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West Australia Winery Wedding


Tessa and Warwyck are both from West Australia but currently living and working in Scotland, so the planning process involved lots of emails and skyping with their stylist FLIGHTS OF FANCY BY KRISTY. Both their ceremony and reception were held at WISE WINERY in the beautiful Margaret River region which offered views out over the lawn to the ocean. Photographer TENEIL KABLE captured these gorgeous images of the day.

TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_2 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_3 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_4 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_5 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_6 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_7 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_8 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_9 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_10 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_11 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_12 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_13 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_14 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_15 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_16 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_17 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_18 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_19 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_20

From Kristy the stylist, “The ceremony set up featured an arbor decorated with gorgeous florals by Poppy & Co, crossback chairs from Zest Styling, the cutest little garden chairs for the flower girls from Cape of Love, and hanging lace hoops created by the bride’s very clever father. We had custom paper fans made by Emma Smith Event Stationery, listing the members of the bridal party and bride and groom’s families, and a photo board displaying images of the bridal party members. After the ceremony guests enjoyed pre-drinner drinks and lawn games while Tessa and Warwyck escaped to a nearby beach for an intimate photo session with their photographer Teneil Kable.

The reception room featured our vintage silver teapots with pretty pink blooms by Poppy & Co, hand-embroidered napkins by the groom’s grandmother, menus and place cards by Emma Smith Event Stationery, and an amazing wedding cake made by Sugar Mummy. Tessa and Warwyck added some really fun elements to their wedding by having a quiz where each table had to answer questions about the bride and groom, supplying comfy “dancing shoes” for guests with tired feet, and playing a Norwegian game which involved hammering nails into a large log with the handle of a hammer.

There were also a few nods to their life in Scotland. As a surprise Tessa’s parents organised a bagpiper to play as they entered the reception, and we set up a whisky bar out on the terrace for guests to enjoy later in the night.”

TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_21 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_22 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_23 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_24 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_25 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_26 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_27 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_28 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_29 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_30 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_31 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_32 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_33 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_34 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_35 TeneilKable_Tessa&Warwyck_36

Photography TENEIL KABLE / Styling FLIGHTS OF FANCY BY KRISTY / Florals POPPY & CO / Furniture CAPE OF LOVE and ZEST STYLING / Invitations MINTED / Wooden signage and lace hoops BRIDE’S FATHER / Lawn games DELISH ICE / Stationery EMMA SMITH EVENT STATIONERY / Signage and reserved seating tags FLIGHTS OF FANCY BY KRISTY / Wedding Cake SUGAR MUMMY / Bride’s gown JENNY PACKHAM / Bridesmaids’ dresses REISS / Groom’s outfit TAILOR MADE / Groomsmen’s outfits ZARA / Rings FINNIES JEWELLERY / Hair BROOKE FIORE / Make-up KRISTY ELLEN CREATIVE / Celebrant EMMA DICKSON / Entertainment DOWNSOUTH DJ’S / Venue WISE WINERY
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Bay of Plenty Winter Wedding


Dan & Mel chose to get married in New Zealand’s winter  – which is always a bit of a risk given the unreliable weather – but I’d say it paid off in spades looking at these gorgeous images by JAMES BROADBENT. The light is just so much softer than in our harsh summers and the remnants of autumns colours look so pretty. Rather than brighten things up due to the winter bareness, they chose to enhance that look and foraged materials in keeping with the wintery feel… even down to the bridesmaids climbing trees in the rain for the sake of the perfect branch or foliage! With their reception in the cellar of MILLS REEF WINERY Tauranga they had the perfect cosy ambience they envisioned.

HOW DID YOU MEET? We both met in our church choir when we were 4 years old. Our parents told us we looked like siblings – we don’t tell many people that. When Dan was 14 he high-tailed it to Singapore for three years, and upon returning had no friends. Mel befriended him and for the next seven years they were best friends, until Dan decided it was time that he asked her out on a proper date. The rest is history.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL? On our one year anniversary Dan left a bunch of flowers by Mel’s bed with a note to meet him at the beach after work. He’d packed a picnic in his little tin boat and we set sail on a beautiful evening out to Matakana Island. Dan got down on one knee and popped the question through a poem he’d written. Mel obviously said yes! We spent the rest of the evening swimming and boating around the harbour.

JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_2 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_3 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_4 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_5 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_6 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_7 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_8 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_9 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_10 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_11

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: The wedding dress was made by a family-friend – who also (helpfully) makes wedding dresses. Mel knew she wanted something simple yet pretty – and it was amazing working with someone who cared about your dress as much as she did about your family.

ANY DIY/BUDGET ELEMENTS? The whole wedding was a family and friend affair, everyone was amazing at helping out and sharing their gifts and talents to help the day pull off. Dan’s brother played Mel up the aisle with a beautiful instrumental, Mel’s uncle provided smoked fish for the entrée, her Aunty made the cake and her grandma made the bridesmaid’s dresses. We feel very blessed by having so many generous, wonderful people in our lives. Mel also spent ages trying to find gold bridesmaids shoes – after no success she bought cheap heels from Number 1 and spray-painted them with car paint. Worked a treat!

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: The wedding flowers and button holes were created by Kristi Arnold, she is a great sport and got on board with the ‘winter-foraging’ idea. She also wandered around her local area finding bits and pieces that made the flowers look as amazing as they did and they had a wonderful wintery look about them. We both really, really loved them and the boys looked great in their buttonholes as well.

JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_12 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_13 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_14 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_15 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_16 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_17 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_18 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_19

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: There were lots of little things we loved. Dan’s surprisingly was the flowers! Mel loved the fact that the dresses were made by her grandma, and also the table numbers. We both love coffee and decided that each table would be called a café, with a little story of fun moments that had happened for us at each different one on the back. It’s fun touches like that make a big event personal.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO COUPLES PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Dan would say to start the wedding day surfing with your brother. Mel reckons you need to be decisive with what you want, and once you’ve decided – shut down your pinterest account. There are so many magnificent ideas but you can’t do them all – be content with what you’ve decided. If you see other great ideas you’d like to do – there’s a lifetime of dinner parties you can have to use them.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? The ceilidh! This was hilarious fun. Neither of us are very good dancers so decided the best way to get everyone up would be to have a band of fiddles, guitars, bagpipes and cello’s, with a caller to talk us through every move. The result was every able body on the dance floor having a riot of a time. At one stage we were slightly concerned that the staff at the winery would think there was some kind of weird ritual going on as we were all chanting ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ in unison to try and keep beat. It quickly became evident we weren’t the only one with two left feet!

JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_20 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_21 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_22 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_23 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_24 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_25 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_26 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_27 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_28 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_29 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_30 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_31 JamesBroadbent_Dan&Mel_32

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Romantic San Ysidro Ranch Wedding


SAN YSIDRO RANCH just outside of Santa Barbara looks like such a dreamy place to get married, and combined with the exquisite photography of CAROLINE TRAN, it was a no brainer to feature this wedding in MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE. Those gardens, that light and Doris’s stunning gown… all so lovely!

Doris and Joe met rock climbing and bonded over their shared love of travel and extreme sports. When it came to the adventure of marriage, they wanted to start their lives together in an intimate celebration with just family and close friends, and chose the breathtaking San Ysidro Ranch for an elegantly rustic garden wedding, with a touch of vintage.

I always knew I wanted a wedding dress that was light and airy – preferably a combination of chiffon and lace. Something classic and romantic that would be beautiful for a garden wedding. I went to three bridal salons within a 48 hour period and found ‘the one’ at Jinza Couture Boutique. It was actually originally a very simple spaghetti strap dress, but Jinza had the same vision as I, and she practically created the dress from scratch for me.

CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_2 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_3 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_4 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_5 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_6 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_7 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_8 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_9 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_10 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_11 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_12 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_13 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_14 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_15 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_16 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_17 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_18 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_19 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_20 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_21 CarolineTran-Doris&Joe_22

Photography CAROLINE TRAN / Cinematography FISKE FILM / Cake THE BUTTER END / Florals S.R. HOGUE & COMPANY / Venue & catering SAN YSIDRO RANCH / Stationery STEEL PETAL PRESS / Hair & make-up CHATEAU BELLE BEAUTY / Bride’s gown JINZA / Bride’s shoes IVANKA TRUMP /Bride’s jewellery HARRY WINSTON / Groom’s attire TED BAKER / Musicians YBARRA MUSIC / Vintage rentals ARCHIVE RENTALS / Linens LA TAVOLA / Photo booth VINTAGE VAULT WEDDINGS / Planner AMAZÁE SPECIAL EVENTS
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