This beautiful moody interpretation of Pride & Prejudice by LENA ELISEEVA was created to show the complicated feelings of two people, two strong characters, whose pride was overcame by their beautiful love. MARIA VESSSNA designed a stunning lilac gown for the occasion which is befitting for an English maiden.

Lena tells us, �The idea of the Pride and Prejudice story photoshoot, inspired by unfading novel of Jane Austen, appeared quite long ago in my mind. I am absolutely in love with old-fashioned novels since my childhood, thanks to my mother - a philologist, and aesthetics of the nineteenth century inspires me. The costumes, the way of life, atmosphere of beauty and a bygone era of lords and ladies - all this is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Vintage silver candlesticks and an inkpot, all the atmosphere of an old English library shows off the tenderness and lightness of Elizabeth - lace and silk, messy vintage hairstyle and a stunning flower arrangement full of air. And for sure, the charisma of our Mr. Darcy couldn't kept us enchanted.

Photo LENA ELISEEVA / Dresses MARIA VESSSNA / Florist KATERINA ELISEEVA / Planner MARIANA TALASIMOVA / Hair & make-up ELEN WHITE / Cinematography SEM-V STUDIO / Silver pitcher JMM / Calligraphy IRINA KLIMOVA / Shirt & shawl ANASTASIA NADEZHINA / Waistcoat THE GOLDEN BRANCH / Models ALEXANDRA & ILYA