Goodness this wedding is so adorable! From the sweet red dresses the bridesmaids are wearing, to the stunning bride's tea length gown which was designed with dancing in mind and her fur wrap, it's utterly charming! Booking Old Forest School for the venue was the easiest decision of all for Emily & Matt it oozes quaintness from the minute you first arrive and they were smitten with it. Jane Keam from Ivy & Gold Photography has done such a stunning job of capturing this beautiful celebration.

Tell us about your proposal: Totally my (Emily's) fault that it didn't go very well... It was Matt's birthday so we went out for dinner. I knew the proposal was on the cards but we had been on so many dates and nothing had happened that I thought this was no different. Matt wanted to go for a walk afterwards but I got all girly on him and said it was too cold so we should just go back to the car. He took me to Pilot Bay 'cause that's where we spent so many summer nights in our first year together. He parked at the wharf and tried to get me out of the car again but this time (and I cringe whenever I think about it) I said I was too tired. So... he had no choice but to propose to me in the Nissan Pulsar. Not very romantic but his intentions were good! I take full responsibility for it!

Tell us about finding your wedding dress: Pinterest. I could play on Pinterest all day. I found the style and fell in love so printed the image for the most incredible dress-maker in the world: Robyn Pascoe. She loved it too but asked that I try on some different styles before settling. So I went to a bridal boutique and tried on some dresses. I couldn't believe people actually wore that stuff!!! They were so heavy and I felt like I was suffocating. The one thing I know I needed to be able to do was dance. How do people dance in those things?! So I didn't change my mind, it just made me love my style even more.

Favourite detail of the day: The table arrangements. My Mum and her friends got together and planned the whole thing. It was hard to find flowers at that time of year so they thought outside the square and used things like rosehips, cinnamon stick, pine cones and star anise. They set the arrangements over a number of jars that they had covered with old sheet music and wrapped in twine. I was really overwhelmed when I saw the effort they went to. It was amazing.

What advise would you give out to a couple planning their wedding? Chill out and enjoy it. It only lasts for one day so keep it real. Remember life will continue afterwards so to not fully enjoy every moment would be such a shame!

Anything other details that help tell the story of your day: My amazing friends and family are just... amazing. I get a little bit teary when I realise how helpful and beautiful they are and how much they made sure we enjoyed ourselves. We owe them so much for that. It was a very untraditional wedding which we loved. To look back and remember the people who took a day off work to help fold napkins, provided vehicles, help with our daughter, make jewellery, travelled great distances to be there, make Emily chamomile tea, and who just made us laugh, is the best feeling. I wish that for everyone planning a wedding.

Photographer | Jane Keam - Ivy and Gold Photography, Videographer | Josh Yong, Cake | Spongedrop

Florist | Te Puke Florist, Stationery | Michelle Harper, Venue | Old Forest School, Dress Designer | Robyn Pascoe

Shoes | Kathryn Wilson, Jewellery | Isaac Morton, Hair | Karen Phillips, Make up | Jenna Thomsen

Bridesmaids Dresses | KILT, Grooms Attire | Robertson's Menswear, Caterer | Juz Catering