-anticipation Emerald-bride Happy-bride Georgian-Mountains Wedding-details-by-Anna-Lebedeva Wedding-table-in-the-mountains Georgia-wedding Joyful-bride-and-groom Bride-wearing-Emerald-Green-top Winter-bride-wearing-green Laughing-bride-and-groom Smiling-bride Bride-and-groom-in-Georgian-Mountains Georgian-wedding-by-Anna-Lebedeva Bride-wearing-emerald Mountain-bride-and-groom Rustic-wedding-table Natural-yellow-bouquet Bride-and-Groom-by-Anna-Lebedeva Bride-and-Groom-in-the-mountains-of-Georgia Winter-wedding-in-Georgia Tablescape-overlooking-mountains

Photography ANNA & ALEX / Florals & styling IN LOVE ATELIER
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