Welcome to the mystic Djerba - an island off the coast of Tunisia, known for it's stunning Mediterranean beaches and whitewashed desert towns influenced by an amalgamation of cultures. A hidden place, this palace... two women, guardian souls of the Ben Ayed Palace. Cannes Wedding Photographer THOMAS AUDIFFREN captured this striking editorial with SO HÉLO and VÉRONIQUE LORRE, with the precious help of MAKE MY WED, which transports us to another realm. Featuring gowns by GÉRALDINE DAULON , jewellery by SO HÉLO and heirloom paperie by INSIEME CREATIONS the exotic nature of it is spellbinding and has us yearning to travel and explore new destinations

A huge thank you to Cannes Wedding Photographer THOMAS AUDIFFREN for sharing this stunning inspiration with us! As a fine art wedding photographer, Thomas has an approach to his photography that is deeply inspired by nature and cinematography. Working mostly with his beloved medium format film camera, it allows him to take the time necessary to create a timeless and romantic aesthetic at every single photo. Authenticity, softness, poetry and delicacy are some of the most important words guiding Thomas's way of shooting beautiful images. He captures intimate emotions, smiles and elegant decorations during your wedding day. You can see more of his portfolio here.