Anniversary shoots don't get much more beautiful than this gorgeous Texas one by ANGEL OWENS PHOTOGRAPHY. When Lacie shared her and Nathan's love story what she said really stood out to Angel; "When you have something so beautiful it is worth every ounce of effort." Any married couple can attest to this as being such a true statement. This 6 year anniversary has a unique view around marriage. One that stands out, one that encourages to stay strong both in the good times and the hard. This shoot was inspired by east Texas along with burnt colours of the sunset to compliment this setting, a LEANNE MARSHALL gown and stunning florals by ANNA RAYNER it's one that will make you imagine you're in Texas right along with them.

Lacie says it best: "Our love story began when we were both at the young ages of 16. What started off as a major high school crush quickly turned into a forever love. This is one of my favourite things about our story, that we have grown up together through the good and the bad, 10 years together. Still to this day, my husband constantly shows his love to me and makes me feel appreciated and special.  He is the leader and friend that I can count on, he is the one who gives me cute compliments almost every day, and he is the one who's hugs and affection make me feel so safe. These are some of my favourite things about being married to my soulmate. God aligning our paths at such a young age is something I'm forever grateful for

Marriage is beautiful and marriage is also hard. In a nutshell, this has been our marriage. One of the biggest challenges that we have worked on trying to overcome through our relationship is learning how to forgive and say "I understand" to acknowledge the other person's feelings. This is still a constant area for improvement, but even if one of us has different feelings about a conflict, when we can speak from a point of understanding that is something that always helps us tremendously. One of the greatest things that people told us before we got married was "don't go to bed angry." This is such a strong statement because as a married couple, if you go to bed angry then more than likely you will wake up in that same state towards each other. Hug, apologise, do whatever it takes to not go to bed angry. End on a good note, that is so important.

Even through the hard times when you have something so beautiful it is worth every ounce of effort. Marriage is something that can truly be so much fun and there is nothing more comforting than having your "person" by your side to live life with."