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Canoeing in the snow photo session


I’m a big fan of outdoor shoots that show you and your loved one doing what you love the most… and of course if that happens to be canoeing in the snow, all the better for it!! Especially when you get awesome moody photos like these. TREY DILLON had been sitting on this idea for sometime and finally got his chance as he explains below…

“Lets talk about romance for a minute. Canoeing on private waters while its snowing. Glad we got that talk out of the way. A little while back I dreamt up this idea of photographing a couple canoeing in the snow. Then I remembered that I lived in Texas – a clashing reality. But surprise! It snowed this year in the Lone Star State. When I woke up and there was “snow” I was 100% set on making this idea actually happen. I hadn’t realized it would be so hard to piece together the rest of the puzzle. I had to find a couple that were a) into the idea, b) had a truck that could trek in the snow, c) were available at a moments notice and d) that I wanted to bless with a photo shoot. Oh yeah, and they had to own a canoe. After sorting through five couples I struck GOLD. Kayla and Chris were the perfect eligible and adventurous couple for this shoot. I could not be happier that the snowy outdoors and adventurous canoeing so much supported the fun and loving relationship that Kayla and Chris share with one another. We later found out that Jax, their puppy, was even more excited about our fun day than even we were. The result is something I’m really into. It reminded me that shooting something that starts from an idea rather than a request is a vital part of growing as an artist. 

TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_2 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_3 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_4 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_5 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_6 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_7 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_8 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_9 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_10 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_11 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_12 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_13 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_14 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_15 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_16 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_17 TreyDillon_Kayla&Chris_18

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A Winter Love Story in the Gulf of Finland


This beautiful love shoot by KSENIYA ANTONOVA took place in the wintery landscape of the Gulf of Finland. Married couple Julia and Aleksandr live in Moscow and travelled to St. Petersburg for the weekend and wanted to have the memories of their trip captured. The magnificent winter weather came to the party and ensured their images were pure magic amongst the breathtaking landscape.

Julia says: “I love St Petersburg very much, it is a magical city: from the architecture and nature to it’s history. If you visit it once you will want to come back for more. I’m always trying to save more memories from our trips with my beloved husband Aleksandr. We were married last summer and I still feel as like newlyweds – everything seems special and romantic. And our photoshoot did too. We are walking, smiling, trying to keep warm by hugging. It was really full of magic moments for me. And the nature in the Gulf of Finland is very beautiful. We returned to Moscow very rested and inspired, I’m glad to have this special day documented for our photo album.”

KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_2 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_3 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_4 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_5 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_6 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_7 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_8 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_9 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_10 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_11 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_12 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_13 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_14 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_15 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_16 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_17 KseniyaAntonova_WinterLoveStory_18

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Georgia Mountain Shoot


I think one of the nicest things about being a wedding photographer would be being constantly surrounded by love!! I mean it’s infectious so really it can’t help but bring joy to even the observer!! SAWYER BAIRD who captured these beautiful images of Ryan & Rachel told us, “I think being young and in love is the most beautiful thing… and with this, documenting it is so important.” We couldn’t agree more. This gorgeous duo might have already been married, but how lovely to capture their first months as husband and wife… and in such gorgeous surroundings! I actually just found the below words on SAWYER’S website about why she does what she does and I think this sums it up beautifully for both photographer and the subjects. Nothing sparks memories like looking at old images. 

“I am a photographer because of the way that photos make me feel. When I look back at an image I feel the exact same as I did in the moment I captured it… full of passion and pure emotions. I am forever thankful to be able to do such an amazing thing for others. It makes me insanely happy.”

SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_2 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_2a SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_3 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_4 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_5 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_6 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_7 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_8 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_9 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_10 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_11 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_12 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_13 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_14 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_14a SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_15 SawyerBaird_Ryan&Rachel_16

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