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By Candlelight Wedding Inspiration


Wow you guys – I was kinda blown away by the response to last weeks INSPIRATION BOARD! So I guess I should continue doing them according too all your lovely positive feedback. A lighter palette this week, but still somewhat moody with enchanting candlelight and old world romance.

Photos from top left; Bride with candles KSENIYA ANTONOVA / Love letters THE LITTLE NORTH SEA STUDIO / Candles on stairs JOSE VILLA/ Ceiling rose FLICKR / Couple JOSE VILLA / Ring photo LAURA GORDON on calligraphy by HOUSE OF HANNAH / Gown ANASTASIYA BELIK / Black and white bride LAURA GORDON
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Dark & stormy wedding inspiration


It’s been an awfully long time since I’ve posted an inspiration board, but I plan to start them up again this year – which also heralds the arrival of a new and vastly improved Magnolia Rouge very soon! As you can see this is slightly different to the previous boards I did… gone are the colour palettes, we’re keeping it simple! If you want to see more WEDDING INSPIRATION BOARDS we have plenty in our archive!

From top left: Bride in blue lace dress by BOUTON DRESSES, photo DIMA ANIKIN / Dress RUE DE SEINE, photo by ERICH MCVEY / Moody coastline by NIRAV PATEL / Dress RUE DE SEINE, photo by ERICH MCVEY / Pewter tray with calligraphy LAURA GORDON / Calligraphy THE LITTLE NORTH SEA STUDIO / Jewellery ENCHANTED ATELIER BY LIV HART, photo LAURA GORDON
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Board#312: Golden Wheat


Photos from top left; Couple CLAYTON AUSTIN / Ring ERICH MCVEY / Cake JUDY PAK / Shoes ADRIAN MICHAEL / Lantern CLAYTON AUSTIN / Bride with headpiece MELINDA ROSE, photo by ERICH MCVEY, Calligraphy BRUSH & PETAL, Bride XAVIER NAVARRO
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