This elegant shoot by KATJA SCHERLE may be all about Nordic minimalism but it's certainly warm at heart and deeply romantic. Rather than focusing on 'trends' this creative team from Finland aimed for a refined, timeless aesthetic.

Katya tells us, "I shot it under the wonderful creative direction of the girls from HEY LOOK in Helsinki who have an incredible sense of style and a beautiful vision. It's focused less on ticking all the currently trendy styled shoot boxes and more on high quality materials and refined textures. The wonderfully simple dress with a decadently long train, the high quality paper with subtle brush strokes in our stationery, the modern Scandinavian tableware, our delicious (real!) food, a perfect simple naked cake and a gorgeous seafood dish and last but not least - the florals full of different textures, movements and personality. Above all our bride and groom, a real couple whose love for each other shines through in every frame. We wanted to create something simple, focused on the good things in life, but something that is at the same time really abundant, warm and inviting."