Who says you need to venture to remote locations to capture beauty? Well no one probably but I'm pretty you wouldn't think to just stop on the side of the road to create a stunning shoot. Which is exactly what Melody of MELA PHOTOGRAPHY did with this Moroccan inspired wedding shoot. A mere twenty minutes from the last light of the day, it was created on the side of the road in Saskatchewan - providing the team quite the challenge. However you wouldn't know this as the results are stunning. If you're inspired by a foreign place there's no barrier to being able to include a piece of it into your wedding day.

The most romantic adventures in novels or films are always ones richly steeped in culture. When setting out to create this inspiration session MELA PHOTOGRAPHY wanted the cultural traditions to stand out the most; the tea ceremony; a focus on spices and food genuine to the region of Morocco; the texture and patterns that so confidently speak tones of heritage. Melody of MELA PHOTOGRAPHY tells us, "Our amazing calligrapher Mashed of PAPER OCELOT wrote on a large backdrop suitable for a ceremony centrepiece. The words penned in French are old poetry by Clovis Faure called "A La Lune Des Feuilles Wui Tombent".