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Intimate wedding in the Italian Countryside


Tammy and Luc live in The Netherlands. Tammy is American, Luc is Dutch and they are the owners of the best Wedding Cakes Specialist of The Netherlands SUGARLIPS CAKES. They rented a gorgeous villa in Radicondoli, Tuscany and held an intimate celebration with nine of their best friends, enlisting photographer ALEXANDRA VONK to document it. After an emotional and intimate ceremony in the grounds of the villa, they then had a picnic on the hill overlooking the stunning Italian landscape.

We choose Italy because of all the elements it had to offer. We based our entire wedding around the Italian ambiance and left most of the decorations to the country-side itself. I of course love flowers, so we added touches of that here and there, but all of the elements of our wedding were taken from the villa we were staying at, so everything was true Italian and it was perfect!

AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_2 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_3 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_4 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_5 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_6 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_7 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_8 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_9 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_10 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_11

HOW DID YOU MEET? Luc and I met in Boston while he was studying abroad and I was in New York studying patisserie. He is actually from Holland and was in Boston studying. We met through my best friend, and spent our first date arguing over a Lakers vs Celtics basketball game!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: It was actually quite perfect. He had taken me around the entire day doing things that we love, visiting a Pixar exhibit, having dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, and I was convinced it was going to happen. Then he loaded me up on the train to take me home, and I thought it was over. I was absolutely exhausted, and he took my off the train at the wrong stop, and convinced me it was so we could switch trains (I had absolutely no clue because I didn’t know how Dutch trains worked yet). It wasn’t until we were 500 meters outside of the train station that I realized it was a lie, and started to figure out something was up. He took me to a hotel in Utrecht (where we were moving in a couple months) and the room was covered in flowers and rose petals. It was perfect!

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: That was a fun one. Originally I had planned on finding a dress in the States, because I knew there would be many more options. Because of practically, I started the search in Holland before we left on our holiday to Los Angeles, just so I could see if there were even some options. The first store I went to was a let-down and exactly what I had expected to find, very old-fashioned dresses. I decided to give it one more chance because I didn’t want to have to ship a dress from California to The Netherlands, and I got lucky! I took Luc with me, because I honestly only wanted his opinion on the shape of the dress (to make sure he would be happy), never thinking I would actually find “the one” in Holland. I was in the dressing room and put it on and immediately yelled to him “uh oh, we’re in trouble!” I was willing to let the dress go and find something cheaper (because it was over our original budget), but he could see how happy I was in it, and convinced me to buy it!

AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_12 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_13 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_14 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_15 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_16 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_17 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_18 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_19 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_20 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_21 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_22 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_23

ANY DIY OR BUDGET ELEMENTS: We had our wedding in Italy and wanted to use that as most of our decoration, so there wasn’t a need for a whole lot extra. We also had a wonderful wedding planner, who took care of moving some of the decorations from our villa around, to bring in that romantic Italian feel. We did however make our own wedding cakes! We own a cake studio in Holland, and were only planning on making ourselves a tiramisu, but somehow ended up making three cakes for our big day!

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: My flowers were perfect! I love almost all flowers, so I wasn’t too picky. I had mentioned to Leontine (our wedding planner) what I liked, and the colors I was going for, and she hit it on the head. I really just wanted a soft, romantic, and very loose bouquet, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I was just sad I couldn’t bring it home with me from Italy!

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: One of our favourite details was definitely the fact that we were in Italy. It gave us the opportunity to take gorgeous pictures in an olive grove, have a Tuscan dinner under the stars, and give us an idyllic Italian village to spend the afternoon in.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Our ceremony was definitely a memorable moment. We had only 9 guests in total, and because it was such a small group, we were able to be really honest in our vows. It was really special and we had all the girls crying, including our wedding planner and photographer! It was very special.

AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_24 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_25 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_26 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_27 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_28 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_29 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_30 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_31 AlexandraVonk_Luc&Tammy_32

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North Carolina Winter Wedding


Is there anything more beautiful than a winter wedding? CONNECTION PHOTOGRAPHY sent this gorgeous North Carolina wedding (that took place in freezing temps!) which proves that no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, there is always a way around it! Due to a severe ice and snow storm on the weekend of their wedding they had to change venues at the last minute – like the day before last minute!! They had to spend the night before the wedding cleaning and decorating the local racquet club which hadn’t been used for five years – so as you can imagine there was a fair bit of dust! Despite it not being the venue of their dreams, with both their families united in their efforts they made it all work.

ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_2 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_3 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_4 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_5 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_6 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_7 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_8 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_9 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_10 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_11

Tell us about your proposal: It was on my 30th birthday in Asheville, North Carolina. We had rented a cabin in the mountains and we were looking up at the stars after a romantic dinner in the city when he asked me to share the rest of his life as his partner.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress: I knew what type of dress I wanted, I went to one boutique and the third dress I tried on was the winner. Fit like a glove and needed NO tailoring. I added lace sleeves (came sleeve-less) and only needed to bustle. I was worried with the short time frame that the lace wouldn’t come in time, but I had two weeks to spare in the end ;)

Any DIY/Budget elements? We decorated mason jars, my husband created an awesome cake stand from an old mirror and vintage picture frames with pictures of our beautiful engagement session. We weren’t able to get to the hair dresser the morning of because of ice (we tried and slid back down the drive and decided it was not worth our lives ;) so the hair and makeup were done by myself.

ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_12 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_13 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_14 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_15 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_16 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_17 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_17a ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_18 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_19 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_20

Describe your wedding flowers: A good friend and client Lingky Sugg designed the bouquets and flower arrangements. We put together the arrangements (hydrangeas). My huband made burlap roses to put in the arrangements as well. Mine and my sister’s (maid of honor) bouquets contained white roses, hydrangias, baby’s breath, calla lilly, ranunculus, silver dollar leaves and seeded eucalypthus.

Favourite detail of the day: Our vows written by each other. We both had tears in our eyes of joy. And the fact that our Pop (Matt’s Grandfather, he called himself Pastor Pop now) officiated the ceremony.

What advise would you give out to a couple planning their wedding? Don’t get married in the moutains of NC in February ;) Just kidding, always remember what is really important and no matter was disaster (natural or otherwise), it will end up beautiful.

Most memorable moment? Our first dance where we had my brother Paul dubb over one of our favourite songs “January Wedding” by the Avett Brothers to say “February” instead.

ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_21 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_22 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_23 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_24 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_25 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_26 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_27 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_28 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_30 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_31 ConnectionPhotography_Sarah&Matt_32

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Elegant South Australian Garden Wedding


This beautiful Adelaide garden wedding is courtesy of South Australian based EON IMAGES. Wanting a relaxed atmosphere where their guests didn’t have to travel between locations the private estate offered Cass & Tk some gorgeous gardens for the ceremony and photos, as well as a converted barn for the reception where they could set up long tables for their guests to celebrate over a family style dinner. The wedding was a true blending of cultures with Tk’s family performing traditional dances at the reception to entertain everyone.

EonImagesTK&Cass_2 EonImagesTK&Cass_3 EonImagesTK&Cass_4 EonImagesTK&Cass_5 EonImagesTK&Cass_6 EonImagesTK&Cass_7 EonImagesTK&Cass_8 EonImagesTK&Cass_9 EonImagesTK&Cass_10
HOW DID YOU MEET? Tk and I met in an interesting way. I was only 16 at the time and I saw him performing on stage and instantly I knew that I wanted to not only get to know him more but I wanted to be his girlfriend. Through much pursuing on my behalf we finally became best friends and he asked me to be his girlfriend just before I turned 18.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: Tk proposed while we were repeating our first date we had trying to get to know each other. I had a inkling that this was going to happen but I had checked all his pockets with a quick pat down but little did I know his jacket had a secret pocket.

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I was so nervous about finding a wedding dress as I left it to the six month stage and many people were starting to judge this as not enough time. It took me three weeks looking in every dress shop I knew before I found a dress for my engagement party, the idea of trying to find the ‘it’ dress had got me worried. I decided one weekend to just have a look in a few wedding dress shops in my area and it was only the second shop I needed to enter before I really did find the ‘it’ dress. Before trying it on I knew that it would be the dress, it had my personality all over it. I wasn’t expecting to find a full dress and had stayed clear of them in the previous store but when I set my eyes on the skirt I knew that it would be the dress for the day.

DIY ELEMENTS: We didn’t want to be wasting money on things that to us didn’t matter but we knew the decorations had the ability to set the mood and style of the wedding. With the help of my bridesmaids we made everything from the programs to the glass jars and the floral arrangements for the reception.

EonImagesTK&Cass_11 EonImagesTK&Cass_12 EonImagesTK&Cass_13 EonImagesTK&Cass_14 EonImagesTK&Cass_15 EonImagesTK&Cass_16 EonImagesTK&Cass_17 EonImagesTK&Cass_18 EonImagesTK&Cass_19 EonImagesTK&Cass_20 EonImagesTK&Cass_21 EonImagesTK&Cass_22 EonImagesTK&Cass_23 EonImagesTK&Cass_24

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDINGS FLOWERS: Growing up everything in the house was lavender scented and to me that was such a personal decision to make that I would never change. Lavender to me brings memories of my childhood and the time I spent with mum. Lavender is such a calming flower and I think everyone could say the wedding had a calm and comfortable mood.

FAVOURITE DETAILS OF THE DAY: Due to our budget we didn’t think having special cars was necessary and had planned to just make the trip to the ceremony using my parent’s cars. Before we left my dad had one last surprise to show me. He organised a beautiful white Chevy for my sister, himself and I to ride together. This small detail was my favourite as it was one of the few things that I hadn’t planned and it totally surprised me.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: The most memorable moment during our day was when Tk’s family decided they would give a performance and do their traditional dance in front of all our family and friends. Seeing Tk and his mum dance together was such an amazing sight and made me excited to be introduced to this new culture and all the experiences they bring to our life.

EonImagesTK&Cass_25 EonImagesTK&Cass_26 EonImagesTK&Cass_27 EonImagesTK&Cass_28 EonImagesTK&Cass_29 EonImagesTK&Cass_30 EonImagesTK&Cass_31 EonImagesTK&Cass_32 EonImagesTK&Cass_33 EonImagesTK&Cass_34 EonImagesTK&Cass_35 EonImagesTK&Cass_36 EonImagesTK&Cass_37
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