Pastel Winter Inspiration Shoot by Jennifer Hejna


Winter weddings don’t always need to be about rich, deeper colours. This prettiness shows that you can still use spring pastel tones since they provide such a stunning contrast against the icy cool backdrop. Thanks to Jennifer Hejna who captured this and explains a bit about the shoot below… oh and spare a thought for these gorgeous models who shot in -8 degrees!!

“Imagine a grey beach on a typical grey day in Holland. You can’t say where the sea starts or the sky ends as the grey colours blend into one. Inside this melancholic setting there is a stunning bride in a golden dress with beautiful colourful flowers.

This styled session had been a dream to realize as we had never seen something like this before. Grey with pastel and mint was the inspiration for the creation. The scene reminds of a wintery dream combining the surreal cold surrounding with pastel colours and styled tables with Burgundian food. Grab a hot chocolate to indulge in this snowy winter dream at the beach with beautiful bridal fashion and fantastic flowers.”

JenniferHeyna_8 JenniferHeyna_9 JenniferHeyna_10 JenniferHeyna_11 JenniferHeyna_12 JenniferHeyna_14 JenniferHeyna_15 JenniferHeyna_132 JenniferHeyna_16 JenniferHeyna_17 JenniferHeyna_18 JenniferHeyna_19 JenniferHeyna_1 JenniferHeyna_2 JenniferHeyna_3 JenniferHeyna_4 JenniferHeyna_5 JenniferHeyna_6 JenniferHeyna_6a JenniferHeyna_20 JenniferHeyna_21 JenniferHeyna_22 JenniferHeyna_23 JenniferHeyna_24 JenniferHeyna_25

Photography | Jennifer Hejna Photography, Flowers | Don Florito, Food and Wine | De Wijnlijst, Stationery | Cardwise
Make-Up & Hair | Katie Larcombe, Wedding Dresses | Unielle Couture & Edwin Oudshoorn, Groom’s Attire | Tip de Bruin

15 Responses to Pastel Winter Inspiration Shoot by Jennifer Hejna

  1. Oh my goodness! This shoot is just divine! Very brave models – absolutely beautiful xx

  2. Katie Tanswell says:

    This wedding theme is to die for! I also want a theme like this. I mean every girl’s dream wedding is much like of a fairy tale. I can justify this rightly because I managed Walk in Wardrobe boutique and while bride-to-be’s are enjoying their selection, they keep mentioning a fairy tale wedding. Continue to inspire girls more!

  3. Lena says:

    What gorgeous images–and brave brides!

  4. ashley says:

    ahh so in-love!! so drawn to wintery weddings! beautifully done!

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