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Dramatic Iceland Wedding


Iceland is where it’s at!! It’s LONG been on my list of must visit places and it seems that it’s becoming quite the popular destination for small intimate weddings or elopements. Anthony is from California, Yr is a native to Iceland. They met a few years back in downtown Reykjavik during Anthony’s artist residency in Iceland, and the rest is history. Now Anthony is a citizen, and they live in a cute harbour town outside Reykjavik whilst operating their business, Reykjavik Trading Company. KELSEA HOLDER – who you may remember from this incredible engagement session I featured a couple of weeks back – met this gorgeous couple via social media, and whilst they had already held an intimate ceremony the previous year, they chose to have this photo session when they learnt that Kelsea had a standby ticket to Europe. And it was SO worth it when you look at the results below… these images are so gorgeous!

Anthony and Yr were wonderful hosts, and provided some great tips and places to explore for our week-long venture around the entire island. Upon our arrival back to the city, I was thrilled to meet with them once again for our editorial shoot at the Árbær Open Air Museum, filled with authentic settlements that Icelanders had lived in for centuries. The owners graciously rented the space to us. These beautiful homes are an iconic staple of old Icelandic culture. Even though the unpredictable weather in Iceland took us by surprise, the grey skies brought out the intense emeralds of the tall grass-covered buildings. And Ýr has hair perfect for catching the cold, brisk Icelandic winds (truly!). I could not have been more inspired by this pair, their story, and their brilliant style.

KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_2 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_3 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_4 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_5 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_6 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_7 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_8 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_9 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_10 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_11 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_12 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_13 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_14 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_15 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_16 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_17 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_18 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_19 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_20 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_21 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_22 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_23 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_24 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_25 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_26 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_27 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_28 KelseaHolder_Anthony&Yr_29



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South Island Winery Wedding


It was a given that Nick & Harriet would marry in Queenstown. With it’s natural beauty no other spot could compete. And PEREGRINE WINERY – with it’s stunning setting, delicious wine and ample space for friends and family to celebrate – made perfect sense. And with surrounding landscapes like these ones you see here who can blame them?

RYAN & HEIDI are masters at documentary photography and if any of you New Zealand brides/grooms to be out there are still on the hunt for a photographer you’re in luck… this New York based duo are in the country this upcoming summer so available for weddings country wide! The newlyweds had this to say, “One thing that blew us away was the fun we had getting ready with and spending time with Ryan and Heidi Browne, our imported photographers. They put us at ease and fitted in so incredibly well with everyone.

Harriet wore a beautiful LA SPOSA gown from PAPERSWAN BRIDE in Wellington and Sarah at THE FLOWER ROOM created some beautiful bouquets filled with roses, lysianthus and freesias. For their reception they moved away from the traditional buffet or plated service and offered their guests shared platter at each table – which proved to be a great way for guests to mix and mingle with more ease.

Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_2 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_3 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_4 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_5 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_6 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_7 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_8 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_9 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_10 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_11 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_12 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_13 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_14 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_15 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_16 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_17 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_18 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_19 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_20 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_21 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_22 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_23 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_24 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_25 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_26 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_28 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_29 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_30 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_31 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_32 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_33 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_34 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_35 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_36 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_37 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_38 Ryan&Heidi_Nick&Harriet_39

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Cosy & rustic South African Wedding


This gorgeous duo both love entertaining and are extremely passionate about food and wines, so the idea for their wedding was to re-create the feeling and ambience of a wintery afternoon lunch in their own home. When they came across LANGKLOOF ROSES they immediately fell in love with it and the rustic decor offered them the homely feel they were after, with the bonus of a huge fireplace in the reception area really selling them. ABBY ANDERSON was on hand to document this cosy wedding.

AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_2 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_3 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_4 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_5 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_6 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_7 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_8 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_9 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_10 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_11

HOW DID YOU MEET? We had briefly crossed paths at Stellenbosch University but had not gotten to know each other too well. Adrian went overseas after varsity and I started working in Cape Town. A mutual friend, who had gotten to know Adrian in London, decided to start a monthly dinner club and we were both included in this. We got to know each other relatively well through these dinners and developed a good friendship. It was only during the festivities of the World Cup in 2010 that we got together.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: Having never lived overseas and with my massive love for summer, I had never been in snow. Adrian decided to plan a road trip to Golden Gate Highlands Retreat and the Drakensberg to try remedy this. We arrived at the Golden Gate Retreat to clear blue skies but icy cold temperatures. Adrian lit a fire and we opened a bottle of wine and while doing this it clouded over and, if you can believe it, began to snow!! We were all alone on the top of this mountain, with views for days and it was snowing! It was incredible! So sitting on the balcony while it snowed around us, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was perfect. (We didn’t get snow again that holiday and I haven’t been in snow since).

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I had a good idea of the style I was looking for – I definitely wanted something classic, sleek with lace and sleeves.  My twin sister got married a couple of months prior to our engagement so I had been around to various dress makers and shops with her. Elbeth Gillis made her dress which was absolutely beautiful so it was a given that I would go to her for mine. It was such an easy, honest process. Elbeth was fantastic with giving me direction on what suited my body but still keeping to my ideas. 

AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_12 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_13 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_14 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_15 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_16 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_17 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_18 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_19

ANY DIY OR BUDGET ELEMENTS? I am one of four children and the last to get married so it has become a bit of a tradition for the ladies of the family to get involved with the seating plan, place settings, name tags etc. So I went off to Ebony and Ivory and got tons of ribbons and stationery and on the Saturday before the wedding we all got together for some bubbles and DIY! My sister and my sister in law are incredible when it comes to cakes and deserts so I knew I wanted them to get involved in this. My sister had just had her second child so my sister in law raised her hand! I literally just told her the basic idea of what I was thinking and let her do the rest. And it was amazing!!

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: Rustic and wild but still delicate and beautiful. I wanted to use proteas and succulents amongst the more traditional roses and to try keep things simple!

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: Our food and the way it was served. We called it our wedding feast as the food was bought to the tables and everyone served themselves and each other. We also made sure that there was a constant flow of wine on the tables so our guests could keep their glasses full. This combined with the stormy weather outside and the raging fire made us all feel as if we were at home! We honestly had the most fantastic caterer who worked with us to create a delicious seasonal menu and avoid the standard “wedding food”. She put so much effort into presenting the food and creating the wedding feast we had envisioned. 

AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_20 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_21 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_22 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_23 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_24 AbbyAnderson_Greer&Adrian_25

Photographer ABBY ANDERSON / Videographer GARETH JONES / Cake SOMETHING SAVAGE / Florist | 4 EVERY EVENT / Stationery EBONY & IVORY / Venue LANGKLOOF ROSES / Dress Designer ELBETH GILLIS / Shoes CHARLES & KEITH / Jewellery FAMILY / Hair & Make-up DONNA HAY / Bridesmaids Dresses YOUNG DESIGNERS / Grooms Attire COUNTRY ROAD / Caterer LINDA BRUYNS
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