Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of Africa TANJA KIBOGO dreamt up and captured this beautiful editorial working with a local designer in Kenya, where her husband comes from. I've actually visited this very spot myself so it's rather special to see it again in a new light (my memory of it isn't quite so refined and involves being in a tent and hearing hippos in the nearby lake overnight!). Designer DEEPA DOSAJA created a gorgeous gown that moves with elegant fluidity and paired with jewellery by ADELE DEJAK it offers a stylish contemporary look.

Tanja tells us; "Last year I gathered with a handful of very talented ladies in Nairobi and drove all the way to Naivasha where a friend of mine lives who helped me coordinate things with the venue. A beautiful old English styled venue - LOLDIA HOUSE - next to the lake in Naivasha, where the antelopes come to the patio in the evening to find some more grass to eat or some leftovers from your table. The theme was to be unique, let your heart go wild. A black glamorous gown, wild flowers and African lavish jewellery. A bridal boudoir session prior your wedding is almost a must for every bride