Bridal Session by Stephanie Sunderland

Such a pretty bridal session from Stephanie Sunderland. I love a good braid, especially with this gorgeous hair colour!

Hannah&Simon_1 Hannah&Simon_2 Hannah&Simon_3 Hannah&Simon_4 Hannah&Simon_5 Hannah&Simon_6 Hannah&Simon_7 Hannah&Simon_8 Hannah&Simon_9 Hannah&Simon_10 Hannah&Simon_11 Hannah&Simon_12 Hannah&Simon_13 Hannah&Simon_14 Hannah&Simon_15 Hannah&Simon_16 Hannah&Simon_17 Hannah&Simon_18 Hannah&Simon_19 Hannah&Simon_20 Hannah&Simon_21

7 Responses to Bridal Session by Stephanie Sunderland

  1. Oh, I absolutely adore Stephanie’s work! She is an amazing photographer and such a sweet person.

  2. I love her braid with the floral crown!

  3. Sonja says:

    How nice pictures, how great haircolor and style – love it!

  4. Love her sweet and modest dress!

  5. Sara says:

    Such a beautiful session!

  6. Her hair color and the braid are beautiful. Such a lovely session!

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