Montana Sunrise Day after session by Jodi Miller Photography…

I’m totally head over heels for this sunrise day after session by Jodi Miller Photography. This beautiful lighting is simply exquisite… and that last shot? Sublime!!! Stephanie and Ben had planned to have a day after session right from the start, and I bet they were pretty happy when they woke up to a day like this. They got up at 4am to travel for 90mins into the valley which is only accessibly by four wheel drive (this SO sounds like my sort of adventure!!). They finished just in time to enjoy breakfast! Beautiful work Jodi!!

8 Responses to Montana Sunrise Day after session by Jodi Miller Photography…

  1. This is so gorgeous! The light is amazing!!

  2. The light is sensational… Totally worth waking up so early… Amazing photos…

  3. lizzie says:

    the lighting is so beautiful…everything looks marvelous.

  4. Simply gorgeous! That light is totally unbeatable.

  5. the lighting is spectacular! i love how her bright cardigan pops in the photos.

  6. Brancoprata says:

    Stunning light indeed…. glorious, i ove it!!!

  7. Laura says:

    Her dress is so pretty. :)

  8. The lighting is so great! Wonderful pictures!

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