Classic Country shoot by Ngg Studios

I’m a big fan of Ngg Studios whose beautiful work was featured in Magnolia Rouge Magazine, so I’m thrilled to have them up on the blog with it’s brand new shiny look! With their dear friends Ryan & Elise Clift, this is one of their first shoots captured entirely on film. Alongside the stunning dress by Jennifer Gifford Designs, and the amazing florals of Kirsty from Imbue Weddings, it’s a winning combination.

RyanElise-NggStudios-1 RyanElise-NggStudios-2 RyanElise-NggStudios-3 RyanElise-NggStudios-5
RyanElise-NggStudios-65 RyanElise-NggStudios-9 RyanElise-NggStudios8 RyanElise-NggStudios-7 RyanElise-NggStudios-4

6 Responses to Classic Country shoot by Ngg Studios

  1. The bouquet looks stunning… The photography is incredible…. the color in this are so dreamy…

  2. So beautiful! I love the tones.

  3. Lena says:

    These photos are stunning, and so is the site’s new look! Congratulations, lady!

  4. This bouquet is just so gorgeous, so is the dress.
    And I love how simply and pure the pictures are. This is just beautiful!

  5. Sera says:

    Amazing photos! I love the florals too; perfectly ‘wild’ :)

    Where are the photos taken? reminds me a bit of home…

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