Venice, a city that has long stood as a muse for artists around the world and throughout the ages, once again served as a canvas for creative expression. Here, STILL MIRACLE PHOTOGRAPHY found inspiration amidst the winding canals and historic charm to etch an indelible portrait of love.

Diana from STILL MIRACLE, inspired by the illustrious works of photographers like Jose Villa and Janna Brown, sought to channel her unique vision in Venice. The breakthrough came when Diana encountered Francesca, the local Venetian mask artist from KARTARUGA, weaving the essence of Venice's storied artisanship into the fabric of her creations. Wedding stationery designer PAPIER HANDMADE created elegant paper goods fitting of a Venetian in soiree.

The resultant images are a symphony of the city's vibrant character, STILL MIRACLE'S signature delicacy, and the grandeur of SPARKLING MOMENTS. Ricardo the gondolier adds an authentic Venetian narrative, navigating through the city's famed canals, while the iconic HOTEL DANIELI provides a luxurious backdrop steeped in history and grandeur.

This editorial is not just a photographic journey but a cultural tapestry that blends the Modern Ukrainian artists - the photographer, the planner, the stylists, and the Italian fashion artistry. The timeless elegance of LUCE SPOSA'S bridal gowns and the sophistication of CARLO PIGNATELLI'S tuxedos are captured within the heart of Venice, telling a love story that is as enchanting as the city itself.

Amidst the quiet splendor of Venice's streets, every image is a testament to the city's enduring allure and its ability to inspire artists to capture love in its purest form.

Wedding stationery designer PAPIER HANDMADE is a valued member of our vendor guide. Owner Anika creates beautiful fine art paper and styling goods with recycled paper and to ensure that soft, rich cotton feel, they add… nothing. Their paper is 100% suitable for both printing and other techniques like letterpress and foil stamping and also suitable for calligraphy and non-oil based paints. Paper is not our only ability, and we offer an incredible and exciting journey of designing. We focus on Branding and Custom Wedding Stationery. Check out more of Anika's beautiful creations in her portfolio here or in this English Cottage Micro Wedding Inspiration.