Featuring in Issue 18 of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE, this timeless love story by NICOLE COLWELL PHOTOGRAPHY was inspired by stylist QUAID COXSEY'S own story. We were instantly smitten with the beautiful colour palette and the ever so gorgeous details - such as the stunning table design and the truly amazing stationery by FARMSTEAD DESIGN STUDIO. Quaid tell us, "I think my inspiration truly came from my own thoughts, feelings, surroundings, & future desires. The keyword to this shoot was "different" I wanted to create something different but timeless. Over the months I had gathered details and from the beginning I knew it was meant to have a same sex couple. I know to most, same sex couples aren't different but a better word being new and modern to this day and age. That's where I discovered my modern palette with gold, black, white, & clear. Gathering inspiration definitely created a challenge as we often get caught up in the feminine appearance of weddings. I had to think "What would I want at my own wedding?" This pushed me in a new direction, also with same sex marriage becoming legal I slowly but surely began to see inspiration everywhere and I wanted to be a part of that inspiration! The thought that I could create something to inspire a couple to actually get married and defy what society has told them for years is indescribable.

Finding the perfect venue for this shoot was a bit challenging, I had multiple venues I could have chosen. Recently I had started working at Airlie as an event planner and was engulfed in the earth’s natural elements. Airlie is encompassed by lakes, streams, stone fences that go for miles, & trees that reach for the sky. I wanted to capture that aspect as much as possible in all of the photos. You will notice the table is real marble dating back to the early 1900’s when Airlie was built. This is not the only antique in the shoot, the hand painted plates are from the original Airlie family and have been cherished for years. At each place setting is a beautifully hand written hour glass for each guest. This really tied together all aspects of this shoot being timeless because there is cherished antiques that can never be replaced but each hour glass is placed flat not perpendicular. The meaning behind this is that love never runs out and neither can the sand in the hour glass."