Take one stunning GOSSAMER wedding gown, throw in a vibrant bouquet by SPROUT FLORAL & EVENT DESIGN and combine them with gorgeous images by Austin wedding photographer KRISTIN LA VOIE and the result is elegant perfection.

Kristin shares the inspiration behind the shoot with us, "From the tattered worn pages of a classic novel, or the peeling paint from layers of years passed, beauty emerges. Each layer unfolds a story, a history, like the complex layers of a woman, of moments that have gone by. The old Poe novel has endured rips and bends, and withstood the destruction of so many years passed owner to owner. The words still prevail. The muted colours of the textured wall still prevail. In the oldness, the decay, it seems it’s all become more beautiful.

With the turn of a crisp, aged page, a new chapter begins. She bathes in the light that destroys the paint, relishes in it with her novel in hand, cradling it like a baby. Preserving this moment, with these cherished things, makes her a reflection of history and the future. Merging the old and new; her future with the appreciation and respect of the old. This new kind of bride is born."

A big thank you to Austin wedding photographer KRISTIN LA VOIE for sharing this beautiful inspiration with us. Kristin is a hopeless romantic. Married to her High School sweetheart, she lives with her two fur babies in Austin. She's been documenting couples' love stories ever since 2006 when she photographed her first wedding and we're delighted to have her as one of our valued Vendor Guide Members. Be sure to check out this Romantic Creek Bridals with plum & berry florals.