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Relaxed and informal Waiheke Island Wedding


Frances and Richard got married at Waikopou, one of Waiheke Island’s most exclusive venues. For the bride, getting married on the island was a given since it has been her home for most of her life. However rather than choosing one of the many vineyards that most couples utilise for their weddings, they searched for a beautiful home that would accommodate their numbers. Waikopou, with it’s extensive decking and million dollar views offered them everything they wanted. After the ceremony overlooking the water, they held a cocktail style reception where guests could informally sit wherever they liked – most choosing to linger around the property’s stunning infinity pool. Waiheke based photographer EMMA HUGHES spent the day with the gorgeous couple documenting all their special moments.

EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_2 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_3 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_4 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_4a EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_5 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_5a

HOW DID YOU MEET? We met in business school when Richard stumbled into our postgraduate class a week late. He is quite a clever cookie and usually only ever turned up for exams. He must have felt sheepish when he realised a week in he needed group participation to pass this one. I saw a lost looking soul that I quite liked the look of and invited him into our group. We didn’t start properly connecting until we discovered a shared passion for food and wine towards the end of our course, during a group study session I had brought some boutique wine to.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL? It was Christmas Eve and we had both been working hard. We took the boat over to my parents’ house on Waiheke Island. He fell asleep on the ferry so one could hardly say he was nervous! We stopped by my parent’s home to drop off our bags and he asked my father’s permission while I was upstairs. He suggested a walk on the beach (very unlike him) so I was very happy to oblige. We walked along Onetangi beach and because of the stormy weather there was hardly a soul around. He proposed under one of my favourite Pohutakawas trees with a swing that has been there since my childhood. We went back to celebrate with my family and then my close friends who only make the pilgrimage back home from around the world at that time of the year.

EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_7 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_8 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_9 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_10 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_11 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_12 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_13 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_14 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_15

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I always knew it was going to be simple as I was never a tulle, sequins and veil kind of girl. I didn’t want to spend time trying on store dresses as I used to run past several on the way home from work every day and knew those styles were not for me. One of my bridesmaids recommended her friend Sarah whom she met doing a bachelor of fashion design (my friend has always done menswear). Sarah had done a few dresses for friends and had wanted to start her own bridal boutique. I gave her the pictures of the ideas I wanted (low back, long and a touch of lace with cap sleeves) and she sketched up a gorgeous design and created it using high quality silk and lace.

FAVOURITE DETAILS OF THE DAY: Dad had spent a lot of effort setting up gold floating lanterns with fishing wire and sinkers so they wouldn’t float off down the infinity pool. They looked excellent. Also my 3- tier cheese wheel “cake” – something I was dead set on doing since I was about 14. Neither Richard or myself are fans of cake, and it doubled as both a cake, desert and snacks for weeks to come afterwards.

EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_16 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_17 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_18 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_19 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_20 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_21 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_22

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? The entire day but the ceremony was my favourite. Dad had a bad couple of years with his health – first cancer and then two heart attacks – so I was incredibly grateful to have had him there to walk me down the aisle. It had been very hot and muggy night before so I got very little sleep. When the aisle song – XX angels – started playing I became quite emotional. Seeing all our friends and family in one place was overwhelmingly beautiful. Our celebrant was Richard’s mum who became registered for us – and we read our own vows. Towards the end there was a little sprinkle of rain which I considered good luck then the sun shone strong for the rest of the day. We had done our photos before the ceremony so we didn’t have to run away for hours, and could enjoy spending time with everyone.

ANY OTHER DETAILS THAT HELP TELL THE STORY OF YOUR DAY: We wanted to make the most of our time with everyone so had our photos before the ceremony. Emma captured a photo just after our “first look” where Richards looking misty eyed. He’s a typical kiwi bloke who doesn’t get emotional often so it’s an extra special moment for me. We then got a chance to take photos under the tree on the beach we got engaged at before moving on to other locations. That wouldn’t have been possible if we had photos after the ceremony as the venue was so far away.

It wasn’t until the day after the ceremony that I was told our wedding certificate went for a swim in the pool after a gust of wind picked it up. Everyone kept me distracted talking so I wouldn’t see, but there are some hilarious photos of people in suits using chairs as paddles trying to get the certificate to float towards them. It’s a bit worse for wear but still legal.

EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_23 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_24 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_25 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_26 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_27 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_28 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_29 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_30 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_31 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_32 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_33 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_34 EmmaHughes_Frances&Richard_35
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Fun, colourful & festive Russian Wedding


We are turning up the volume today and going high voltage colour with this Russian wedding from YAROSLAV & JENNY PHOTOGRAPHY. As a photographer herself ANASTASIA had plenty to draw on for her inspiration and knew exactly what she wanted her day to look like when it came to planning. Together with her groom Evgeny, they had a lazy morning and a light brunch before preparations began. With no rushing around, it meant they could enjoy the atmosphere and soak it all up. Wanting an abundance of florals, FLOWER LOVERS ensured there was colour all around to match the festive mood.

Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_2 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_3 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_4 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_5 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_6 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_7 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_8 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_9 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_10 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_11 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_12 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_13 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_14 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_15 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_16 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_17 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_18 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_19 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_20 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_21 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_22 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_23 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_24 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_25 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_26 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_27 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_28 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_29 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_30 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_31 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_32 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_33 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_34 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_35 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_36 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_37 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_38 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_39 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_40 Yaroslav&Jenny_Anastasia&Evgeniy_41

Photography YAROSLAV & JENNY PHOTOGRAPHY / Cinematography ZALEVICH FILMS / Venue DEAUVILLE CLUB / Bride’s gown PRONOVIAS / Bride’s shoes MANOLO BLAHNIK / Design & decor FLOWER LOVERS / Wedding planner MRS MAXIM WED BUREAU
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Peach & Lavender Waiheke Island Vineyard Wedding


Happy Monday folks! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! We are being utterly spoilt with the most incredible summer weather around here… no rain in weeks which is rather unheard of in Auckland! Just beautiful sunny warm (ok stinking hot to be honest!) days. Monique and Steven got married on a one such day at the end of last summer, on Auckland’s beautiful Waiheke Island and the lovely Jody from I DO PHOTOGRAPHY was there to capture it in all it’s pastel coloured beauty. The florals by LEAF & HONEY are A-MAZ-ING!! Check out the stunning floral chandeliers… they look amazing in MUDBRICK VINEYARD’S beautiful restaurant. Sophia from MY WAIHEKE – a guru of all things Waiheke Island helped with coordinating the event. Be sure to check out the film from BUBBLEROCK at the bottom of the post as well.

IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_2 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_3 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_4 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_5 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_6 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_7 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_8 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_9 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_10 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_11

A couple since they were the tender age of 15, Monique & Steve loved the contrast that Mudbrick offered them as a venue. With views of the ocean, it’s also surrounded by bush, lush gardens and of course the vineyards. It gives the feeling of being somewhere old and romantic – and almost Tuscan like – yet retains a modern and chic appearance. With no theme to speak of they let the venue direct the styling for their day. Table decor included beautiful copper vessels to house flowers in, combined with cut crystal and rusted tin cans and Mudbricks own raw yet elegant design was a great backdrop to the fairy lights and candles all around.

IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_12 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_13 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_14 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_15 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_16 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_17 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_18 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_19 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_20 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_21 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_22 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_23 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_24

Living and working in a remote area of Australia meant planning a destination wedding was a challenge so they found vendors they could trust implicitly. “Having suppliers that not only produce quality work but that connect with your vision will give you confidence and peace of mind that your day will flow together smoothly and just as you imagined.  For us our suppliers were an investment (in my sanity) and not an expense.

IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_25 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_26 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_27 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_28 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_29 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_30 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_31 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_32 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_33 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_34 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_35 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_36 IdoPhotography_Monique&Steve_37

Photography I DO PHOTOGRAPHY / Videography BUBBLEROCK / Styling & Flowers LEAF & HONEY / Event Coordination MY WAIHEKE / Makeup KATE SMITH MAKE-UP / Hair SHANNON LEE JOHNSON / Cake BLUEBELLS CAKERY / Brides Dress & Veil ALVINA VALENTA / Bridesmaids Dresses LISA BROWN / Bridesmaids Accessories LOVISA / Grooms Suit CRANGE BROTHERS / Venue & Catering MUDBRICK VINEYARD & RESTAURANT / Invitations BRIDE & BRIDESMAIDS
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