Beautiful apple orchard shoot from Kate Robinson Photography

Get ready to have your socks knocked off with this gorgeous shoot from Kate Robinson. Sunflare… check, apple orchard… check, stunning flowers… check, gorgeous people… check.  What more do you need? It’s got it all!! Sadly we’re loosing Kate to Australia soon however she’s still going to be popping back to shoot weddings throughout the year. Here’s what Kate had to say…

Kerry & Aaron have to be my most photographed couple! To date, I have photographed them 5 times on separate occasions; their Engagement, Wedding, both of their immediate families and this Encore shoot. I think the word ‘Encore’ is perfect for this type of shoot. The origin of the word came from: “Whenever any Gentlemen are particularly pleased with a Song, at their crying out Encore … the Performer is so obliging as to sing it over again.” With an Encore session, it’s a chance for you to get in your wedding dress again and have photos somewhere you wouldn’t have been able to for your wedding.

It actually rained A LOT on Kerry & Aaron’s wedding day so they didn’t get many photos outside. Kerry had always dreamed of having photos in long grass with lots of sun flare, so the Encore shoot was a perfect solution. This shoot was also for a promo video Jared Brandon – shot for me which is under production right now.

Oh and happy birthday to my lovely husband! I think we need an encore session honey? xo

18 Responses to Beautiful apple orchard shoot from Kate Robinson Photography

  1. i love the light – and her dress is so soft and delicate.

  2. Oh the light is fabulous! How fun to do an encore shoot. I really LOVE the idea. This gives couples to get the pictures that they truely want without having to try and schedule it on their wedding day. All so very gorgeous!!


  3. OMG ~ I totally forgot to say this in my previous comment. Eeks ~ so sorry.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!!!! Hope it is simply “over the moon”!!!!


  4. This is beautiful and I LOVE that they called it an Encore shoot! That is the perfect name!

  5. Brancoprata says:

    Stunning photography… love her bouquet!!!

    happy birthday Jon ;))

  6. those photos are quite stunning…I’m smitten with the gorgeous bouquet & the lightening is soft & romantic!

  7. lizzie says:

    such a stunning shoot….they look so natural and comfortable!

  8. Her gown, the flowers, her cute as can be smile, it is all so stunning!

  9. Kirby says:

    Love the shots in the cornfield! so gorgeous! I’m glad they got another opportunity to take some photos outdoors after being kept inside on their wedding day


  10. What an absolutely gorgeous shoot! Happy, happy birthday to your hubby!

  11. Jessica R says:

    another stunning shoot, just breathtaking!

  12. Jen Rea says:

    I’m longing for corn fields just so I can recreate this couples gorgeous shoot. Lovely post!

  13. Hyer Images says:

    Great job on being artistic and keeping it real at the same time!

  14. What an adorable couple! So sweet! Her bouquet is just gorgeous!!

  15. Elaine says:

    So cute! really amazing…art pics no joking

  16. Love this meadow of flowers…

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