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Wild beach shoot by Lauren Albanese



It’s always a delight to feature the lovely Lauren Albanese on the blog, and especially when it’s with beautiful shoots like this. Wanting to celebrate their relationship, Natalie and Matt spent a day on the beach embracing their new Southern California location. Lauren tells the story…

When Natalie first met Matt, she was 15 and scoping the mall for ‘cute guys’. Having never had a boyfriend before, she certainly didn’t expect to be meeting her husband that night! After meeting, they talked and laughed for hours, they couldn’t believe how much they had in common; most importantly, their relationship with God and how it impacted their lives. At the end of the night, Matt asked for her home phone number and it was the beginning of their love story. They were married in 2006 when Natalie was 18 and Matt was 21. “People were worried because we were so young, but we never had any doubts. God brought us together at a young age, and being in the center of our marriage, he has kept us together.” said Natalie

“The first years were tough since we were both full time students, but what mattered the most is that we were doing it together and having fun along the way” said Matt. Matt finally graduated from Pharmacy school in 2012, and they decided to follow their dreams and move to sunny Southern California, where they currently reside. This year they will be celebrating 8 years of marriage and a love that continues to grow stronger as time passes.

LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_2 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_3 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_4 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_5 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_6 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_7 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_8 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_9 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_10 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_11 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_12 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_13 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_14 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_15 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_16 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_17 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_18 LaurenAlbanese_BeachShoot_19

Photographer | Lauren Albanese, Bouquet | Kelly Lenard of Intertwine, Dress | Bride Boutique
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Paris honeymoon shoot by Juliane Berry

Ooo la la… what girl doesn’t dream of having a ‘love’ shoot – or encore shoot as I’ve also heard it termed – in Paris? Juliane Berry, an American photographer living in Paris, captured Jo and Aidan – an Australian couple – whilst on their honeymoon in Paris. Taking in all the iconic landmarks it really can’t help but be uber romantic! Pop over to Juliane’s facebook page to see lots of other gorgeous Parisian shoots!
Thank you all SO much for the amazing words of encouragement and positive feedback on the first issue of the new Magnolia Rouge magazine yesterday… so very much appreciated!! I can’t wait to start working on the next issue!

ParisHoneymoon1 ParisHoneymoon2 ParisHoneymoon3 ParisHoneymoon4 ParisHoneymoon5 ParisHoneymoon6
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Montana Sunrise Day after session by Jodi Miller Photography…

I’m totally head over heels for this sunrise day after session by Jodi Miller Photography. This beautiful lighting is simply exquisite… and that last shot? Sublime!!! Stephanie and Ben had planned to have a day after session right from the start, and I bet they were pretty happy when they woke up to a day like this. They got up at 4am to travel for 90mins into the valley which is only accessibly by four wheel drive (this SO sounds like my sort of adventure!!). They finished just in time to enjoy breakfast! Beautiful work Jodi!!

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