Magnolia Rouge Magazine – The Heirloom Issue Cover Shoot by Ryan Ray


Yay!!! It’s here… the gorgeous Heirloom Issue of Magnolia Rouge Magazine, with it’s ever so stunning cover shoot by Ryan Ray, styled by Stephanie Miles with beautiful blooms by Bows and Arrows. When Ryan came up with the idea of doing an Heirloom shoot I figured it was the perfect theme for this issue!! Be sure to get pinning all this pretty… we’ve made it super easy for you if you want to go directly to our Issue 3 board here. There is SO much talent in this issue, I’m really rather proud of it all I have to say! A huge HUGE thank you to everyone involved and to all you photographers who trust me with your beautiful work!


As featured in Magnolia Rouge Magazine

MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_3 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_4 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_5 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_6 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_7 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_8 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_9 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_10 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_11 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_12 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_13 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_14 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_15 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_16 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_17 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_18 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_19 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_20 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_21 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_22 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_23 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_24 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_25 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_26 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_27 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_28 MagnoliaRouge_HeirloomShootbyRyanRay_29


16 Responses to Magnolia Rouge Magazine – The Heirloom Issue Cover Shoot by Ryan Ray

  1. Sara says:

    Just went pin crazy all over this. I adore it!

  2. Sukey says:

    Wow! This is perfection! All the images and the final cover are stunning!

  3. Her dress is just stunning.

  4. Kate, each new issue of Magnolia Rouge is more stunning than the last. The Heirloom Issue is so up my alley, and I just pinned every single image. Someday I HAVE to work on an issue in some way, even if it is as an intern :) Basically, I’m obsessed! Job well done to all who worked on it, but especially to you! xx

  5. Her dress and flowers were made for each other. Loving the tree photo cascades!

  6. bupopshop says:

    Pretty girl,I love her makeup.

  7. Lydia says:

    Stunning! Ryan Ray’s work is to die for gorgeous. Love it xx

  8. Maria Johns says:

    Hi, Love this shoot! Could you please tell me where the hair piece she has on in the last few pictures is from?

  9. ava says:

    This is my first visit, and I’ve taken my first dose of lovely –omg I love everything about this shoot–
    Oh dear, I want more…gotta read on…

  10. Wow Kate….just when I think I couldn’t love Magnolia Rouge any more than I do :) x

  11. Danielle says:

    Where can I find that dress? I am going to die if I can’t find it somewhere!

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