Inspired by the beauty of simplicity, San Francisco Wedding photographer RADOSTINA PHOTOGRAPHY together with florist and stylist BOUGH & TWIG, built this bridal editorial around the idea of negative space, and striping away superfluous details.  Clean lines, muted colours and effortless design all blended into a neutral, yet warm foundation for the creative team to work from. To bring nature into it all, BOUGH & TWIG created a variegated ivy wall, in a purposefully organic shape. In small, restrained arrangements, soft sweet peas and fritillaries brighten the table with their elegant, delicate lines, subtly sweet scents, and scattered violet tones. The fritillaria’s rarity—it’s only available for a very short time during the spring season—adds to its gracefulness and strong presence. Its shape and form is incomparable in beauty and really blended well with the mood of the day.

The two piece asymmetrical gown from Ukrainian based BETWINS ATELIER added a contemporary touch, but also offered movement and romantel. The paper goods by CHAMPAGNE PRESS stood out with its combination of negative space, modern fonts and simple colour scheme. Joy of RADOSTINA PHOTOGRAPHY says, "Minimising tones and striping away the clutter is one way you can go when you are searching for the right wedding design that fits you and your love one."