If you're lucky enough to get to honeymoon in a beautiful city like Florence, then it's worth booking in a session with a photographer to document those special memories. BRANDWOLD PHOTOGRAPHY captured My and Victor as they wandered through the old city.

Photographer Terese tells us, "When shooting in Florence, there are some places that immediately come to mind, to showcase the old city and its incredibly beauty. While the streets are busy during the day, early mornings are the perfect time to have the city to yourself and to witness the sun paint the city with light. With its creamy, warm tones of architecture, the city is a great place to visit if you love to wander to enjoy all the pastel colours.

My aim was to create a combination of romance and a timeless feeling, as a reminder for the couple of their honeymoon, as they were traveling through Europe. Meeting new couples and hearing their story is always inspiring and makes me thrive as a creative artist. I love how My and Viktor's session turned out!