Board#168: Creme Caramel

Happy Friday!! I’m delighted to say that the sun has made an appearance over Auckland the past few days and has been welcomed with open arms!! I went to the beach a few nights ago and it was swamped (well by New Zealand standards… probably equivalent to a winters day in California!)… families picnicking everywhere, people swimming, full of the joys of summer… twas great to see! I even managed to shoot a couple of invitations suites finally (2 down, 22 or so to go!!) so I’ll start to share them on the blog just as soon as I can. Maybe tomorrow.

So for those of you who read Postcards & Pretties this board may look a little familiar since a couple of days ago she posted a board that is remarkably similar.. even using a couple of the same images! When I saw Chris’s board I messaged her to ask if she’d somehow taken a peek inside my computer and/or head since I put this together weeks ago!! This happens so often with us it’s uncanny. We’ll very often say the same thing or be about to feature the same thing, but as they say great minds think alike and since her wonderful blog is one of my very favourites that can only be a good thing right? So today we’re doing our first team shoot for Issue 2 of {MAG}rouge which is very exciting!!! It’s coming along nicely with some amazing contributions lined up! I hope you have a wonderful Friday planned whatever you are doing :-)


Photos; Gold headpiece | Lo Boheme, Cake | I am Baker, Bride | Polly Alexandre, Favour Jar | Michael & Anna Costa
Honey in glass | Fresh New England, Cupcakes | Rachel Peters via Style Me Pretty, Creme Brulee | Chris Court, Bride | Adam Barnes
Pears | Fresh New England, Kraft Programs | Tec Petaja via Style Me Pretty, Fall scene | Pottery Barn

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