Despite having grown up with Christmas in summer, I'll forever be enamoured with a Northern Hemisphere Christmas. Something about a snowy landscape, darker evenings, rugging up around a fire, drinking hot chocolate - I could go on and on - all seems so much more magical to me. It's influenced the way I decorate too as I try to recreate that feeling in my home. Not entirely the same when it's warm and sunny outside! So that said you can see why I'm loving this holiday decor shoot by SIDNEY LEIGH PHOTO. If you're in need of some last minute inspiration for turning your home into a wintery wonderland keep scrolling!

Sidney tells us, "Gift giving has always been my love language. My husband and I were married in June 2018, and after we moved into our first home together just after the wedding. We have barely furnished the home, but between the time we became engaged and the time we moved in as husband and wife, we began to source holiday decor, and favourite part of our home together is easily my wrapping room. As I was growing up, my very Southern grandmother would visit us in Virginia for a week at Christmas, and she and I would spend days on end in my childhood home wrapping beautiful packages and tying and re-tying bows until they were perfectly shaped and fluffed. Since her passing, it has been the sweetest part of every Christmas for me to spend time thinking about her as I wrap each gift, and it’s a tradition that I hope to pass on to my own children one day. There were many days spent in my home’s wrapping room this past season, full of light and warmth by the fire while it snowed outside. I made it a mission to pause here and there to document what that space felt and looked like, and I hope that these images convey the sweet, cozy winter wonderland feeling of being at home for the holidays."