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Italian Destination wedding on Lake Maggiore


There is oh so much to love about this gorgeous wedding on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy from PEACHES & MINT. Pia is a magician behind the camera and these beautiful images of Tanja & Chris’s wedding are just stunning! With a location like something out of Great Expectations and a fashionable duo, this is one seriously stylish wedding.

HOW DID YOU MEET? We met in Munich in spring 2011. The crazy thing is, that my best friend Anna tried to introduce us to each other two years before but at that point I wasn’t interested at all. We forgot about it and after the first date with Chris I remembered that it is the guy Anna had sent me photos of two years before – which I deleted straight away. In spring 2011 it was then the time for us to meet for real. Chris had just returned from living in Japan and me from two years living in Stockholm. We met in a restaurant called Charlie. I was there with a bunch of friends and Anna came with some other people where Chris was one of them. We sat next to each other (“by chance“) and from the first moment we spoke it felt like we have known each other forever. I have had quite a rough time before because some months earlier my dad died and so both my parents where dead. Meeting Chris felt like a new time had started for me. Full of light and love. We dated a couple of times and after 3 months we were together. It all went quite fast with moving together, getting married and becoming parents to our wonderful son Jonathan. If you know you have met the one – what is there to wait for?

Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_2 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_3 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_4 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_5 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_6 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_7 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_8 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_9 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_9a Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_10

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL? Chris proposed to me on his 28th birthday. We celebrated his birthday with a weekend trip to Zurich and at 12 midnight I was ready to surprise him at the lake with champagne and cake for his birthday but instead he surprised me with the most beautiful ring and unforgettable words. He said I would always be his best present he couldn’t make himself – and it worked.

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I have always been in love with the designs of KAVIAR GAUCHE so that was the first address I went to. I liked the top of one dress and the lower part of another so they created a new dress combining both. I like that it is a one of a kind dress, very unusual and with a beautiful lace part. It felt very good wearing it. It was important for me that I could easily move and dance with it – a real party dress but at the same time very elegant. I will wear it every year on our wedding day. I just love it.

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR YOUR WEDDING? The location was an old aristocratic villa with a Bohemian, Art Nouveau, Vintage, old Italian Glamour feel to it. That was the main inspiration.

ANY DIY OR BUDGET ELEMENTS? We made the invitations ourselves, the seating cards were stones from the river Isar in Munich and we arranged all the flowers ourselves. Also I did the hair myself, the bouquet and our dear friends made beautiful wooden signs. For the afternoon picnic we took some of our own furniture with us.

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: A mix of many different flowers and colors including roses, dahlias, peonies, lilies,.. easily arranged in many many different vases.

Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_11 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_12 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_13 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_14 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_15 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_16 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_17 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_18 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_19 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_20 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_21 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_22 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_23 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_24

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: The love which was all around. Our beautiful guests dressed in so many different colours. The selfmade wooden signs, the golden big initial balloon letters, the picnic with different blankets and furniture, homemade Italian ice-cream which tasted amazing and the flowers. Also we had lots of candles which was very romantic. The combination of lake view, old villa, mountains and palm trees was unforgettable.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? To make a whole weekend out of it. The wedding day itself is over so quickly so we really enjoyed that we had a come-together on Friday and a great day on Sunday with different games in the garden and swimming in the lake.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? The moment my sister walked me down the aisle towards Chris to the song “Intro – by The XX“. I was so touched to see all our closest friends and family who had come the long way and most of all Chris who was looking at me so proud and soooooooooo incredible happy. It felt like the world was standing still for a moment.

Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_25 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_26 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_27 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_28 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_29 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_30 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_31 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_32 Peaches&Mint_LagoMaggiore_33

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English Countryside meets Indian Bollywood Wedding


I can barely get over how incredible this venue is!! It’s like something out of a movie from a bygone era. For Clemmie and Prem, doctors who met at medical school, it was important to represent both their cultures on their wedding day. They chose the majestic venue of SEZINCOTE as their venue, which perfectly combined an exquisite Cotswolds setting with tropical gardens and majestic mogul style. From English lavender place settings and damson gin for the toasts, to a tikka-inspired headpiece and a Bollywood dance troupe, English country traditions meshed beautifully with Indian ones, reflecting the joining of two lives and families. ALEXANDER JAMES captured the wedding in all it’s glory and lucky us, we got to feature it in MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE Issue 8.

Clemmie wore a beautiful gown by LAURE DE SAGAZAN made of the softest silk with a simple trim of French lace. The ceremony took place in the Orangery, surrounded by jasmine, Indian lanterns and frescoes.

We had a June wedding so all of our favourite English country garden flowers were in season – beautiful coral peonies, blue hydrangeas and pale peach roses. The flowers were placed in aged terracotta pots, on large antique candelabras, or in simple vintage bottles and jars wrapped with ribbon and lace. When I walked into the marquee, it took my breath away.

AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_2 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_3 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_4 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_4a AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_5 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_6 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_7 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_7a AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_8 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_9 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_10 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_11 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_12 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_13 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_14 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_15 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_16 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_17 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_18 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_19 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_20 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_21 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_22 AlexanderJames_Clemmie&Prem_23

Photography ALEXANDER JAMES / Cake LOLO GATEAU / Florist LUCY WALKER FLOWERS / Stationery METICULOUS INK / Venue SEZINCOTE / Bride’s Gown LAURE DE SAGAZAN / Bride’s Headpiece HERMIONE HARBUTT / Hair THE HAIR GALLERY / Bride’s Make-up KATE KELVIN / Groom & Groomsmens’ suits HACKETT / Wedding Rings TIFFANY & CO. / Marquee MUDWAY WORKMAN / Marquee Liner OASIS EVENTS / Sound and lighting KNIGHT LIGHT / Wedding car KUSHI CARS / Music ROGER STYLES / Bollywood Dancers THREEBEE  / Band GROOVE ENVIRONMENT / Day-of Coordinator THE PINK PUMPKIN / Catering SARAH HUDSON-EVANS, MADHU’S, THE COCKTAIL SERVICE
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Wisconsin wedding on a riverbank


Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I’ve had a lovely couple of days… always love it when the weekend comes and I get to hang out with my husband and pup!! We’re starting off the week with this gorgeous Wisconsin wedding from ANNA PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY at the beautiful venue of RIVER WILDLIFE which is surrounded by nature. Gorgeous bride Becky tells us, “When we visited River Wildlife, we immediately knew it was perfect. As part of a wilderness preserve in Kohler, Wisconsin, it features a cozy lodge on the banks of the Sheboygan River, all surrounded by woodlands. The space is far removed from noise and traffic, and the peaceful tranquility feels organically intimate. Better yet, the chefs and staff at the River Wildlife are top notch, and we felt assured that we would be “in good hands”.

Once our venue was booked, we turned our sights to other details. An important priority for us was to find a photographer whose style matched our vision for the day. ANNA PAGE’S sophisticated and warm photos, and her use of natural light, had us hooked. We had confidence that the RIVER WILDLIFE and Anna would make our wedding flawless, so we were free to relax and enjoy each aspect of the day.

AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_2 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_2a AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_3 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_4 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_5 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_6 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_7 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_8 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_9

When we began planning our wedding, we decided right away that we wanted our “big day” to be an intimate celebration of love and friendship, filled with fun, laughter, and the people who are dearest to us. We wanted to create an experience that was classic and timeless yet relaxed and natural, with an understated elegance. Further, I was determined to enjoy the process, rather than stress or worry about every detail. So, with these guiding principles in our minds, we set about planning our wedding!

The wedding itself took place in a small clearing overlooking the river. We asked a close family friend, who has known me since I was born, to officiate our ceremony, which made it very personal and meaningful. Joey and I included a surprise reading of gratitude to our families, and Joey’s grandma read “Union” by Robert Fulghum, which was also really special. We also chose not to have a bridal party – we spent the day surrounded by our closest friends, and a bridal party seemed almost superfluous. The ceremony was followed by cocktails and appetizers on the lawn in front of the lodge, which was a great opportunity to mingle with our guests.

AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_10 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_11 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_12 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_13 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_14 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_15 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_16 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_17 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_18

The reception immediately followed cocktail hour, and was in a tent on the River Wildlife grounds. The tent, linens, flowers, and accessories were predominantly white and understated, in an effort to allow the natural beauty of the venue to shine. The tent poles were wrapped in grape vines, and wreathes made of greenery and white candles were hung from the ceiling, which contributed to the natural feeling and warm lighting. Instead of a cake, we opted for a couple of the River Wildlife’s homemade desserts, which were outstanding. After dinner and toasts, the band started and the dance floor was full until the very last song.

Our wedding was exactly what we had dreamed, and such a special celebration of our love. We were truly able to “be in the moment” and appreciate the beauty and meaning surrounding us. We enjoy looking at the photographs often, and reflecting on what a perfect day we had with our friends and family. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to celebrate all the love in our lives with those who are dearest to us.

AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_19 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_20 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_21 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_22 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_23 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_24 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_25 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_26 AnnaPage_Becky&Joey_27

Photographer ANNA PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY / Florals RESTORATION GARDENS / Venue + catering + rentals RIVER WILDLIFE / Bride’s gown WATTERS / Bride’s shoes NINA / Groom’s suit ELITE SUITS (CUSTOM) / Hair SALON AT SPORTS CORE
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