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Beautiful Wedding in the Canary Islands

KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_1 Picture this… you head to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, rent a villa at the foot of a cliff with your closest friends, have a cliff top ceremony with Spanish musicians serenading you, followed by a procession down to the ocean upon which you board a yacht and head out to sea where you have dolphins swimming alongside you. In the clear warm evening you hold a small intimate dinner party at the aforementioned villa, with a local chef whipping up some Spanish culinary delights right in front of your eyes!

Ok seriously doesn’t this sound like your dream wedding celebration? This SO SO makes me wish I’d got married in this fashion… it sounds and looks utterly dreamy thanks to these beautiful images by KSENIA MILUSHKINA.

Although the official marriage registration took place in Moscow – on their ‘dating anniversary’, they had always dreamt of an ocean ceremony so they enlisted the help of MERRYMARRY to make their vision come to light. Using local colour and organic materials from the island, the styling was kept to a minimum. A beautiful arch made from tree branches and ferns was created and placed at the stunning spot on the cliff where they held the ceremony.

KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_2 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_3 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_4 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_5 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_6 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_7 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_8 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_9 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_10 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_11 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_12 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_13 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_14 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_15 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_16 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_17 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_18 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_19

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I was trying to find a weightless and simple dress online. Finally, I’ve found it not so far, in Belarus. This dress bringing a feeling of sea was the only wedding dress I tried. At a glance, I enjoyed the lace and a scattering of pearls. Fortunately, I could pick up the last one with such design, it was brought to me from its homeland.

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: Maria, our planner, told us, that ferns are a common decor for a Canarian weddings. We liked this tradition and we asked to use it in brides and bridesmaids bouquets. After the ceremony, I took my bouquet for us to enjoy throughout the honeymoon.

WHAT ADVISE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? To listen to yourself and create the day you dreamt of. Leave all preparation to professionals. Don’t save on photo and video, you’ll be watching beautiful shots through the rest of your life to remember that day. Don’t worry if something goes wrong, just enjoy every minute of the day. As our photographer told us before the ceremony, a few unscheduled moments happens at every wedding, but they will be your moments and you will remember them with a smile.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? Our friends prepared a small soulful concert as a wedding present. One of our favourite songs, playing a strange music instrument and a poem, written for us, pulled at our heartstrings and will always stick in memory.

KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_20 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_21 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_22 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_23 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_24 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_25 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_26 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_27 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_28 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_29 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_30 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_31 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_32 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_33 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_34 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_35 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_36 KseniaMilushkina_Tenerife_37

Photographer KSENIA MILUSHKINA / Videographer MERRYMARRY FILM / Florals MERRYMARRY FLOWERS / Ceremony Venue LOS GIGANTES CLIFFS / Reception Venue VILLA SANTA ANA, SANTIAGO DEL TIEDE / Dress Designer PAPILIO / Shoes MASSIMO DUTTI / Jewellery CUSTOM / Bridesmaids Dresses CUSTOM / Grooms Attire ZARA / Planning & Catering MERRYMARRY
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Earthy & Elegant Austrian Wedding

Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_1 Thanks to THE ONES WE LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY we are brining you this lovely Austrian wedding of Olivia and Juergen’s. So much heart went into creating this wedding. From the self designed and screen printed invitations to the dresses for the flower girls, the bride along with her friends and family had a hand in much of it. Not least of which was the 3427 paper cranes made of old book pages – every one representing a day of their relationship!! How lovely is that idea!

The centrepieces at the reception were put together from old books in matching colours, air plants, wild roses, wild carrots, clematis and dahlia (grown in their garden), twine balls, and driftwood arranged on linen table runners. For the kids small paper bags filled with sweets were provided to keep everyone happy!

Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_2 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_3 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_4 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_5 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_6 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_7 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_8 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_9 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_10 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_11 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_12 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_13 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_14 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_15 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_16 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_17 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_18 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_19 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_20 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_21 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_22 Theoneswelove_Olivia&Juergen_23
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Pastel coloured Montenegro Wedding


A ceremony under a beautiful big tree, overlooking a picturesque bay in the beautiful country of Montenegro – well I’m sure it doesn’t get much better than that! Evgenia & Pavel love this country… it’s stunning nature, rich culture and amiable people and they had no doubt upon getting engaged that that’s where they would go for their destination wedding. With romantic decor and colours they had OLGA PLAKITINA there to document all the festivities and her images are beautiful!!

OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_2 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_3 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_4 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_5 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_6 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_7 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_8 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_9 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_10 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_11

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: It was no way romantic: no kneeling, no ring in the glass of champagne or anything like that. Nevertheless it was really touching. Just one morning I woke up and saw Pavel with a ring in his hand looking at me. There was no need for any words of proposal.

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: Frankly speaking I didn’t have an experience like many others do when they try on a lot of dresses while looking for ‘the one’. I took a chance and placed an order online. I felt really nervous waiting for it for several months. But when it came it fitted perfectly. The same was with my wedding shoes.

ANY DIY OR BUDGET ELEMENTS? All stationery elements were designed by Pavel and me. We used a floral motif matching the colours of the wedding: pink, peach and beige. Our guests were involved in the process of preparing for our wedding too. Dresses for a Ring Bearer and a Flower Girl were sewn by my lovely Mom. One of our friends, who unfortunately had no opportunity to come to our celebration, made a ring pillow with our names and wedding date engraved on it. It was a very pleasant and heartwarming surprise for us.

OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_12 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_13 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_14 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_15 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_16 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_17 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_18

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: I am really fond of English roses. So the accent in my bouquet was on these incredible flowers. They were ideally supplemented with other garden roses, alstroemeria, eucalyptus and astilbe.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: Swings on the tree entwined with ivy. Children in their tender pink dresses looked on it like little fairies.

WHAT ADVISE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Be calm and enjoy every moment. It is one of the most important days in your life and all minor troubles that can occur on the wedding day are not important. You won’t even remember them on the day after wedding.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? Me walking down the aisle with musicians playing our favourite song. Pavel and all our nearest and dearest looking at me with a heartfelt admiration.

OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_19 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_20 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_21 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_22 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_23 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_24 OlgaPlakitina_Montenegro_25

Photographer OLGA PLAKITINA / Florist ANGE WEDDING / Ceremony Venue ART HOTEL GALATHEA / Reception Venue HOTEL CASA DEL MARE / Dress Designer MORI LEE / Shoes BADGLEY MISCHKA / Grooms Attire HUGO BOSS / Planner ANGE WEDDING
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