I have long wanted to have a relaxed shoot at home with our family... just to document the everyday goings on. Only issue is I hate being in front of the camera, but I know it's something I'd look back on in years to come and never regret! (can you tell I'm trying to convince myself to get it done?). This 'slow mornings' shoot by DEHAN ENGELBRECHT captured of his friends Eduan & Melissa, took place as they finished remodelling their home, and included Patchouli, their beautiful Black Russian Terrier. Dehan tells us, "Taking place on a sunny Sunday morning in Cape Town. Eduan always had a great eye for detail and strives to live life authentically. Their home is filled with real objects gathered through the years by family and passed down to them. Melissa is a wizard in the kitchen, she can make your heart ache for a meal you only had once in your life and she has the ability to cook a hearty meal with basically anything in her fridge. Patchouli (their fur child) also makes sure you take notice of her, she brings you all her toys the moment a new face walks through their doors and she'll welcome you with a lick."

Rather than (or as well as) traditional family portraits this is a lovely way to document a time in your lives at the place you spend the most time, and somewhere that in years to come with hold lots of wonderful memories.