So I told you we had a whole lot of pretty in the line up for today... I mean are you as obsessed with these stunning florals by JUST SO. EVENT FLORAL as I am? It's a vision to behold! And all the fall tones - so excited that this season is just around the corner for me! Idaho Wedding Photographer BRIE THOMASON PHOTOGRAPHY stumbled across this rocky corner of the creek one day whilst out exploring the mountains with her husband, and naturally a lightbulb went off in her head and the inspiration for this shoot was borne.

Brie shares, "There is a fresh mountain creek rounding the bend, rugged mountains peeking just beyond the tree line, and aspen trees just over the water. I knew this shoot would be best in the fall, because aspen trees love to show off in the fall months. I worked with Kara from JUST SO. EVENT FLORAL about the colour direction we wanted to base the shoot off of. The trees surrounding the area were brightly coloured and we didn't want to take away from that, so we decided on muted colours for the bouquet. The muted fall tones complemented the river rock bottom and the bright orange aspens in the background gave the show of a lifetime.