Board#216: Colour Pop

I was pretty dubious as to whether the current neon trend would be something that would grab me… as much as I love colour, I’m not usually big on vibrant colour. But this sweater from Witchery caught my eye last week. I love how the neon yellow looks with terracotta… also love it with navy or denim. I think if I paired it with neutrals I might just be a convert!! I think the trick to rocking such a trend (which is likely to be gone in six months?) is to just add touches of it to your existing wardrobe… and accessories are the perfect way. I love how the neon laces and bracelets pop against the neutral linen outfit below. So would you infuse your wedding with a pop of neon?


Photos from top left; Neon dress | Feather Hunter, Pencils | All things stylish, Bouquet | , Yellow & Grey sweater | The Daybook
Boots with neon laces | source, Garland | Sweet Tea Photography, Invitation | Bella Figura

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