There is so much more to styling than meets the eye. Sure most of us think that we can put together a few things and make them look good, but you'd be surprised at how much thought and consideration goes into the finished results you see. Today we have an insight into what goes on behind the scenes with Sydney wedding stylist SANDRA CHAU with these beautiful images from Sydney wedding photographer WE ARE ORIGAMI of her process working with some stunning stationery suites.

Sandra shares with us, "When I first started styling, I'd look at other stylists and think that their photos looked way better than mine (which they did!) because they had lots of cool stuff but I didn't. Then I realised that one of my jobs as a stylist is to curate a collection of perfect styling props. That also meant making sure no matter where I was, I would always have a beautiful surface to style on. Having the right surface not only makes your photos beautiful and cohesive, it also makes life and the styling gig so much easier. So combining my love for art, design and texture, I started making my own surfaces and from there, I also started curating beautiful wares from around the world with the hope of sharing my love for styling with other creatives as well as showing them how they too can thoughtfully curate their own collection of props, elevate their visual imagery and enchant their audience.

In all of this, I felt like I was finally where I should be in the styling world so I wanted to document this new journey in the most authentic way possible. And the only I could think to do that was to have my surface making process captured. I wanted to show every little bit of raw detail, movement, thought that goes into making each surface, how they have a wide array of moods to tell different but beautiful stories and most importantly, all those beautiful textures and colours. Each surface is created by hand with different moods guiding in the execution of bringing plaster and paint together and it was important to me to show that in the shoot and Dave from WE ARE ORIGAMI captured it so perfectly. Styling the surfaces has become such a delightful process and opened up so much conversation with other creatives, I have loved creating them and am so happy to be able to share them with you. My STYLING SHOP of thoughtfully curated wares and surfaces is now open."

Thank you to Sydney wedding stylist SANDRA CHAU for sharing her beautiful work with us! You really need to check out her STYLING SHOP - it's full of so many goodies!

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