Fun red VW shoot by Bell Studio

Happy Valentine’s day!! I hope you all have someone to make you feel extra special today… even if it’s just a kind person who crosses your path and makes a difference to your day. Love comes in many shapes and forms, who says it has to be just romantic love we celebrate on this day? How about just celebrating kindness?


I’m thrilled to be bringing you this full of fun shoot from Esther & Gabe of Bell Studio just in time for V-day. Hanna & Milan are a gorgeous real life couple both working in the fashion world, she as a model, he as a hair stylist. After years of being friends and traveling on shoots together, friendship blossomed into love, as Milan says ‘with the help of sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches and some Ouzo‘!! They now work together in their own fashion studio where Hanna’s love of nostalgia and all things 60s and 70s, has rubbed off on to self confessed modern man Milan, to the point where he was convinced to buy a 1968 VW which takes pride of place in this shoot. With a wedding planned in Greece for this month, they’re unable to take their beloved beetle with them so they decided to have a fun photo session before the big day. They fell in love with Gabe’s work on film and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to see why in the photos below. Enjoy!! And have a lovely day xo


MilanHanna43 MilanHanna121 MilanHanna11 MilanHanna10 MilanHanna9 MilanHanna8 MilanHanna7 MilanHanna5 MilanHanna3 MilanHanna2 MilanHanna1 Photography | Esther & Gabe from Bell Studios, Dress | Makany Marta, Groom’s attire | Zara, Film | Kodak Portra 400 and 800

11 Responses to Fun red VW shoot by Bell Studio

  1. Lena says:

    Love, love, love this shoot–Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Great shoot!!! Valentines day perfection.

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  5. What a beautiful shoot! I

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  9. Jennifer says:

    Perfection! Can’t get enough of these engagement shots! Truly beautiful! The brides hair and makeup is amazing!

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