A fairytale wedding in the forest by Sweet Little Photographs


Happy Monday!! Did you have a lovely weekend? My hubby has gone back to work today so it’s time to get back to routine!! Charlie is sulking as she loved having him home… truth be told so did I. We’ve had the loveliest couple of weeks on our ‘staycation’ and I kinda didn’t want it to end… although I do need to spend some time getting work done now! Anyway I have the cutest of cutest weddings to kick start the week…

I fell in love with the work of Tim & Merrill from THE MELIDEOS¬†work a while back, and I’m so excited to share one of their weddings with you today! Especially as it’s just so dang adorable!! Held in the giant Redwood Forests around Los Gatos in California this wedding is a little bit like a fairy tale… a treehouse, the cutest little cottage you ever did see (reminds me of something from Hansel & Gretel!), ponds, lakes… honestly this place looks like my kinda dream location!

Lisa and Z – or Zisa if you go by their ‘celebrity moniker’ – are both graphic designers and I think it’s pretty obvious looking at all the cute details in their wedding. I’m loving the groom and groomsmen attire as well… great combos!


6 Responses to A fairytale wedding in the forest by Sweet Little Photographs

  1. Great photographs and an outrageously awesome location.

  2. Chelsie says:

    Great photos! But my friend is currently looking to do the same thing, with the vests, from the groomsmen for her wedding but is still trying to find where she can purchase them? Any ideas where these guys got theirs from!?

    • Magnolia Rouge says:

      Hi Chelsie, I’m afraid I didn’t receive any credits for this wedding. You could try mailing the photographers to see if they can get some details for you. Best of luck :-)

    • Shannon says:

      Chelsie, did you happen to find out where the groomsmen purchased their vests?

      • Lisa says:

        Hey! Randomly found our wedding photos! Thanks guys and thanks to Sweet Little Photographs!! They are the best! Anyways, we got 2 of the vests from Forever21 Mens for under $25 eat and 2 of the other vests (with brown buttons) from Topman under $80. Hope that helps!

  3. Megan says:

    I absolutely love the location of this wedding! Is there a website for the venue or is this their home?

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