Magnolia Rouge Issue 5 Cover Shoot with Erich McVey


I’m so thrilled to be featuring the shoot that we did for Issue 5 of Magnolia Rouge Magazine a few weeks back. When incredibly talented fine art photographer Erich McVey visited town over the summer, we took some time out to have a little fun on Auckland’s Bethells Beach and created this beauty. Showcasing some stunning gowns and veils from Rue de Seine, we kept the shoot pretty simple and just highlighted the natural beauty of the west coast beach. Naomi from Leaf & Honey created some gorgeous organic looking blooms for us – including an incredible oversized urn display. Whilst the gorgeous models really didn’t need much doing to them,¬†Charley and Jess from Beauty on Demand gave both of the girls a beautiful natural and casual look. And thanks as well to Bubblerock who helped out on the day!

This issue is so jam-packed full of incredible inspiration – dare I say, it may be my favourite one yet!! Featuring works from Clayton Austin, Taylor Lord, Danelle Bohane, Jessica Sim, Aneta Mak, Romabea Images, Jennifer Pharr and so so many more! You can read it all here.

ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_2 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_3 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_4 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_5 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_6 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_7 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_8 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_9 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_10 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_11 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_12 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_13 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_14 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_15 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_16 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_17 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_18 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_19 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_20 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_21 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_22 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_23 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_24 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_25 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_26 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_27 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_28 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_29 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_30 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_31 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_32 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_33 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_34 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_35 ErichMcVey_MagnoliaRouge_36

26 Responses to Magnolia Rouge Issue 5 Cover Shoot with Erich McVey

  1. Congratulations on another stunning issue! Just beautiful!

  2. Jemma says:

    Ah-mazing Kate & Erich!!! Just stunning xx

  3. Rebecca says:

    This is incredible!! After growing up at Bethells Beach and wearing a Rue De Seine gown at my own wedding this is so meaningful. I now am lucky enough to stock the beautiful Rue De Seine range in my own bridal store. Love your work!!!

  4. ahhhh–FREAKING—mazing!!! WOW!! This is the most beautiful thing I have EVERRR seen!

  5. Just beautiful – your magazine is definitely my favourite.

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  11. I don’t know why I’m just now seeing this entire shoot….GORGEOUS!!! So inspired x

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  15. Gorgeousness…everything is just so beautiful. Well done, Magnolia Rouge and Eric McVey. You guys rock!

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  18. Samantha says:

    I NEED to know where to buy that breathtaking cathedral length veil…

    PLEASE help!

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